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120 Standard Parts List

Standard Parts List

The parts manual of the XK 120 and the MK 7 includes a list of standard parts (, ie all nuts, bolts, set screws etc being described as to head type, thread and length. This (as far as I understand was not included in the 1st edition of the XK 140 parts manual - at least I dont have these pages). My question is, was this information included in the 2nd edition of the 140 parts manual( which also had body plates and these were not included in the earlier edition ). If the later edition did include a standard parts list of nuts, bolts and set screws I would be grateful if I could arrange to get a copy of those few pages. Thank you for your help, - Regards, John Brown

Unfortunately this very useful summary listing of all fasteners was discontinued after the XK120 parts book. It's not included in first or AL1 edition of XK140 book, nor in Mark 8, nor 2.4 (Mark 1) and everything thereafter. As well as being included in XK120 and Mark 7 parts books, its also included in Mark 5 book and (Mark 4/SS) books. - Roger Payne

John, I can't see any detailed descriptions of the standard parts in the sections of the later 140 Parts Book which I have. - Eric Capron

John, I have a copy of the 2nd Edition (printed on greyish white paper, not yellow) which includes all body plates. It does not include a nuts and bolts list as did the 120 Manual. Regards - Klaus Nielsen

Would it be possible to have this information included on the website? It would help greatly with my on-going XK-140 reassembly project. - Regards, Mike Carpenter

Mike, Totally agree. Understanding what all fastener codes etc. means in being able to identify actual correct bolts,nuts, washers, split-pins and the special fasteners is essential if you really want to do an ORIGINAL restoration. My very slow progress on a literal Nut & Bolt restoration of my XK140MC roadster is a lot to do with each fastener being identified one at a time against the detail in the Spare Parts Catalog, in conjunction with some hundreds of photos and pages of detailed notes I took whilst disassembling what was a low mileage very original car. The parts book codes however are not always sufficiently detailed, and don't tell you which of the say 4 evolutions of the BEES branded bolts were used for a particular age car, which is important in soucing correct replacement fasteners for any missing or damaged from original car. This is why I've pulled some contemporary saloons apart just to get all the fasteners, but you need the correct age saloon. The 1951 Mark 7 I'm in the process of stripping now is perfect if I was restoring an XK120, but sadly very few of the fasteners suit 100% my 1955 XK140; but some significant ones do. Having said all of that I have been able to satisfactorily detail what is correct for my XK140 without the usefull summary listing included in the XK120 / Mark 7/ Mark 5 etc books, however I'm more than happy to photocopy whatever of the listings is of interest and post to someone who can scan the lists onto XK-lovers. My library does include originals of every Jaguar Spare Parts catalog issued, including the two pre-war SS ones. I don't have scanning facility, and I'm not inclined to two-fingers type such a detailed listing in myself. - Roger Payne

Roger P, You can send me the info re fasteners if you like and I will have my secretary put it on disk or scan it for the website. She may not be so busy while I am away at XK50 anyway! - Regards, John Elmgreen

Roger and all, I would be happy to send the list of all of the lucas equipment from 49 to 62 in exchange for the nuts and bolts list. Many of the items cross over with, Alfa, Austin, Morris, Rover, Sunbeam,etc. Its 67 page long. - Regards, Skip Smith

Skip, If you have original Lucas Catalogs, I have nothing to add. If, however, you have just reference lists and parts numbers, I have good illustrations of many of the Lucas parts for the XK140 series. Would they be a useful addition to your files? Do your lists by any chance harbor enough description of washer bottles to identify a couple of mystery parts? - Regards, Klaus Nielsen

Klaus, The Lucas list is only electrical equipment numbers. Sorry I can't help. By the way the original magazines are for you to keep. - Regards, Skip Smith

Skip, Many thanks for the mag's. Altho' the Lucas illustrations apply primarily to the 140 and less to the 150 they are at your beck and call - Klaus Nielsen

John, I'll post copies of "Fasteners" listings on Monday. One day I'll have to buy a scanner! - Roger Payne

Skip, All seems to be in hand now. I'll photocopy Nuts & Bolts listings and post to John Elmgreen, who has offered to scan lists and post to this list. If you want really good Lucas catalogues they published specific catalogues just for Jaguar, covering all models for the one specific year, from 1954 to 1973, with some specific single model only ones pre 1953. Lots of detailed photographs as well as complete detailed componentry parts listings. Much better than what is in Jaguar Parts Books. - Roger Payne

Roger, With apologies for barging into a private party, could you list the title/s and publication numbers of the Lucas catalog/s which cover/s the XK series. Specifically, I am looking for 140 FHC and OTS data, numbers and pictures. Are these catalogs still "findable".....I am not concerned about the condition beyond legibility. - Thanks, Klaus Nielsen

Klaus, Like all collectable books, these are pretty difficult to find here. I have no idea whether they are easier or harder in US. I did have a few spares, which I have just sold to a guy in Canada, leaving me with only one remaining spare, 1967. No good for XKs of course but perfect for Mark 2, 4.2 E-type etc. The relevant issues for XK140 are: CCE906A March 1955: 1955 JAGUAR CARS CCE906B June 1956: 1956 JAGUAR CARS CCE906C February 1957: 1957 JAGUAR CARS The 1957 book is now into XK150 (and XK-SS), the 1954 book was still XK120. These books are 8-1/2" x 11", 16 pages (for 1950s issues), and very good quality detailed photographs and very detailed parts listing for all Lucas items supplied to that model year Jaguar range. They have 4 holes punched in side to add into main LUCAS 4-post binder. - Roger Payne

Klaus, I have Lucas catalogues for XKs but they are hundreds of pages for all Lucas products. If you give me a few specifics, I will be happy to email / snail mail you info I have summarised from them for my book. - Regards, John Elmgreen

Skip Smith, Refer your recent email, has anyone helped you with the standard parts list? I have the parts list for the xk120 & the MK 7 which I could fax you. I would be interested in a copy of the Lucas equipment info.- Regards, John Brown

I have from Roger Payne standard parts lists for several models (only 120s of the XKs) which will be scanned and sent to Dick W. this week. - Regards, John Elmgreen


Parts list can be found at It is in MS Word format.--Dick White.

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