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Ash Trays

Ash Trays

is there anyone that can tell my the original color of the ash-tray from the XK 140 DHC black bronze or chrome. - Leo van den Bosch

Leo, I believe that they should be bronze and am looking for a pair of originals myself. There are lots of repros around at about L15 each but I would prefer genuine ones. - Eric Capron

Black painted brass. - Jim Warren '55 XK140 DHC S817518

Ash trays - were some bronze? I thought I had only ever seen chrome, but maybe I wasn't looking closely enough ... one of those things you take for granted. More responses? - Regards, John Elmgreen

John, Porter's first XK book shows a picture on p62 which shows black looking ashtrays. The surface coating has worn off at the edges and the base metal appears to be brass. In this book he makes no reference to the colour in the text. However, in his later book you can't really tell anything from the picture but in the text, p67, he refers to the ashtrays as being bronze coloured. Is this a case where the factory had more than one source and used whatever was to hand? I was recently offered some which claimed to be original and they were bronze. No sale as they were too expensive for me. - Eric Capron

Eric, I just can't answer re the ash trays. Sounds like a part that will be hard to get info on - like, who made them? Wilmot Breeden? I would really like to get some info about that company. Regards, John Elmgreen

Mine are original - and polish up quite nice. 1957 XK 140 FHC. Materials bronze (or copper) plate on a brass base. Turns black with age (copper oxide). Not painted. You don't paint ash trays. - Yours, John Currey

Re the 140 ashtrays, I looked at 3 cars at our concours in Sydney on Sunday, and the ashtrays on all of them were chromed. These would all have been restored cars however. I have not checked my photo collection. - Regards, John Elmgreen

I have a chromes one from an XK-120 DHC (single, centrally-mounted ashtray) - only ones I ever saw on an XK-140 were copper/brass in color, mounted in pairs. - Larry Schear Twin Cam, Inc.

John mine are "bronze" finished. Looks like a brass with a chemical finish that darkens and presumably stabilises the finish. Given the history of the car when after a major accident it had most parts chromed , if this escaped I would presume its original. - Regards, Bruce Lake XK140FHC

Chrome tops with non-visible portion being a dull light grey metal. - Brian Pel

Mine are bronze. - Jim Voorhies XK140 FHC

Re the ash trays, are the bronze ones actually finished in something bronze, or are they just natural unpainted brass finish? or maybe with a clear coat? can anyone tell? also what about 120 FHC and DHC - responses on those as well? - Regards, John Elmgreen

Addendum(b)... Chrome flip-up lid on a black-painted brass body Jim Warren 140 dhc

John, The ash trays in my 140 look like bronze that has been oxidized. They are not magnetic and there is yellow base metal that shows through some scratches. The surface color is very dark blue-brown all over, not just on the exposed tops. - Sam Bell

My early 140 DHC was purchased unrestored and had chromed ashtray lids. As such, it is likely that the chrome plating was a standard feature. - Brian Pel

My top parts are polished brass, but I cleaned and polished them because I liked the brass look. The bottom parts that fit into the top of the facia have not been polished and they look black. I think its heavily oxidized brass but I am not sure they may have been painted black. Also not mentioned was the fact that there are removable inserts in the ash tray. I am missing one insert which was borrowed by someone during a concourse. The judges however, don't open the ash trays during their inspection. - Regards; Andy Leavitt

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