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Data Plate Fasteners

Data Plate Fasteners

Hi Y'all

How were various data plates attached to cars. I am referring to the

"replica plate" which goes on the dashboard, the caution about freezing

sign which goes in engine compartment above cab heater unit, and the

plate with engine, chassis number etc on it which also goes in engine

compartment. I think they were originally attached with brass rivets. I

would appreciate confirmation or a correction on this. If there is

anything special about the type or shape of rivet I would appreciate any



Neville Laing

My "freeze caution" plate in the engine compartment is attached with

small screws.  The "replica plate" on the dash is attached with small

brass rivets.

Good luck

Bob Orem


Thanks for responding to my question on correct method of attaching

various plates to car. I was hoping more folk would jump in and confirm

what you said. After what you posted I am going to restate what I now

think is correct and would appreciate one of concourse judges in our

group confirming this.

1) The "Replica Plate" is attached to the dash with brass rivets, solid

rivets not pop rivets which probably means it was fitted to dash before

dash was installed in car.

2) The "Freeze Caution" plate is attached with steel ( I assume round

headed screws)

3) The Plate with engine number, gearbox number etc I now after looking

at some pictures of what I think are correct cars, should be aluminum

pop rivets.


         Neville Laing


I don't qualify as an expert here, but that hasn't stopped me before.

Perhaps the replica plate was attached with rivets with "serrated" shanks

that were forced into an undersize hole. I mention this because I just

pulled my dash out of the closet (you can tell I'm not married). The

replica plate holes were rough drilled and the back side of the holes

show bent metal from the drill and/or rivet insertion. There is no

evidence of the rivet being bucked from the back. I've been using small

brass wood screws, like you can obtain from a trophy store, to attach the


I believe that you are correct about the freeze plate.

I'd vote for the number plate being attached with brass screws and nuts,

rather than pop rivets. At least it looks more elegant. The body number

plate, located on the scuttle (I'm learning British) was pop riveted.

Any other people with information? Regards.

Mike Carpenter XK-140 OTS

To all

Just musing.....were pop rivets, as we know them today, in use when the

XKs were built?  While Cherry rivets and similar blind fastening devices

were standards in the Aircraft industry, one wonders whether Lyons'

parsimonious ways would allow him to use aircraft priced parts in car


Klaus Nielsen

On the XK-140, Jaguar used pop rivets to align sheet metal parts before

welding. You can see the back side of several such rivets on the scuttle

area near the bonnet hinges.

Mike Carpenter

The lubrication/engine number plate is also attached with screws -

panhead sheet metal screws (they have a flattened head).  The "caution"

plate is held on with round head screws like you said.  The brass rivets

that hold the replica plate to the dash are solid, as you said.  The

screws are slotted - not philips head.

I go by Bob, regardless of what my e-mail address says.  Glad to help

anyway I can.

Bob Orem

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