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XK120 FHC Window channel

XK120 FHC Window Channel

Before restoration I had always believed that my door rattle problem was
associated with the non-functional window regulators. I now discover that
the true problem is the window channel, which is unsecured at the bottom,
is banging against the for and aft metal panel to which the regulator is
attached (I don't know the proper description for this piece, perhaps part
of the regulator itself). This can easily be fixed by jury rigging, but
this can't be the way Jaguar designed this, and I cannot figure it out from
the illustrated parts lists. How was this problem resolved by the original
Jaguar engineers? Are there other better solutions?  - Carl Orlob, XK120FHC

Carl, For what it's worth.... The spares catalog for the 140 FHC calls for
"door light frames" for each door.  They are chromed frames which are the
front, rear, and top window channels (all one piece) along with the frame
for the operable vent window.  Also, the sheet metal panel that
holds the winding mechanism, window lift, and door lock parts attaches to
this frame. The front and rear channels extend down to the "shelf" where
the door closes around the sill.  Here, there is a (90 degree) angle piece
that attaches both channel pieces to the door on top of the shelf.  On my
140, the frame has several holes where it is bolted to the angle piece,
apparently due to fitting trials.  This is the only adjustment that I can
see for in or out at the top of the frame beneath the rain gutter. - Hope
this is helpful,  Sam Bell

Dear Sam,  My 140 FH lets water in when it rains - somehow water is getting
into the inside of the map pockets on the doors ! Can anybody tell me where
rain-water is supposed to go which has run down the outside face of the
door window glass ? Is it supposed to pass through the felt seal, then run
down inside the door frame, then out through a hole in the bottom of the
door ? Is there a hole ? - John Spence

Carl in Seattle: Maybe the Carl in Boston can shed a little light on your
galloping window frame.  Since I am currently restoring my doors on my
120FHC, I have the whole frame out of the door. The window frame appears to
be a one-piece chromed brass channel.  The two bottom ends are brazed to a
shallow steel channel cross brace about two inches wide.  Bolted to each
end of the steel channel are L-shaped feet that screw into the lower wood
frame piece connecting the hinge face and the shut face.  It sounds like
your problem is that one of the feet has come unscrewed, or the window
frame brazed connection has broken.  It shouldn't be loose down there.
Hope this helps.  - Carl Hanson, 1951 XK120 FHC

Hi Sam Bell, John Spence & all -- don't know for sure about XKs, but on our
big saloons (Mk VII/VIIM/VIII/IX), there are 3/8" drain holes at the bottom
of each of the four doors -- if clogged, rust from inside out is the normal
consequence, so we run a 3/8" drill bit through them as part of
maintenance.  I hope this helps - Larry Martz

the true problem is the window channel, which is unsecured at the bottom,
is banging against the for and aft metal panel to which the regulator is
attached See page N30 and N31 of the manual. It should be secured by a
little angle clip that is screwed to the wood and bolted to the fore-aft
brace at the bottom ends of the channels. Let us know if this picture is
not clear to you. I can't offhand remember how the brace is attached to the
channels, but it was something rigid, the idea being to hold the channels
parallel. Perhaps  there is a broken weld or you are missing some part? -
Rob Reilly

Yes, Carl, I was referring to the service manual, guess I assumed that
everybody had one. Anyway I highly recommend it. A number of sources offer
a photocopy version, though I don't know of anyone offering a real reprint.
Once in awhile you see a grease stained original for $50 to $200. The 120
FHC parts catalogue should have two plates. Plate AU is the outer body,
floors, bumpers, boot panels.
Plate BU is the door and window parts. Give me a snail mail address and
I'll send you copies. - Rob Reilly

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