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Thank you Rob, I'll disassemble the back fire valve and have a look. I
think I have a good understanding as to how it works now. I found a old
manual, unmarked, with a green cardboard cover with brass binder bolts in
our home library. It said to adjust when the engine is at running temp and
richen until the engine becomes uneven then back off slightly. - Edgar W.

Do you mean in the public library?? That's the original manual!! Buy it if
you can. I'm still on the lookout for someone reproducing that green
cardboard cover. Mine is shot. - Rob Reilly

Rob and others: Your mention of the "green" color of the cover on an
"original" 120 manual made me wonder if that fact is well established. Were
there other cover colors (besides black) after the green original? Was
there an exclusive 120 book or did it always include the MK VII?  - Dick

No, the library in the West wing of my parents house. There is a large
window where my father reads as the sun sets. There is a shelf close to his
chair where he keeps all his favorites, and that is where I found the green
cardboard manual, with a cheese cloth binding, and brass bolts holding it
together. I do not see any evidence of Jaguar on the
cover! why is that? - Edgar Blake

My original 120 parts manual has a black cover with threaded brass
fittings. My original Mark VII parts manual has a green cover, also with
threaded brass fittings. - Bob Oates

Dick Cavicke, This green manual has both the Mark VII and the 120 in it. I
do not think this is the original cover. It looks like someone made it and
it says: "product of Remington Rand Made in USA Library Bureau Department,
Branches Everywhere,1" Expansion Folder Catalog No. 50585-P" The original
cover must have gone by the wayside a long time ago and someone put this
cover on it. Sorry, I really did not pay any attention to it earlier.. -
Edgar Blake

Hi Dick Cavicke & all -- my original Mk VII-XK120 Service Manual (factory
shop manual) had black covers; in 35 years with Jaguar, I've NEVER seen
green or any other colour except black.  Also -- NO "exclusive" XK120
Service Manual; Mk VII and XK120 were so similar in terms of mechanics,
etc. that Bill Lyons (saving $$) put them in a single book.  Smaller
supplements were offered as other models came out -- XK140, XK150; Mk VII,
Mk IX -- to cover improvements, etc. in later models. I hope this helps --
Larry Martz

Edgar - We all jumped on that one! - Bob Oates

Dick, I believe there was a yellow cover service manual printed in 1950
(pre-Mk7 era) which I suppose would have been XK120 only. Wasn't David
Pritchard asking about that one awhile back? I got to wondering about that,
why combine the two models in one? Sure there are a lot of things the same,
but there are enough differences that they could have had separate manuals.
I have seen only the dark olive green cover on thick cardboard, and the
black cover which could be described more as heavy paper. Judging by the
content, the green one was likely printed in 1952-53, since it covers the
JL gearbox and tandem brakes, but not the Mark 7M and auto tranny. It was
my understanding that the black cover was a re-issue, like a few years
later? Edgar, the front cover should have something like "Jaguar Service
Manual for Mark VII and XK120 Models" in approximately the same font and
type size as the first page, then in smaller letters "Issued by Jaguar Cars
Ltd. Coventry", all enclosed in a rectangle. There should also be a black
paper insert in the binding which also says "Jaguar Service Manual". It
wraps around the left edge of all the pages and is held in by the brass
sleeve bolts. You dad's favorite reading? Mine too. So they're for beating
on the SU's? Must be what happened to mine. Actually along with the wiring
diagram I carry copies of the pages on distributor and carb adjustments,
figuring that's probably all I'd ever really need in a breakdown situation.
And yes I do carry an ohmmeter and a pocket test light, have done for many
years. Electrical wire, baling wire, tape, 5 minute epoxy, RTV sealant,
headlight and taillight bulbs, flashlight (torch), sandpaper, the usual
hand tools, it all fits in a little box leaving plenty of room in the boot
for folding chairs and a cooler. And in a place of special honor, the carb
float. - Rob Reilly

I think the black faded and appeared dark green but I have only seen what i
would call black . I have 2 RP1's one is black the other is definitely
faded and looks green both have brass posts. I have a later loose leaf
factory version with black plastic cover which is also an RP1. -  regards,
Terry McGrath

Hi Dick. I have two copys of the SPARE RARTS CATALOGE FOR JAGUAR XK 120 TWO
be described as brindle brown(could have been green years ago),fasteners as
described previous.I have a parts supplemnt also same colour.No mention of
MKV!!. - Cheers Vic.

All: I have lost sight of the subject...content or colour? I have some
early Mark VII and XK 120 manuals and they have black covers. I also have
some early manuals that do not identify the particular model but are
individually bound (olive drab and light blue) for engine (2.4 and 3.4) and
suspension, chassis, steering, etc. (They seem to support MKI and MKII).  I
have some(120/MK VII) which surely are reprints in a loose leaf binder
(black plastic) and with Black heavy paper with the studs. (I also have one
with a wooden cover! (looks like the Gutenberg Bible).. I have never seen a
factory manual dedicated to just the 140 or 150, but have the supplements
to the basic manual consisting of 29 pages for XK 140 and a similar number
for 150/150S. The 140 supplement has some very strange entries, such as
describing the proper hydraulic fluid for the clutch, and advising against
allow oil to get to the brake discs. These supplements are handy in that
they give eng/chassis # for commencement of certain changes. If anyone is
missing these supplements, let me know. - Bruce Baysinger

I'm starting to work on a 59 150 ots and no longer have access to shop
manuals. What manuals would you recomend? - BSD

BSD: While there are other manuals out there (Chiltons and others), the
factory manual is unbeatable. The copy I have with the 140 and 150
supplements came from Classic Motorbooks. Let me know if you have trouble
locating one. - Bruce Baysinger

Judging by recent discussion it may be useful to list the various Jaguar
publications relevant to XK120, XK140 and XK150.

The more obvious publications are: -


J.8   JAGUAR XK120 TWO-SEATER SPORTS MODEL (black on maroon card)
       .published October, 1950
       .reprinted October, 1952 (incorporating Amendment List A.L.1)
       .reprinted May, 1953 (incorporating A.L.2)
       .reprinted June, 1954 (A.L.3)
       .reprinted January, 1958

J.11  JAGUAR XK120 FIXED HEAD MODELS (light blue on maroon card)
       .published June, 1953

J.13  JAGUAR XK120 DROP HEAD COUPE MODELS (green on maroon card)
       .published June, 1954

(blue on
dark blue card)
       .published July, 1955
       .reprinted January, 1957 (A.L.1)

J.18  JAGUAR MARK VII, XK.140 & 2.4 fitted with .....OVERDRIVE unit
       .published March, 1956  (black on aqua card)

       .published July, 1956 (black on dark green card)

       .published October, 1957(maroon on tan light card stapled cover)

J.27  Data for Ordering Speedometers (covers Mk VIII, IX, 2.4, 3.4, XK150)
       .published April, 1959
       .reprinted March,1960 (1st revision)
       .reprinted January, 1963 (2nd revision) (white on black vinyl cover)

J.29  JAGUAR XK150 & XK150'S' MODELS
       .published December, 1960
       .republished March,1966  as two Volumes: -  J.29/1 (covering Mechanical)
       .          (blue on tan vinyl ring binder)
J.29/2 (covering Body items)


       ...... there appears to be many reprint versions of original
publication, but with no additional updates or revisions, and never dated
       I have:-   undated R.P.1 (1st reprint?) yellow lettering on black
(fading to ink dark green heavy card cover with 2 brass securing screws)
               :-   undated/unnumbered  yellow lettering on black thick
card cover using two bifurcated rivet type clips. ( note the unnumbered
version is the original?, and shows on title page "William Lyons", whereas
the R.P.1 version shows "Sir William Lyons")
        NB:  There are any number of later reprints. Also note publication
Number assigned was M.3, although I've yet to see a copy so marked.

M.3/140  SUPPLEMENT to Mark VII and XK120 Service Manual for XK 140
Model...... again this seems to have been regularly reprinted, sometimes
              M.3/140, often not.    (stapled pages, no cover)

M.3/150  SUPPLEMENT to Mark VII and XK120 Service Manual for XK150 &
              XK150 'S' Model
       ...... again regularly reprinted, as above (stapled pages, no cover)

And yes, there are lots of non-Jaguar aftermarket publications.


XK120 Super Sports Models
       .  30/6/49    (d.yellow label on yellow cover)
       .  5/5/50      (d.yellow label on yellow cover)
       .  22/9/50    (d.yellow label on yellow cover)

       .  1/3/51     (green label on cover)
       .  1/1/52     (yellow label on cover)
       .  R.P.3 13/11/52    (yellow label on cover)
       .  R.P.4      (yellow label on cover)
       .  R.P.5      (yellow label on cover)

       .  E/101      (blue print on grey cover)
       .  E/101/1       "
       .  E/101/2
       .  E/101/3
       .  E/101/4

       .  E/106       (black printing on blue cover)

       .  E/111      (black print on tan cover)
       .  E/111/1
       .  E/111/2
       .  E/111/3

And yes, there are again any number of non-Jaguar reprints, the most
pervasive being probably the Brooklands versions. Next instalment, I'll go
into factory Bulletins, and other useful factory
publications. - Roger Payne

Roger, Thanks for the info where can you order the pub. listed? - Ship Smith

Roger: I never guessed that anyone could provide such a complete listing.
Thank you for taking the time. - Dick Cavicke

Like all collectables, the Original Publications are not readily available,
and when found their price is availability/ demand negotiable, although not
surprisingly in our shrinking world, my experience suggests prices are
pretty similar in UK, USA and Australia. If you just want the information,
then the reproduction modern publications are fine, and readily purchased
at going retail price from the specialist Jaguar parts and Motoring book
outlets. If you want the Originals, because you Collect Literature (my
disease!) or because you want the Concours correct item for your XK (my
other disease!) or you just like the idea of the authentic material (my
third and last? disease), then you have to hunt the Swap Meets (autojumble
in UK, ? in USA) or the Specialty literature sources, and negotiate
availability/price. I regularly get spares, but they get sold on pretty
quickly, and you need to be prepared for some BIG prices for the scarce/ in
demand items,
like the Original 'D-Type' Service Manual I purchased a couple of years
ago. Good Hunting and Good Luck. - Roger Payne

Previous notes covered the readily available (relatively speaking) factory
publications, but there are lots more useful items:-
Initial Series:  Jaguar Dealers and Service outlets were provided with a
foolscap size, heavy card folder, black, with gold lettering "Jaguar
Service Bulletins". The binder had two posts with swivel clips to take the
approximately monthly distribution of plain pages to be inserted in binder.
The first Bulletin #1 was dated May 1st 1946, and the last was #276, dated
November 1959. These Bulletins covered all model Jaguars, including XK's,
and cover both Service aspects and Spare Parts updates.

Second Series:  In 1959 a separate series Spare Parts Bulletins were
introduced, with recipients given a grey 2-ring vinyl binder with dark blue
lettering "Spares Division, BULLETINS for Spare Parts Catalogues".  The
first Bulletin was issued in August 1959, although they were still
recording updates to XK120/140 as well as current XK150. The Bulletins were
grouped into sections A to R to group different sections of relevance.
These continued up to 1968.

There was also a Second Series of Service Bulletins, using a black vinyl
2-ring binder with silver lettering "Jaguar Service Bulletins Volume 2 1960
Models Onwards", with regular plain sheet of paper Bulletins being
distributed in sections A to P. The first Bulletin was January 1960. These
continued until 1972. There is a lot of good information in these Spare
Parts and Service Bulletins, some of which was incorporated in later
editions of Spare Parts Catalogues and Service Manuals, but not all, and
not the detail and explanation. I find these to be an excellent source of
research information, but I use my photocopied set, with my originals
stored in my collection. My
collection is not 100% complete, maybe 95%, but its very hard to find
originals to borrow/ copy.

.Service and Spare Parts Bulletins (1946 - 1959)  black card binder, gold
.Bulletins for Spare Parts Catalogues (1959 - 1968) grey vinyl ring-binder,
blue lettering
.Jaguar Service Bulletins Volume 2 1960 Models Onwards (1960 -1972) black
vinyl ring-binder, silver lettering
More in instalment 3 if there is interest! - Roger Payne

All: I should probably let the subject die, but upon going through my
collection of literature, I came across a couple more that might be of
interest: 1. Spare Parts Catalogue for Jaguar XK140 OTS FHC DHC
(publication J.15 Published July 1955) loose leaf with light blue cover
(price 12/6) 2. Spare Parts Catalogue for Jaguar Mark VII and XK 140 fitted
with auto trans (publication J.19                Published July 1956)
spiral bound with gold/yellow cover (price 7/6). Regards - Bruce Baysinger

You need to identify Originals, from reproductions. Jaguar didn't "Spiral
Bound" any of their Catalogues/ Manuals, until  the Interim XJ6 Spares
Catalogue, although some originals in deteriorating condition could well
have been spiral rebound. Your J.19 version with yellow cover sounds like
one of the "Published By XK's Unlimited" reproductions, (of marginal
quality if its like mine). - Roger Payne

Roger Payne and Bruce B:   Roger mentioned XKs Unlimited repro manuals etc
- I have one of theirs (150 parts) that was missing around 10 pages
randomly, and has now fallen apart (after heavy use I might add). -
Regards, John Elmgreen

Roger: Why do I need to identify Originals from reproductions? I did not
represent them as either but offered them up lest someone want to use them
as reference material. As I have never seen a 'documented original' I have
no basis for comparison. Ref the yellow automatic parts book (j.19) with
the black celluloid spiral spine binding, if it is indeed a reproduction,
someone has taken the time to add a nice 40+ year patina to it.         In
any case, any person requiring info that these two ref books might provide,
please contact me and I attempt to "look it up". - Respectfully; Bruce

I have no problem using Reproductions as a source of reference, and do just
that myself as I want to keep my Originals in best condition possible. Its
just a case that I did make an effort to list all the "Original"
Publications for the interest of those into Original Jaguar Publications,
and anyone adding on to my well researched listing with reproduction
information undermines intent of my list. My list has generated a number of
direct follow up enquiries from others interested in Originals. Original
Handbooks are also required for Concours judging, repros are not accepted.
Reproduction material is extremely easy to find and purchase for those who
just want a source of information, but I did offer the comment, that the
XK's Unlimited reproduction, such as what you appear to have, is one of the
lesser offerings, which I note JE seems to agree. - Roger Payne

BSD, If you need an electronic copy of the 150 supplement to the XK service
manual I can email to you.  It is in Microsoft Word format. - Regards, Dick
White (xk admin)

Thanks for the summary, Roger. Unfortunately my green cover service manual
is missing the title page, so I can't tell whether Lyons was Mr. or Sir
when it was printed. Where is this RP1? This cover is definitely not black,
more like an avocado or an Army fatigue on very thick cardboard with a
black paper insert piece for the edge binding, and both the front and the
edge piece have yellow printing. - Rob Reilly

Hi Rob Reilly, Roger & all - William Lyons was dubbed a Knight by Queen
Elizabeth in 1956 because of the affect on the British economy of his
exports (saloons mainly); so any factory literature before 1956 would have
been done BEFORE he was knighted. Of course, this includes the Mk VII and
XK120 Service Manual (although some supplements to it were printed after
knighthood; depends on the date the car was built). I hope this helps -
Larry Martz

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