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The Collectibles list was formed in February 2000 as a forum for discussion between those Jaguar Cars enthusiasts who have the irresistable urge to collect automobilia for the Marque. This page is always Under Development.


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Jag-lovers resources

Jag-lovers sites relevant to Collectibles:
  • Collecting - some words on where to find Jaguar brochures and other collectibles
  • Brochures - our unique WWW reference collection of scanned brochures and other Jaguar literature. Currently over 330 entries!
  • Old Adverts - scanned original adverts from the 1930s to the present
  • Models - the start of a models section, currently with some recent offerings and a few less common ones.
  • Posters - factory issued posters section, currently with offerings from 1948 to 2000. Covers XK120 though E-Type to XJ220 and XK Series. Large selection of original racing posters from the 50s
  • Badges - badges section, currently with 60 offerings from around the world with some very rare ones!
  • ScreenSaver - a Windows® 32-bit based screen saver formed around images from the brochure pages and includes downloadable libraries for your favourite model


Some useful links - please send us your additions!
  • JDHT - Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, the official custodians of Jaguar Cars heritage
  • Jaguar Model Club - Gary Oxley's dedicated model club with a regular magazine for members
  • Jag-lovers JagAds The free Jag-lovers advert facility for your personal Jaguar Wants and Sales
  • Classic Auctions - Useful Auction site often with Jaguar items - low commission rates for a change!
  • Jag-lovers - Jag-lovers homepage

A new definitive series of articles on the Jaguar Mascot

By Ian Cooling and Tony Bailey

See Classic Jaguar World, February 2002 (out January 2002) onwards!

[Extract from the introduction]
This will be the the first in a series of detailed and carefully researched articles on the Jaguar mascot and its various derivatives spanning several issues. Your guides will be Jaguar automobilia guru Ian Cooling, and Tony Bailey, owner of one of the finest private collections of Jaguar automobilia in the world.

The series will comprise the gestation and birth of the original factory mascot in the 1930s; the later development of that mascot down to the present day; and a detailed investigation of the myriad non-factory mascots produced.

En route, we shall look at the different ways the company has used the mascot cum- logo (one of Jaguar’s most valuable corporate assets), take a trip to see how the current mascot is produced, review current legislation on fitting car mascots and, for sake of completeness, take a look at Swallow mascots down the years.

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