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120 Exhaust Bracket

120 Exhaust Bracket

Hi friends. Besides looking at fender stays, I'm in the midst of installing a new exhaust system on my 120 FHC, and one question has come up. On mine there is a L-angle bracket welded on the bottom of the left hand frame rail at the attachment point of the rear spring rear shackle. Is this for the side tailpipe hanger? Does this mean I should have the side tailpipe and not the rear tailpipe? There are no other holes or brackets for a rear tailpipe hanger. Where does a rear tailpipe hanger attach? - Rob Reilly

Rob Reilly: I cannot find the bracket you referred to, near the rear spring hanger. I did find this: Jag Enth, Mar 96, p 61: XK120 DHC Restoration article: "Originally, a large metal strap ran from the inside of the chassis about mid-way up, down to the silencer and then up again to find a purchase on the chassis cross rail." Reference also to "the captive threaded holes in the chassis." Does this assist? Also have a look at Plate T in the parts book.- Regards, John Elmgreen

John and Rob, First, Rob, I sent you a note yesterday about my having the same bracket you have, on the frame at the point the rear spring mount bracket is affixed to the frame. So that exists on at least two cars, although to what purpose is still a mystery. As for the bracket, or strap, John mentions, that's the one I mentioned to you as serving what seemed to be an unknown purpose. Not 10 minutes ago I was paging through the XK's Unlimited catalog and saw the same bracket, which is exactly as John describes. Mine had not been used as an exhaust hanger for a long time and had been bent up toward the battery box, making it look that much more mysterious and useless. But that's what it is, the exhaust mount. If you look at your new muffler it probably has a tab sticking out of the rear of the muffler, parallel to the outlet pipe. A rubber mount would bolt in between that tab and the bottom of the strap/bracket John describes below. XK's does offer the part or it would be easily fabricated and since mine is out of the car as of an hour ago I can send dimensions and bend-points if you wish. You would still need the rubber mount. This is not the aft-most exhaust mount but it's probably an important one to get right since it carries a fair amount of the muffler weight. My problem is that the FRONT muffler carrier (the bracket that looks like a fat "Y" turned on it's side and welded to the frame to look like []>- that) had at some point come adrift at the weld points, in all likelihood because the rear muffler mount wasn't in use and the front mount was doing all the work. So that has to be rewelded then it should be smooth sailing, ha, ha. Let me know if you need the bracket dimensions. I can also give you the locations of the threaded holes so you can spot them more easily. Or I can fax diagrams if you give me a fax number. Hope this is of some help. - Dick Rowley, '54 XK120 FHC SE

Rob Reilly, Dick Rowley: Got the 120 out today and checked the exhaust mountings. I have a short angle bracket also, in the region of the rear spring hanger (welded to the chassis) which in turn has another piece of steel (shallow U profile) bolted to it and hanging straight down, to which the muffler is ultimately bolted. No idea if it is original (although my car has only 47,000 miles on it, it did "sit" for years unused in the UK and deteriorated in some respects, therefore this could easily have been a replacement). Rob, do you only have the angle on the chassis and nothing else? How big is the piece of steel of the angle? Dick - where are the attachments for the (presumably) original type strap I described earlier? I will check my own car further too. Fantastic autumn we are having here, over 20 deg C, clear, blue skies, took both of the XKs down to Balmoral Beach an hour ago, saw a broken down red DB6 convertible (very nicely restored). - Regards, John Elmgreen

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