Jag-lovers ScreenShow Information

The Jag-lovers ScreenShow is available as an additional facility to all of our Registered Members who have Donated in support of Jag-lovers during the past year.

It displays random good quality images (sized at 800 x 500 pixels ) using screensaver techniques from an expanding base selection of over 1800 obtained from sources available to us including Jaguar Cars Ltd, individuals and our Photo Albums.

Images are categorised and selectable so you only see images of likely interest to you! Four examples are shown here....

... from the many categories available. Many images have never seen online before so hope you will enjoy them. All images are, and we have checked to the best of our ability, either in the public domain or else we have permission to use them. If you believe that any images have been used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact us immediately.

Requirements and Limitations - PLEASE READ

You need a display with a horizontal resolution of 800 pixels minimum to use this plus Javascript has to be enabled on your terminal - we've tested it with all the major browsers (at least IE6 or compatible required such as FireFox 1.0.1 or later) but can't guarantee it will work with every browser out there of course - for instance, Opera has problems we've been unable to solve and will not work. FireFox may refuse to open Posts from the monitor (if you use that facility) in a current window or tab depending on what extensions you are using - it generally works okay into a new window though.

You MUST NOT have any PopUp killer applications running or the ScreenShow will be unable to open. Also, ScreenShow will not run as a separate web page.