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Fastener Nomenclature

From: Rob Reilly
To: XK lovers
Subject: Fastener Nomenclature
Date: Friday, February 07, 1997 5:44PM

John, you asked about the nut and bolt listings in the back of the 120 parts catalogue, how to interpret the markings on the bolt heads, and which were hardened bolts. First the high strength bolts. In the remarks column there are a few with the letters HTS. This means High Tensile Strength. The suffix letter in the part no. is F.
I thumbed through the book and found a few suffix F applications:
    fan pulley to damper
    rear springs to chassis frame
    torsion bar flange to wishbone lever
    accelerator linkage brackets
Perhaps a few of us could check some of these for markings on the heads. High strength steel can also be identified by holding the part against a grinder; it makes a different spark pattern than low carbon steel.
Now the numbering scheme:
The factory used the format @@#&&/**% where @@ represents one or two alphabet characters and designates the type of fastener.
    FB is a bolt with British Standard Fine threads (BSF)
    CB is a bolt with American National Coarse threads (ANC = UNC)
    NB is a bolt with American National FIne threads (ANF = UNF)
    FC is a bolt with BSF threads and a square neck
    AS is a setscrew with British Association threads (BA)
    CS is a setscrew with ANC threads
    FS is a setscrew with BSF threads
    NS is a setscrew with ANF threads
    WS is a setscrew with BSW threads
    AN is a hex nut with BA threads
    FN is a hex nut with BSF threads
    FU is a steel wing nut
    NN is a hex nut with ANF threads
    AW is a plain flat washer sized for a BA screw
    FG is a spring washer sized for a BSF screw
    FW is a flat or beveled washer sized for a BSF screw
    FT is a stud with BSF threads
    M is a wood screw
    J is a clevis pin
    L is a split pin (cotter pin)
    OD is a dowel pin
    R is a rivet
Then there are some washers and screws with prefix C or BD which causes confusion with all the other C and BD parts in the rest of the book.
# the first numeral after the period represents some characteristic.
For bolts and setscrews:
    1 is a standard hex head
    2 is a thin hex head
    3 is a cheese head
    4 is a round head
    5 is a countersunk head
    6 is an instrument head
For nuts:
    1 is a plain steel hex nut
    2 is a lock nut
    4 is a slotted nut
    7 is a regular slotted nut
For washers:
    1 is a plain washer
    2 is a beveled washer
For woodscrews:
    1 is a countersunk head
    2 is a round head
For rivets:
    3 is a flat head
    5 is a 90 degree countersunk head
    6 is a 120 degree countersunk head
&& numerals represents the diameter
** numerals represents the length in eighths of an inch, except for washers
% is a suffix letter indicating some other characteristic such as the material its made from or the type of head.

Unfortunately there are many bolts not in this list for which the part no. is of the format C.####. These are specials that were made especially for Jaguar or were modified by Jaguar from a standard bolt. Putting a hole through a bolt for a split pin would be an example. To determine if any of these were hardened or HTS bolts we would have to check them individually.
I've probably missed a few, so don't hold me accountable.
In my business I've seen this sort of nomenclature scheme used for all sorts of industrial goods.

If you have any questions or comments send e-mail to:
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