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Body Alignment - Wray Schelin
Body Alignment, 120 OTS
Body Jigs
Body Shims
Body Removal, OTS
Bonnet Alignment
Bonnet Hinge Springs
Bonnet Striker
Bootlid Frame
Bootlid poorly fitting XK150
Boot Spare Wheel Lid
Boot Trim
Bootlid Trim Panels
Bulhead Drawing, 120 OTS - Hugh Leidlein
Bumper, Inside Surfaces
Bumper Overriders, 150
Convertible Top Attachment Drawing, 120 OTS - Hugh Leidlein
Dash Trim
Data Plates
Disassembly Methods - Wray Schelin
Door Frame, Wooden
Door Strikers
Exhaust Heat Shield
Fender (Wing) Fabrication - Wray Schelin
Fender Stays
Firewall Holes
Frame Preparation
XK 150 Frame Drawing - Jerry Oliver
Frame Restoration - Scott Selbach
120 Frame Repair Pictures - Ted Uiterwyk and Mike Spoelker
Front Fenders
Fuel Pump Shields
Grille, 120
Grommets, XK120 - Nick Saltarelli
Headlight Trim Rings
Hood Frame, 140
Hood Material
Hood Installation, 120
Paint, Acrylic
Paint Codes (Ditzler 1982) (MS Word document)
Paint Codes (Ditzler 1995) (MS Word document)
Paint Code for Carmen Red - William Kellner
Paint Preparation
Rear Fender Fitment
Rear Window Chrome Strip
Removing Dents - Wray Schelin
Roadster Soft Top Brackets
Scuttle Fittings, 140
Side Curtains
Side Curtain Bag
Spare Wheel Cover
Spats and Belly Pan - Wray Schelin
Spats, Attaching
Telltale Light Lenses
Tonneau Cover
Tools for Removing Dents - Wray Schelin
Window Channel, 120
Windshield Glass


120 Brakes
Brake Conversion, Round-Square, 150
Brake Cylinder Sleeves
Brake Drum Linings
Brake Drums (Red?)
Brake Drums, Installing
Brake Hub Screws
Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid Hose
Brake Lines
Brake Linings
Brake Master, 150
Brake Reservoir Paint
Brake Seal Grease
Brakes, Grabbing
Brakes, Self-applying
Brake Sleeves
Frozen Cylinders
Rotor Thickness


Clutch Adjustment
Clutch Springs


120 Originality #1- Letter from Bruce Carnachan
120 Originality #2- Letter from Bruce Carnachan
Accelerator Controls Finish
Arm Rests
Bonnet Prop Finish
Boot (Trunk) Handles, early 140
Brake Reservoir Hose Clamp
Cigar Lighters
Color Combinations, 150
Color, Duo-Blue
Color, Gunmetal
Concours, General
Door Hinges, 150
Door Paint, Interior
Engine Enamel
Finish on Underhood Parts
Grab Rail, 140 OTS
Headlamps, 140 and 150
Headlamps, Tri-bar
Headliner Color
Horns, Color
Hose Clamps
Interior Colors, 140
ID Plates, 120
JCNA Tire Size Rules
Luggage Compartment Clip, 120 SE
Oil Filter Color
Optional Equipment, 150 SE
Otter Switch Bolts
Polishing Aluminum
Prop Rods
Rear Axle Finish
Reverse Lamp Bracket
Spare Wheel Lid Color, 140
Timing Gauge Cover
Touring Kit
Vent Screen Color
Washer Bottles
Washer Bottle, 150
Waxes and Dings
Windscreen Logos
Windscreen Screws
Wing Tie Bar Color
Wire Wheel Color

Cooling, Heating & Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning - John Spence
Cooling #2
Flex Fan
Heater Core Replacement
Radiator Caps
Radiator Leakage
Radiators, 140


Ammeter Indication
Ammeter, Negative Reading
Battery Cables
Battery, Jumping
Battery Size
Battery Testing
Bearings, Installing
Bullet Connectors
Connector Blocks
Electrical Conversion to Negative Earth
Fog Light Valences
Horns, Fixing
Horn Button Assembly, 140
Ignition Coils
Ignition Wires
Light Switches, 120
Light Switch, 140
Radios - Don Sime
Radio Speakers
Relay, Brakes and Flashers
Turn Signal Switch
The Lucas DR1 Windscreen Wiper Motor
Wipers (and Rain-X)
Wiring Questions
Wiring, 140
Wiring - How to Rewire your Jaguar - Bill Bassett
Wiring Diagrams
140 Wiring Diagrams
Wiring Fog Lamps
Wiring Harness Kits
Wiring Harness Placement, 140 FHC - Sam Bell
Wiring Tips


Air Cleaners, 150
Cam Timing
Compression Problems
Core Plugs
Crankshaft Dampeners
Crankshaft Balancing
Fan Belts
Flywheel Ring Gear
Freeze Plugs
Flywheel Timing
Head Color, 150
Head Cracks
Head Gasket and Sealers
Head Mods
Head, Studless
Head Swapping
Manifolds Mark VII
Oil Dripper
Oil Pan Seal
Oil Pressure
More on Oil Pressure
Oil Sump Cork Seal
Priming Oil System
Sump, Dry vs. Wet
Timing Chain
Valve Seats - Hardening
Valve Clearance
Valve Shimming Algorithm and Spreadsheet Tool (Zip File - 10KB) - Nick Saltarelli
XK Engine Modification Discussion

Exhaust System

Exhaust, 120
Exhaust, Dual, 120
Exhaust Bracket, 120
Tailpipe Hangers, 120

Fuel System

Carburetor Insulator Blocks
Carburetor Overflow
Carburetor Sizing
Carburetor Tuning
Carburetters, Recalibrating for Altitude
Fuel Gauge
Fuel Gauge Flutter
Fuel Gauge Senders
Fuel Gauge Sticking
Fuel Tank Sealants
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump #2
Fuel Pump Problems
Fuel Tank Breather
Fuel Tank Removal, 150
Haystack SU Needle Sizing Utility (online, external site) - Dean Deeds
SU Carburetor Sources
Starting Carburetor
Throttle Linkage
Transistorization of SU Fuel Pump (Negative Ground) - Removed at Request of Author
Transistorization of SU Fuel Pump (Positive Ground) - Removed at Request of Author
SU Fuel Pumps 101 - Dave DuBois (External) - Guide to SU Fuel Pumps, by Author of above Articles

Gearbox & Overdrive

Automatic Transmissions
Gear Ratios
Gearbox Noise
Overdrive Unit
Rob Reilly's "Causes and Remedies when your Moss box is stuck in first gear"
Rob Reilly's "Moss Gearbox Identification"
Synchros, Lapping
Transmission Fluid
Transmission Lube, 150
Transmission Swaps


Distributor Caps, Side Entry
Distributor Vacuum Units
Distributors - Rob Reilly
Electronic Ignition
Ignition Timing
Spark Plug Connectors


Clock Repair
Fuel Gauge Testing
Fuel Gauge Senders
Fuel Gauge Sticking
Instrument Surround Chrome, 150
Oil Pressure Gauge Lines
Rev Counter Drives, 150
Speedometer Adjustments


Ash Trays
Choke Knob Location
Crash Roll
Courtesy Light
Dash Securing Screws
Door Panel Screw Finishers
Door Pulls, 120 FHC
Door Hardware and Trim, 150 OTS
Golf Doors
Hand Brake Lever
Headliner Colours
Interior Kit Recommendations
Knee Bolsters
Lap Belts
Leather, Fitting and Shrinking
Leather Restoring
Leather Trim Kits
Map Drawers
Oil Pressure Gauge Removal
Overdrive Switch, 140
Seat Trim, Rear, 150
Seats, Reutter
Storage Box
Transmission Insulation
Trim Kits
Upholstery, Crash Roll
Upholstery, Door
Upholstery Restoration - Bill Bassett
Upholstery, Seat Backs
Upholstery & Flocking
Wood, Burl Veneer
Wood Refinishing


120 Final Chassis Numbers
120 Production Changes (Excel Spreadsheet) (Zip File- 30 KB) - Rob Reilly
120 Windscreen Wipers
120 & 140 Differences
150 Evaluation
150 Originality Questions
Aluminum Stripper
Badge Bars
Body and Chassis Numbers Explained - John Elmgreen
Body Numbers
Book Reviews - Michael Frank
Browns Lane, Move to
Car Security
Emergency Spares Kit
Engine Hoist
Engine and Head Numbers - Rob Reilly
Engine and Head Numbers (B.F. Viart)
Engine Markings - Dick White
Hub Caps
International Mk VII/VIIM/VIII/IX Register - Larry Martz
Jaguar-Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate (now with example) - Larry Martz
Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts (Fasteners) Nomenclature - Rob Reilly
Powder Coating
Restoration Info
Running Problems
Sand Blasters
Spanner, Torsion Bar
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Standard Parts List, 120
Tall Drivers
Torque Specifications for Steel Fasteners - Dick Clements
Tracing the History of Your Car
More - Tracing the History of Your Car
Tyres, Bias Ply vs. Radial
Tyres, More
Tyres, Radial
Tyres, Whitewall
Valve Spring Compressor
120 Washer Bottle Pictures
What To Buy?
Which XK To Buy?
Wheels, Out of Round
Whitworth (British Standard) and British Association Screw Standards - Klaus Nielsen(Zip File - 121 KB)
Whitworth (British Standard) and British Association Screw Standards - Rob Reilly
Wire Wheel Sources
Wire Wheel Tube Punctures
Wire Wheels
Wire Wheels, Chrome, 120

Rear Axle & Rear Suspension

Differentials, 150
Differential Ratios
Hub Pullers
Hubs, Rear, 150
Hubs, Rebuilding
Rear Axle Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) - Michel Gosset (Zip File - 24 KB)
Rear Axle Splines, Removing
Rear Springs, 120
Rear Springs
Rear Springs, Replacement
Spline Slippage
Spring Taper Wedges
Suspension, 150
Wheel Conversion (Disc/Wire)

Steering & Front Suspension

Ball Joints, 150
Grease Seals
Hub Pullers
Hubs, Rebuilding
Shocks, 120
Shocks, 150
Steering Box Ball Bearings
Steering Column Rotor Halves
Steering Dampers(?)
Steering Rack - Wray Schelin & Bob Oates
Steering Rack Swap
Steering Wheels
Tie Rods
Torsion Bar Spanner
Wheel Conversion (Disc/Wire)



Updated 10 Jan 99

Many thanks to Jim Voorhies for compiling most of the above subjects!

    If you have any questions or comments send e-mail to: Ted Uiterwyk


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