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150 Air Cleaners

150 Air Cleaners

My '53 XK-120M FHC came to me with pancake style air cleaners - one for each carb. Is this correct for a SE FHC ? I have read and seen the remote air cleaner in front of the radiator is what the FHC's got, but thought the "S" chassis cars might have stayed with the OTS style air cleaners. My car does have the correct dual exhaust as only several chassis later was switched to single exhaust for "S" FHC's on the production line. Any thoughts? Thanks.- Sasel3

I believe that the correct air cleaner for the FHC and DHC are as illustrated on Plate W of the 120 Parts Catalogue. Only the OTS retained the pancake filters, see page 14D. The Special Equipment cars kept to the foregoing configuration.

Is there an approx 3 1/2" diameter hole in the right hand fairing immediately forward of the radiator? Is it possibly covered by a separate panel? If so, it may be an indicator of what had been. If there's no hole and the panel has not been replaced, it may need more discussion. My FHC, S680555, has the air cleaner forward of the radiator. Stay tuned. - Dick Cavicke

My car, S680621, has the hole on the right in front of the rad for the air cleaner feed. I use it to feed the 3 SU's on my car. - George Badger

If there is a 3-inch (or so) hole on the off- (right) side of the car on the panel just in front of the radiator, then your XK had remote the remote air cleaner. My '53 SE coupe has it and the attachments. I think Bill Tracy or Ed West (or somebody) had the parts for sale recently. The remote air cleaner was quieter than the pancake-style as fitted to the OTS models. You have to clean the element and then spray it with a suitable oil spray. I wonder if that spray is still available? I found something about 20 years ago that did the trick, but....- Mike Plechaty

Many thanks to Dick Cavicke, George Badger, and Mike Plechaty for the response to my air cleaner question. My '53 120M FHC is chassis S680701, not too far down production from 680555 and 680621, so I'm confident in the information on the original configuration. I'll have to find the plenum (log manifold-under off-side fender),trunking adapters on carb, hoses, and the adapter that holds the air cleaner to the diaphragm in front of radiator. I'll try Tracy or West for this. Thanks again to all. - Sasel3

I think that I have a plenum for an XK120. Contact me direct if interested. Just for information, I also have the rear glass for a XK120 FHC if anyone needs one. - Cleo Bay XK120, XK140

Roy Osborn in Idaho might have a part that you're seeking, I'm sure he had bits of a 120 induction system for sale recently on his list, can't remember the details though, good luck. - John Morgan

I have a simply question for any of you very fortunate people who may have an original XK150S. Can anyone advise just what colour the air cleaner assembly is supposed to be? Mine is black, and I think it has been black for a very long time, but in examining the photo of the Pebble Beach XK150S at page 56 of the May\June issue of Jaguar World, it appears as if the assembly is silver, aluminum, or silver hammertone. Thanks for the info. - Jim Young, XK150S DHC, E type Series III

Mine originally was hammertone silver.....inside it has 3 metal mesh 'filters' sandwiched between metal screening with wider (1/4" or so) mesh. Cant have been much of a filter medium, maybe if it was soked in oil every now and then..... - Dave Drenzek

The first item to establish is which of the two types of air cleaner you have. The early type with flutes across the top edge or the later type with two round ends and a mesh around the perimeter. Early type certainly appeared to be silver whether light hammertone or a cad /zinc plating late type my guess would be black. please advise chassis # engine # etc and type of air cleaner - regards Terry McGrath

1959 OTS VS1540 has a Silver Hammertone finish and has louvers on the bottom edge. It has 3 round wire mesh 'filters' about 2 " thick and 5" around inside. There are 3 cylindrical 'horns' that connect the carbs to the filter housing with the filters inside. The outside of the filter box has 2 round indentations on the side with studs poking thru the case to hold it together. There were nuts or wingnuts on the studs Im going to get a picture taken of the thing and see if the Wiz (Dick White) will put it on the website. Maybe those of you that have some other type than mine could do that too.... - Dave Drenzek

Thanks for all the info. on the colour of the air cleaner assembly. I think that Terry McGrath may have the answer to this issue. The air cleaner assemblies were revised at the following serial numbers: 820039 832076 824864 836187 827355 838246 depending, of course on whether it was left or right hand drive and which body style it was. T838269DN, engine VS2000-9, body P7642, has the later air cleaner which seems to have always been black, the handbrake on the right, and a pumpkin orange head. It was despatched to Montreal on June 2, 1959. Regards, - Jim Young, XK150S DHC, SIII FHC

Hello to all, Today we were installing the air cleaner assembly on the 150 and it will not fit the carbs. The aluminum collector that fits onto the carbs and goes to the long can under the carbs will only mount upsidedown. Am I missing something here are do I have the wrong part. The part # on the aluminum I have collector is C-4602 or C4802. Would one of the 150 owners or late 140 owners look at your part and see if you have the same number cast in the unit? I think what I have may be for a sedan. - Regards, Skip Smith

Skip, I cannot find the part nos you mention, either for XK or for Mk 7 or 8, or 2.4 or 3.4 saloons. I might have missed it of course.- Regards, John Elmgreen

Skip, The part number on my late left-hand drive XK140 is C8139, and that's what's listed for the XK150's as well. I couldn't find a listing for C4602 or 4802, but can tell you that it's not for a Mark 8, 9, or 2. - Regards, Jon Schrock

John, I though it might be for a Mk 7 because it fit upside down to a XK. Well I give up now I need to find one to fit my 150. The part I dislike most is I just had it polished to a chrome finish. - Regards, Skip Smith, XK150

Skip, The part number in the parts manual for the LHD 150 (not 'S') "Air Intake" is C8139. Perhaps you have a sedan intake or on the other hand maybe you have the carbs upside down. They go pointy side up. :-) - Regards, Dick White

Dick, Thanks for the part number, and pointy side is up. - Regards, Skip Smith

For Skip Smith: C4802 is the air cleaner plenum for a Mark VII, on which the air cleaner sits on top of the intake cam (see Plates L9 and P12 in the 120 manual). I also have one in my box of useless parts, bought it thinking it would fit Mark V, but no luck. - Rob Reilly

For Rob Reilly, Thanks for the info Rob, now I have a shiny one in my box of useless parts. You don't think a fish would bite at something like this do ya? - Regards, Skip Smith

Not heavy enough for a bass boat anchor, and no market value, not enough Mark 7's being restored for concours. Guess they'll stay in our useless parts boxes. - Rob Reilly

I've also got one. Looks like a Kirby vacuum cleaner attachment. Can't bring myself to recycle it at the aluminum center. - Andrew Leavitt

Having nearly reached the culmination of a multi-year restoration on my
XK150, I reached into the bottom of the last box and pulled out an item
which looks like something an F-15 might drop on a recalcitrant middle
eastern nation. After completing a process of elimination, I can only
conclude this thing is supposed to be an air filter, though I think my poor
jag would be better off breathing unfiltered Los Angelos smog than anything
that would come through this filter. Though in good physical condition
(after brushing off all the rust), the interior looks pretty grimy,
especially the wire mesh thing.  It doesn't appear to come apart (does
it?), so does anyone have any recommended methods for cleaning the inside?
Since the basic unit looks pretty servicable, I'd hate to replace it, but I
sure want to clean it up. Thanks - Jag150S

I cleaned mine by putting it into the parts cleaning tub and let it soak
for a few hours. I then ran clean solvent through it, let drain and dry for
a day then oiled the screen lightly.  The unit is one piece and will not
come apart.  However I have an ad from Guy Broad who is marketing an
assembly that has replaceable air filters at L225.00.  I have seen one unit
that was modified by cutting the end, and it now has a replaceable filter,
the filter he uses is from a 1961 Chev, Corvar. They come two to
a pack. - Regards, Skip Smith

General note: I concur with Skip, of course. Once I sent out some bits for
stripping and threw the aircleaners in the box for s and g. The guy did me
a big favour and bead blasted them for me. All I could think about was
rouge bits of grit working themselves loose even after the most aggressive
flushing and decided to toss 'em rather that suffer the consequences. Heads
up. - Bruce Baysinger

One option: I have had parts cadium plated. They dip the metal part, rubber
parts included( even rusty) and they come back clean, plated and rubber
parts looking like new. I just take a bucket of parts (bolts, nuts,
linkages etc.) and they do the whole lot as is for fixed price. - ian

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