The JDHT selling their wares at Donington in 2002 - Julia Simpson at centre
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Buying JDHT CDs online

The JDHT sell a number of CD-ROMs in PDF format for many of the Jaguar range (including the XJ220!), now covering up to 1997. The info below was obtained direct from Anders/Julia/Mark Greer as the definitive guide to what is available at the time of posting this page. We'll endeavour to update as and when more CDs become available. Rather than tabular format, we now have a PDF file with details from Jaguar or you can view images of the PDF file here if you want by selecting the smaller images below.

You can also search for Classic Parts online at the JDHT Search Page

Last Updated 5th October 2004

Jaguar Classic Parts & Service Manuals on CD - Catalogue in PDF Format

The retail price is 13.50 for each of these CDs except JHM1145 which is 29.95, all inclusive of UK VAT. If non-EU customers wish to recover VAT, they should obtain and complete the usual forms from Customs and we will then supply a VAT receipt with our VAT number.

For orders by post (world wide) please add 2.50 for Postage and Packing per CD (total cost of approx. $US24 depending on current conversion rates). The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, Master Card, Euro Card (see below for notes on using e-mail for orders)

You can order any (or all) of these CDs from:

JDHT - Archive Department
Mrs Julia Simpson
Jaguar Cars Ltd
Browns Lane B/1/002

Tel: +44 (0)24 7620 2141
Fax: +44 (0)24 7640 5581

Please note that these CDs are generated by Jaguar Classic Parts at Unipart House and that we simply retail them. In principle therefore, the same CDs should be available at the same price from all the Jaguar Classic Parts outlets, whether Jaguar dealers or independent approved specialists!

Any US customer who either has difficulty ordering a CD from a local dealer can order from the JDHT.

If you are worried about the security of using plaintext e-mail, Julia's telephone number and fax are given above.

The JDHT recommends to anyone who is wary of e-mailing a credit card number that they telephone, fax or even write a letter.

Anders also notes:
A CD with number RTC 9897 CB is available in the USA but is not a JDHT product - from the part number this is simply the original XJ6 Series III microfiche parts list that has been converted to CD by Unipart.

At $US48 (which is over 30) it appears to be rather poor value compared to the JDHT CD part number JHM 1141 and which contains parts lists as well as service manuals for the XJ6 Series III range all models 1979-1987, is in the user friendly PDF format, and costs an American purchaser just 16 or say US $24 including shipping.

Here's the response to queries on availability of CD-ROM manuals from the JDHT for current models:

The JDHT agreement with the Technical Publications department of Jaguar Cars Service specifies that we are allowed to issue CD workshop manuals for *non-current* models. The intention is that Jaguar Classic Parts and the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust should concentrate on the Heritage or classic Jaguars. This broadly speaking means products that are at least ten years old. However it has been accepted that in case of the workshop manual CDs we can offer the XJ40 XJ6 and the XJ-S manuals, for two reasons: (1) These models straddle the ten-year limit; (3) Jaguar does not offer workshop manuals on CDs for these cars.

A general JTIS workshop manual on CD covering the post-1994 X300/308 (XJ6/12/8), X100 (XK8/R) and X200 (S-type) models is already available via Dealers. This is rather expensive. However, you will appreciate that it is the aim of Jaguar Classic Parts and the JDHT to support the policies of Jaguar Cars and the interests of our new car dealers. Once the model ranges covered by the current JTIS CD go out of production and enter the heritage/classic field, it is our hope that we will be allowed to make and market CD workshop manuals also for these models.

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