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Battery Size

Battery Size

Hi Folks - Can anyone, off the top of their head, cite a battery size
("Group Number") that would work well for a 150/3.4/8:1 driven in mild
climates (no sub-freezing starts)?  This will be for a single-12V-battery
system.  My default plan will be to measure the available space in the wing
and to go have a chat with the F.L.A.P.S., but it never hurts to
ask the experts first. What kind of battery tie-down hardware were 150s
originally equipped
with? - regards, Ed Mellinger Monterey CA '59 XK150 FHC


A group 24 single top post 12 volt will work, but it is tight. The battery
slides into the box until it hits a vertical stop, restraining its rearward
movement. At the door opening on either side of the battery are two
uprights; these limit the side to side movement. Two 1/4" diameter rods
threaded on both ends (1/4x28), slide through the foward uprights and then
thread into the rear backstop. The rods emerge from the foward uprights
through holes in the  hat section retainer which bridges the two uprights.
Oversize hex brass barrel nuts screw onto the threaded rods, you then
tighten the nuts, which brings the retainer to bear against the side of the
battery. A 1/8" rubber pad is glued to the bottom of the box under the
battery footprint. I make these holdown assemblies. - Regards, Wray Schelin

Ed, I use a 12V 128PR CCA 500 on my 150. It works fine and appears to hold
enough reserve to start after winter hibernation ( although with the very
mild winter this year in New Zealand there hasn't been much of a
hibernation ). The 150 original battery tie down is described in the Body
Items catalouge as:
" Steady Bracket For Battery Box
Screw,   Set, securing Battery Boxes to Wing Valances and Steady Brackets
to Battery Boxes and Body
Washer,   Special, on Setscrews
Nut,      on Setscrews
Washer,   Shakeproof, under nuts
Screw,    Set, securing Steady Brackets to Chassis Frame
Washer,   Shakeproof, on Setscrews
Washer,   Plain, on Setscrews"
Hope this makes some sense. On my 150 the "steady bracket" is "L" shaped
with a hole through the junction of the "L" to take the long set screws
(approx 9") - Regards, Roger Herrick
added 1/10/99...
On the subject of cranking my XK120-recently rebuilt-how much crank amps
should it take? Auto Zone sells a 12 volt that fits into the battery box
but provides only 465 crank amps. Should this be enough? - Jay Fox

Jay, Do you have the battery number??  I've been looking for the right size
for years with no luck. - thanks, norm larsen

MLarson-The car is stored but I expect to visit it next week and will get
the battery number for you then - Jay Fox

Hi Jay, Mlarsen347 & all -- the twin 6v batteries in my original Mk IX
carry a generic #, 17 HF.  I've not tried it, but I suspect they'll fit
right into the XK120 battery compartments -- STILL available from Battery
Bill Inc., 615 Sunbeam AV, Sacramento CA 95814, 916/443-9018, at (still)
$42.88 apiece!.  I hope this helps -- Larry Martz [USA, Calif.]

Larry, Thanks for the info. - regards, Norm Larsen

Yes, the 17HF fits in the 120.  I bought dry-charged Exide batteries from
Kragen for about $42 each.  They are the old style battery with the exposed
cell links. - Larry J, 660636

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