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Hose clamps

Hose Clamps

My experience suggests there is growing awareness that CHENEY brand
hose-clamps were correct original equipment for XKs.  What appears to be
less well known is that earlier XK120s at least did not use CHENEY clamps
but did use "TEX" brand. Students of the various factory literature will be
aware that this is not readily apparent, as where brand is identified they
are called "GRIPTITE", with size shown as 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, which appears
to relate to the median suitable hose diameter, where 25 equals 2.5 inches
diameter. GRIPTITE is only a trade name, shown only on some of the larger
size clamps as "GRIPTITE PATENTED", but they were made by "Magnatex Ltd.,
London", and thus the very prominent "TEX" on the adjusting screw housing.
Anyway, the point of this background is to discover when were TEX hose
clamps superseded by the later CHENEY clamps on XK120s.  My research to
date suggests TEX were still exclusively used in 1951, so any comments from
researchers/owners of ORIGINAL cars would be welcome. Obviously top
radiator hoses were commonly replaced on even low mileage original cars, so
careful comments please. - Roger Payne

Roger, Another variation here is that Bruce Carnachan has said for years
that smaller hose clips (early 120) were sometimes some sort of American
Army surplus style. I have asked him for a sample but never got one and
have therefore been unable to get a real handle on this suggestion. Bruce
also says that the same happened with other British cars of the period. -
Regards, John Elmgreen

John, I have heard that comment before also, but the explanation I was
given is that "TEX" was assumed to be American because of the Texas, I
presume mis-association.  It would be good if Bruce could elaborate,
because I really can't imagine something so trivial as hose clamps in
post-war UK
would be US sourced?  Can anyone give a brand name or description for
clamps other than TEX or CHENEY, that appear original?, and of course
comments on my original question. - Roger Payne

roger, my 120 is a late 120 being built in nov. 1953, but i would be happy
to send you a sample of an ORIGINAL hose clamp for your inspection. the one
they sell are not exact and i dont know if they would be still available. -
regards Bernie Yurt

Thanks Bernard for the offer, however a description would be sufficient to
identify exact type of clamp.  I have quite a lot of original TEX and
CHENEY clamps, and am aware of the clamps being sold by some US and UK
suppliers as Original.  To be fair, one of the advertisements I've seen
says Original Type, which is bordering on "read the fine print". - Roger

TEX is/was not made in the USA as far as I know. The UK brand "TEX" is well
known as the manufacturer of wiper products and rear view mirrors. The make
door mirrors for MGB for example. - Regards, Hal Rogers, H.D. Rogers & Sons

Checking my hose clamp collection I discovered the predominant Cheney, some
Jubilee, TEX, and CENTOFLEX., all British made. TEX has a unique
configuration but the rest are very similar to one another and all have the
proper round-head, straight-slot screw drive. There are some newer Cheneys
around which have a combination hex-head and straight-slot screw drive. I
believe the straight-slot, round-head drive was correct in all model Jags
through 1967? Anyone know when the combination hex-head straight-slot drive
hose clamps were introduced in Jags? Pages B.59 and D.13 of the MK VII,
XK120 Service Manual show TEX clamps on the top radiator hose on an early
120. It has always puzzled me as to why Jaguar chose to show a car with a
universal flex hose, instead of their standard 90 degree, molded top hose
in that particular view. - Dick Cavicke

Roger,  Bruce's explanation for the use of US bits was that the US army had
huge surpluses of equipment etc in UK and Europe after the war, so the
supplies were already there. I guess it is conceivable that a UK supplier
bought ex US surplus stock. As I said, I asked Bruce if he could send me
one, but he has been unable to do so. He will be in Aus in Oct 98. -
Regards, John Elmgreen

What about British made "Jubilee" brand worm type hose clamps....when I was
a kid in the U.K. we used to call all hose clamps by the generic name of
"Jubilee clamps". They had a heart shaped insignia on them I think. How
about the guys in Oz? Are "Jubilee" brand clamps still made there today? -
John Morgan

John, "Jubilee" brand hose clamps are/ have been readily available in
Australia, and as you say it is still common generic comment to refer to
all brands of worm-drive hose clamps as jubilee-clamps, the same way we
call all boot-polish Nugget, even if another brand. I am however unaware
that "Jubilee" brand hose clamps were ever used by Jaguar?, despite again
seeing Jubilee branded clamps being currently sold by some spares outlets
as original. - Roger Payne

i have 1951 120 ots, for the most part original ( top hose) and etc. and it
has a jubilee hose clamp.  i'm not sure if the clamp is original, but i
would love to know. - Norm Larsen

Roger, I'm not absolutely certain that "Jubilee" hose clamps were original
fittings for Jaguar in the XK era but my mention of them was in response to
the request for other brand names of clamps that might "appear original" as
is the case for the hose clamps that were on the remains of the water hoses
to my XK 140's Smith's heater.  They looked "original" alright and just the
way I remember them on my Dad's Austin A 55 Cambridge. Remember how the
grooves on the band get all chewed out just as you get the clamp screw
tight enough to stop leaks and you have to start with another clamp?  Happy
days...... - John Morgan

Hi all -- I don't know whether this will help on the hose clamp thread, but
my original MK IX, 792817 BW (RHETT) has Cheney clamps for ALL connections.
Take care - Larry Martz

What original clamps that I had on 660636 were Chaneys. - Larry J
update 6/20/98
The only TEX clamp that I found on my 51 OTS, 660636 was holding the
crankcase breather hose. All of the other "original" clamps were Cheneys. -
Larry J, 660636

Larry, Thanks for detail.  Seems to be very few XK120s with original clamps
still on them judging by minimal response. - Roger Payne

As posted about 2 years ago my car had approx. 42K miles on it and all its
original hose clamps (and hoses) which were "TEX" branded.  These are the
type with the "Quick Release" feature as I call it where the screw can be
pulled up to release all tension.  I missd part of this thread so am not
sure what else was trying to be learned about the clamps. - JamieDFiff

Jamie,  Bruce Carnachan believes that earlish XKs had small hose clips that
were some sort of US surplus type, but I cannot find anyone else who has
the same view. Any comments? I have asked for a sample but have not got one
yet. - Regards, John Elmgreen

John, Bruce has told be the same in the past.  I will see him next Sunday
at the Hornburg 120 display that he and I are both in, so will mention to
him your request for a sample.  The TEX clamps as you probably are aware
are supposedly of UK manufacture.  As mentioned they were used exclusivly
on my car. - Regards, Jamie

Jamie, What is Chassis Number of your car, and do you know date of
manufacture. - Roger Payne

More definate than "supposedly".  The TEX clamps have "Magnatex Ltd. LONDON
MADE IN ENGLAND" stamped on band, alongside "GRIPTITE Patented" (this is
name referred to in parts books) and large "TEX" on adjusting screw
housing, which as advised by Jamie is a quick release arrangement. The
smaller sizes dont seem to have the "GRIPTITE" stamping; no room? - Roger Payne

Roger, 672710  August 20 1952. No signals, early dash, chrome park lights,
fender vents. Bronze with Biscuit and Tan, and Fawn top. - Jamie

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