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120 &140 Differences

120 &140 Differences

Without trying to sound like a complete novice (although I am) or stir up
too much of a controversy, what are the major differences between the XK120
and 140?

The reason I ask is I had found a 120 that I had to have, unfortunately the
car ended up going to a much less deserving home. But not to be stopped
there is a 140 available not too far from me. It sounds like an interesting
project. The car is a '57 FHC one owner car that the radiator was pulled
out in '67 and never replaced. So the car has been sitting for 30 years.
Allegedly there is no rust, and the car is intact but not running (there is
no radiator). The interior was replaced in vinyl at some point and the wood
is in place but needs refinishing. Asking $10K.

Also there is another 140 (I think it was listed in Hemmings) "solid body,
no motor or trans or interior for $3.5K. How easy would it be to fit a 3.8
motor with over drive trans out of a Mk2 into a 140?

All comments welcome,
Steve Tidwell
p.s. all prices us$Hello, Steve -

Major differences - XK-140 has sturdier front and rear bumpers, XK-140 has
cast one-piece grill, whereas the XK-120 has a grill made up of many
brazed-together parts, XK-120 has a recirculating-ball steering box whereas
the XK-140 has a rack-and-pinion steering system, the XK-120 has lever
shocks in back whereas the XK-140 has telescoping shocks, the XK-120 had a
160 horsepower 3.4 liter engine (stock) where the XK-140 had both that and
the C-type head, which gave it 2120 horsepower, and, lastly, the XK-120 DHC
and FHC have a single ash tray in the middle of the fascia (dashboard,
whereas the XK-140 DHC and FHC have two, one on each side!  Both share the
same clean, leaping-cat lines, and are a ball to drive!

In answer to your second question, yes, the 3.8 liter sedan engine will fit
into the XK-120 or XK-140 engine compartment (may have to play a bit with
engine mounts, but no bug deal - mostly just bolt-in stuff).  THe trannie
offers a bit of a problem, however.  It's longer than stock, and is
equipped with a different shifter cover.  Also, the tailstock (output shaft
assembly) for an overdrive transmission is longer, and requires a
correspondingly-shorter driveshaft - would have to be custom-made; work
with a good local truck driveshaft place or a well-known speed shop.
Doable, and rewarding!  Frame may have to be modified to accommodate the
longer transmission, too.  Check thoroughly before attempting this; old
Armenian proverb (from math instructor at college many years ago), "A good
tailor measures his cloth ten times, and then cuts it once!" (Thank you,
Saul Herman!)

Best of luck with whichever you choose - the XK-120 is slightly 'cleaner'
esthetically, to me, but the XK-140 has a better suspension and steering,
and is a bit more fun to drive closer to the 'edge!'  I started with an
XK-140 DHC, and now have an XK-120 OTS (with about 40 XK-number cars
between them!)

Larry Schear
Twin Cam, Inc.


I, for one, would have nothing but the 120 FHC.  If you observe the roof
lines on the 140 compared to the 120 you will see the difference.  The
interior was made larger in the 140 which I'm sure adds to the comfort,
but personally they ruined the lines of the car.  I'm sure others don't
share my feelings, so hang on for the "blasting."  The car without the
radiator sounds like a good candidate if you don't mind the 140 body
style.  I had to have a radiator custom made ($500) for my 120, but if
that's all you need to get it running, not too bad.  Personally, I would
stay away from the "basket case" for $3,500.  You will probably spend
lots of money and time to get it running.

Jeff Snook

The 140 also has a chrome strip down the middle from the grille to the
license plate, the boot lid does not go all the way to the bottom of the
body, and the engine, windscreen, and front of the cockpit are moved
three inches forward to create more people room - thus losing a bit of
the elegance of the long bonnet.
Bruce Cunningham,

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