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XK120/140 Ignition coils

XK120/140 Ignition coils

Dear friends, I think this one we didn't discuss yet. What is the colour of the original ignition coil on the XK 120? Mine had a black one fitted, and I got now a metall coloured. What is correct, and are the correct ignition coils still available? I understand that there have also been those "Super" coils which should have been golden? - Best regards Zoran MItrovic

My original coil is still in use at this time and it is black. i have owned the 120 since NEW (674443). The paint comes off rather easily and i had to repaint it but the original color is black. - best to you, Bernard Yurt

Zoran, I believe that 120 coils were black. There is a "Sports" coil by Lucas that was gold. I had one on my 120. Regards, John Elmgreen

Thanks for your help! - Best regards Zoran Mitrovic

Dear friends, O.K. so now I am sure that original ignition coils have been black or golden. CAn somebody tell me where I can get an original black ignition coil. My local specialist has the golden ones, but no black. Where are we going to meet in Donington on Sunday? I'm getting excited! - Best regards Zoran Mitrovic

The original ignition coils, as pictured in the parts book, were all black and had the attaching bracket spot-welded in place. Bill Tracy had a "limited quantity" of these coils advertised about a year ago at $120 each. He hasn't published a catalog for a while so there's no way of telling whether he has any left without contacting him direct. He shows an email address at <> in Hemmings. I haven't seen any of the gold colored sport coils which John Elmgreen mentioned on a 120. Here on the US West Coast, most 120s have either the original style black (with a slightly flanged base) or the aluminum colored coils with the proper threaded posts and threaded center wire connector. - Good Luck, Dick Cavicke

Zoran, Only the Black ones are "Original", the golden ones were "After-Market" accessories and therefore not Original, even if period authentic. To the best of my knowledge, you're in the hands of the second-hand parts market to get an original black coil. They are stamped "B12" on the bottom, which is the model type, along with a whole lot of other stampings, including the date, following the Voltage marking (don't get a 6 volt one!) e.g. "12V 453" for a March 1953 manufacture. In Australia, they do turn up at swap meets, at prices varying on vendors knowledge of application. I've certainly got a few this way, as well as the period "Sports Coil" golden version mentioned, so I dare say you will get one from the UK dealers, if not your local Swap-meets. Good luck. - Roger Payne

Roger, Could you give the color and type of coil used on XK140's? - Neville Laing

Neville - a few notes re 140 coils - now I am confused too! I look forward to hearing what Roger and others have to say. XK140 parts book 267: coil was C 8749 Lucas 45054/B-HA.12 and the same for all 140s. There was a nut C 5451 / Lucas 408120 in the centre of the coil for the attachment of the ignition cable and a washer C 5452 / Lucas 185015 for connection on the end of the ignition cable. XK140 handbook 25 pic 1010: shows coil mounted above front carb, coil finish is black. No sticker visible at all. Looks to JE like an old fashioned style (120?) of coil. XK140 handbook pic 1024: shows the coil as a silver colour, clearly not black. Has some sort of sticker on it. Sticker is rectangular, across the terminal end of the coil, looks bright silver colour as a base, with silver printing inside a black rectangle within the larger sticker. Cannot see what it says. JCNA XK140: in brochure reproduced, coil described as "oil coil". JCNA (9): Finish was silver with a decal stating: "Lucas, 12V., coil, Type HA 12, Made in England" in silver and black. There was also a Lucas sports coil available. - Regards, John Elmgreen

Should be no confusion. "HA12" is model, "45054B" is Lucas part number, with "B" suffix an indicator of evolution, sometimes significant (such as screw connectors replaced by Lucar connectors). I've noted B, C and D suffix. Later XK140, still HA12, were part number 45067B (and I assume other suffixes) Originally, they did have the large LUCAS 12V COIL sticker around pointed end of body (repro stickers are readily available), but they deteriorated quickly. Early XK140 publicity shots DID have a lot of pre-production features. The Owners Handbook is a worst offender! LUCAS Sports Coil, was NOT factory original! - Roger Payne

Neville, LUCAS model "HA12", color is silver zinc plated, with black coil nut end, date on bottom again eg 6 56. HA12 was common use LUCAS coil through to late Mark 2 in 1960s so interchangeable (apart from date of course), except you want early version with nut/ screw connections (not 1960s "Lucar" push on spade connectors) and also threaded coil nut for High Tension lead (late 1960s this was a push in, no thread connector) Also you dont want similar looking, but shorter LA12 version and not the 6 volt HA6. - Roger Payne

Dear friends, This was an interesting thread, so I learnt again very much. After the msg of Roger I looked at the ignition coil which had to be replaced on my car. And it surely is the original one! If I understood Roger's msg. right, then it was fabricated on November 1952! My car left the factory on May 1953! Could this be correct? So, the sad part is, that the original ignition coil is no more good enough. But is there a possibility to restore it? Thanks to any advice! - Best regards Zoran Mitrovic

I once saw a coil fitting that description on a Mk VII, I checked that date (on the bottom of the coil I think) and it was was some time in the 50s. - regards, Mike Morrin

Roger, S675757 has a "Lucas 12V High Energy Coil". Coil is contained inside an alloy heat sink with the business end poking through a threaded lid. Too bizarre to be original? Any ideas as to period of manufacture? - Tom McNicholas

Its hard to say without looking for clues to narrow date down. Obvious one is can you see stamped type/part number and date on the flat end. If not, are terminals marked "+" and "-" or "SW" and "CB", the former pair were introduced in 1968 which helps a little, so at least if it has CB/SW, its pre 1968. Without seeing it can't help any more. - Roger Payne

Tom, re the Lucas coil, give us all of the other numbers you can find on it. There are a few people on the list with Lucas catalogues. - Regards, John Elmgreen

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