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Brake Hub Screws

Brake Hub Screws

To all.
No one has replied to my inquiry about the two very small screws that go
through the brake drums and into the "plate" that all the brake stuff
attaches to. They seem so small as to be of no strength value at all; only
about 1/4 inch with a flat head. They do require that the drum be aligned a
certain way in order for the holes to line up. Anyone know what these
screws are for and if they are important. Thanks in advance for any help.
Aloha, Rob XK-140 FHC

Right, no strength value. Presumably so the drum and hub which were
balanced separately can also be balanced together. Not absolutely necessary
to drive, but if one was missing there would be a slight imbalance. They
are if memory serves right, 1/4-28 UNF fine thread x 1/2 inch long flat
head machine screws, available from your local hardware store service
 - Rob Reilly

Anyhow, I always figured those little screws were just to keep the drums in
place when the wheels are removed, since the lug nuts hold the drums in
place when the wheels are on. I have one or two drums with only one screw
in place with no ill effects. Maybe someone else has a better explanation.
Do the wire wheel cars have similar screws?
- Dennis Murphy

I'd like to have a stab at this one, when I was a bit younger, my Dad used
to do all his auto repairs and maintenance in the street outside our house
and he gained a reputation among the neighbours for being pretty swift at
"balancing" 4 wheel drum brake systems that were the  norm on the common
British cars of the day e.g. Austin, Morris, Standard, etc. He was able to
set up the dual wheel- cylinder front brakes on these types of cars so that
they would stop the car without the steering pulling to one side or the
other. He did this by feeling the drag on the drums and equalizing the drag
via the brake shoe's rest position through an adjustment hole in the brake
drum that was not usually accessible with the road wheel in place.
Naturally, it was important that the brake drums should be located and
aligned correctly to the flange faces of the hubs and this was achieved by
the use of the 2 small countersunk screws that often had a stripped
Phillips drive in them! He passed this skill on to me and I too, have been
able to master stripping these screw heads out.
Regards, John Morgan

I have merely looked at these small screws as an aid to keeping the hub in
place prior to mounting the wheel. I could see that without these retaining
screws that you might knock the hub from its mount as you install the
wheel. It could be insurance to prevent this from happening. As you note,
they appear to have little structural purpose (perhaps I have
underestimated the strength of the screws). And, it does ensure that the
hub is aligned one way.
- Robert Oates

All these two tiny (short) screws do is to hold the drum firmly against the
mounting flange. They are usually 1/4" BSF, 3/8" long countersunk head
slotted screws.
- Dick Clements

Exactly so! They help ensure that the drum is seated correctly on the hub
prior to installing the wheel. No structural purpose!
- Larry Schear
  Twin Cam, Inc.

and they can be very difficult to remove.
- victor garlin

I second that. Those little screws get rusted in place and come out only
with some serious heating. I recommend putting anti-seize lubricant on the
threads when you put them back in.
- Carl Hanson

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