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Nuts & Bolts

Nuts & Bolts

To all: The previous owner of my 140 disassembled as many components as he could reach without identifying a single significant part, including all the fasteners. In preparation for reassembly, I would like to determine where the contents of several quart cans of nuts, washers and bolts belong. The parts book provides some outlines of shape (hex, flathead etc) and orientation, but fails on lenghts, thread types and grades. Are there by any chance lists or call-outs available somewhere "out there"? Thanks - Klaus Nielsen

The parts manual for the Mk V hjas a comp[lete listing of ALL the various fastenings detailing each in some length. It also gives the total quantity of each separate type/length etc combination. Does the parts listing for each component show the type of each fastening or refer to the full list in some way? - Dick Clements, '51 Mk V 3.5L Saloon

Dick, My 140 Parts Manual is a reprint (by XK Unlimited) and does not contain a list like the one you describe for the MK V. Might you know if the original manual included it or whether Jaguar published individual lists for each type of the XK versions. Thanks. - Klaus Nielsen, 140FHC

Unfortunately my experience of the XK 120/140/150 series of cars is restricted to drooling over them ..... so I cannot offer any personal experiences of their documentation. I will check the Mk V manuals over the week-end and see what sort of detail is available within them for the issues you raise. I've never had to face the kind of re-assembly problem that faces you. I'm not sure how that will help except perhaps to encourage someone with original Jaguar documentation to see if the XK sports series was as well recorded as the MkV. If all else fails I would suggest that you sort out all the fixin's by type and then thread/diameter and simply face the task of identifying which goes where by trial and error. Of course if you sort it all out that would also be a good time to replace all the old rusty things with nice new high tensile ones (unless you want to retain originality, of course). When you get to the point of using the bolts etc. don't forget the trick I posted earlier about cleaning up the thread with a bolt or a nut of the appropriate size which has a saw cut across the threads to enable the detritus to be scraped out of the way. - Dick Clements, '51 Mk V 3.5L Saloon

Klaus, Rob Reilly posted a fastener nomenclature list on the XK lovers website last February. I downloaded it and found it very useful in helping me decipher the XK-140 parts manual. - Mike Carpenter

Klaus, What an amazing task you have before you! Do you want to invite offers for any leftovers after you have finished your car? Not a lot of help, but if you can get hold of a 120 parts book, there is a list of standard nuts, bolts etc that gives the basic specifications. Of course you need to work out then where they go, from the parts book and there are many nuts & bolts that are not in that list. No such list for the 140 so far as I am aware. - Regards, John Elmgreen

Hi Klaus, To my knowledge there is nothing published on the sizes (Diameters and lengths) of the 140 nuts and bolts. The parts manual does show which way they are positioned and details of flat and lock washers but that's all. When I got my 140 in 1986 the previous owner had done a very thorough job of stripping the car of all nuts, bolts and washers. He put them carefully into a box. Unfortunately this box got lost during the 5 years it remained in pieces before I bought the car. Klaus it's not an easy task but if you have lots of patience ( you must have otherwise you would not be rebuilding an XK in the first place ! ) you will find that the bolt diameters and lengths are obvious. You will have to cut most of them to the desired length and Cad plate afterwards but it's the only way. There are a few "funnies" which bolt the bottom of the front suspension onto the chassis but hopefully you will have these. If not you will have to make them. Best of luck. - Peter Fielding, '55 XK 140.

Mike, Thanks... I did not catch that one. Regards - Klaus Nielsen

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