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These pages contain the first of hopefully many Jaguar related video and sound files either found on the web or donated by our readers. Efforts have been made to verify public domain or obtain permissions from the owners to reproduce these files. If anyone has copyright objections, please notify us and we will remove the offending files or add any missing ownership information. The format of these pages will change to accomodate entries as they grow.

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Video - LOTS MORE Videos - Sound

Goodwood revival September 1998, original video footage (c) Meridian Broadcasting Company
Real Video format, 2.55Mb **10 minutes** full sound commentary. Lots of Jags, spinning lightweight E-type, pit lane interviews with Damon Hill and John Surtees. Poor quality but give a good idea of what the revival was all about....
Goodwood revival September 1998
MPEG format, 262k 10 secs lightweight E-type round chicane. Nice sound... Also a Cobra in clip.
'S' Type Various 'S' Type clips with full sound (one frame from each shown below). Best sound is from inside in 'Speeding'.
S Type over Rail bridge AVI Format, 339k 8 secs S Type over Union canal AVI Format, 354k 9 secs
S Type Overtakes AVI Format, 393k 10 secs S Type Speeding AVI Format, 399k 10 secs
These videos were originally shot by JEC Member Keith Lumsdaine and converted to AVI by another member. The original files are at
S-Type Birmingham Motor Show 1998 Launch
Quicktime format, 2.4Mb 40 seconds no sound.
XJ-13 Norman Dewis driving an XJ-13 (fast) shortly before he crashed it (no crash shown here)
Quicktime format, 4.05Mb 28 seconds with music background only
XJ From The Jaguar Collection pages. An advert with interesting morph of big cat at end into a bonnet 'leaper'
AVI format, 1.52Mb 16 seconds with sound
XJ From The Jaguar Collection pages. An advert where a modern XJ owner remembers asking to sit in a Mark I when he was a kid, and returns favour today.... (part Spanish dialogue?)
AVI format, 1.52Mb 16 seconds 1.86Mb with sound
XK/E/MkII/XJ From The Jaguar Collection pages - a 'Jaguar fragrance' advert. Rolling shots of historical models through to XJ
AVI format 40 seconds 2.32Mb

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