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120 Touring Kit

120 Touring Kit

Service Bulletin 122A, Apr 53: Continental Touring Kit: This SB was for
Home Trade Circulation only, so presumably the kits were only available in
GB. ... Such kits were available for Mk IV, V VII and XK120 models...
- John Elmgreen

Jaguar Minor Replacement Outfit
 In view of long journeys which may be undertaken in districts remote from
immediate servicing facilities, all Jaguar cars exported from England are
supplied with minor replacement outfit detailed below. Items such as lamp
bulbs and sparking plugs are included since they can be replaced with no
more than a few moments delay on a journey. Hoses, flexible feed pipes and
gaskets are included in case of damage which may be caused to the original
parts after decarbonising or top overhauling. Other items are aupplied for
convience of owners, who need not anticipate the need for their use for
many thousands of miles.
Ass. 311        Decarbonising Joints 1 set
C.2271 Valve Springs (Inner) 1
C.2272 Valve Springs (Otter) 1
C.2240 Fan Belt 1
C.3674 Top Water Hose 1
C.3675 Bottom Water Hose        1
C.3676 By-Pass Hose     1
1423A Flexible Oil Pipe 1
C.3629 Flexible Petrol Pipe     1
407050 Distributor Contacts     1 pair
407044 Distributor Condensor 1
N.A. 8 Long Reach Sparking Plugs        2
189     Tail Lamp Bulb 1
199     Reverse Lamp Bulb       1
989     Number Plate and Reverse Bulb   1
303     Headlamp Bulb for H.L. No. C.2749/2     1
302     Headlamp Bulb for H.L. No. C.2749       1
XK "120" MODEL

Ass. 311        Decarbonising joints 1 set
C.562 Push rod  1
C.517 Pushrod retaining spring 2
C.1890 Valve springs (inner) 1
C.1891 Valve springs (otter) 1
C.???? Fan belt 1
1150/B Top water hose 1
C.171 Bottom water hose 1
C.526 Water bypass hose 1
1423/A Flexible oil pipe        1
1431 Flexible Petrol Pipe       1
207     Side lamp bulb 1
60      Head lamp bulb 1
407050 Distributor points       1 pair
407044 Distributor condensor 1
C.499 Sparking plug (Champion L.10S) 2
C.1949 Flexible oil pipe        1 L.H. Drive only

The following label (black ink)was pasted over the above (MKIV?green ink) label.
?       canot read      1 set
?       canot read      1
?       canot read      2
?)      canot read      1
?       canot read      1
?       canot read      1 pair
?       canot read      2
303     Head lamp bulb (for head lamp C.2625/2) 1
302     Head lamp bulb (for head lamp C.2625)   1
207     Side lamp bulb 1
989     No. plate light bulb 1
199     Reverse light bulb      1
189     Tail light bulb 1
Lamp bulbs for U.S.A. only :-
989     No. plate light bulb 1
199     Reverse light bulb      1
189     Tail light bulb 1
MK V, I believe.
- David Pritchard

Just to extend the range, I have a local friend who still has the 1956
XK140 OTS he bought in 1957 in Rochester, Minnesota.  When he bought the
car, he found a Continental Touring Kit (including head gasket, full set of
light bulbs, spark plugs, and assorted other items described earlier in
this thread) that the previous owner had gotten new with the vehicle.  The
last time I checked, he was still carrying it around in his boot.  It may
take awhile, but I'll try to get a list of what the kit includes for you.
- Jon Schrock
  56 XK140 FHC
  65 E Type Cpe
  77 XJ12L
  85 XJS

Re detailed comments on actual part numbers in David's pushrod Touring Kit: -

C.1891 Valve Springs: OK for 3-1/2 litr, engine no. S2126 on C.526 Water
hose:  OK for 3-1/2 litre
C.562 Push Rod: OK for 3-1/2 litre, M1101 to 1600; S26 on
C.517 Spring:   OK for 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 litre

Considering all parts listed, kit is suitable for 3-1/2 litre postwar (mark 4)
Service Bulletin 122A advises:

Kit # SD.1020 1946-1948 3-1/2 litre (cost pounds20.7.11)
- Roger Payne

If you have any questions or comments send e-mail to:
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