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Windshield Glass

Windshield Glass

Dear all, In the near future I will try to put the front windows back in.
Planning this, I remembered that when I took them out, I was surprised to
find them different in size. The lefthand one( I.E in front of the driver
(a LHD car) is larger in width. approx half an inch or .7 cm. Has anybody
else seen this?  The glass seems old enough to be original, but ofcourse
some damage may have occured during 45 years. There is some evidence of an
accident on the left hand side (found in the chassis), which makes me talk
about the left hand side, but of course the right hand side could be
smaller. I have no measures at the moment. Can it cause problems with a new
rubber? This is a 120 FHC S ( S681221) build summer 53. kind regards and
the best wishes for Xmas and New year or as we say: vrolijk kerstfeest en
gelukkig nieuwjaar - Duco Avis

On my XK120 FHC, the two windshield pieces are identical. - Carl Hanson,
1951 XK120 FHC

The Part-Catalogue, P.7 (FCH) says that both the Windscreen Glass have the
same Part-no.
Good luck! - Martin Jacobsen, (120 DHC 1953)

Duco, my '53 XK-120M FHC, has nearly identical sized glass windshield
pieces. I just had new ones cut and if there is a difference, it's only a
smidge. I am almost absolutely sure they were original glass. - Scott
updated 20 June 1998
David Pritchard and maybe Trevor Clements and other alloy 120 specialists:
I understand that alloy cars sent to USA had laminated glass, whereas all
other 120s had toughened.  Would you be able to see what logo etc is
printed on the glass of your cars (if it seems to be original) so that I
can see if that feature can somehow be identified from what is on the
glass?  Can any other 120 owners do the same?  There was some mention of
glass logos a while back, and someone was reproducing the old Triplex ones
(wow! that is fanatical). - Regards, John Elmgreen

John, I would love to help, but when we acquired 660018 there was no glass.
There was no windscreen pillars or pillar rubbers either, but remaking
these items that were unique to alloys is another story. I think Nev Martin
660004 still has his original glass. As you know, Nev replaced his complete
windscreen assembly with a wrap around plastic unit (a bit like the D Type
screen). I seem to remember seeing his original glass and chrome surrounds
in his back shed on one of my visits to WA. From memory the glass was
broken but still in a slightly bent chrome frame. Nev had taken the glass
off the car for some reason and had placed it flat on the ground so it
wouldn't fall over and crack. This is when his wife backed the car over it
- hence the broken glass, bent frame and need for a new screen!  Terry may
be able to check on this with Nev. Let me know if you want me to follow
this up with Nev for you. - Trevor Clement

Trevor C, re Neville Martin's car, sure I would like to know the answer to
the question if I can get a response, but I do not want to put you to too
much trouble - can Nev help anyway (what's left of the glass??). - Regards,
John Elmgreen

660004s original windscreen glass would be easier to identify if it was
broken. Can Trevor remember if  broken glass looked like a pile of small
fragments - if so it was Toughened.  Or was it glass basically intact with
clear line breaks in it - if so it was Laminated. For what it is worth, an
extremely original Mark 7 I'm in the process of dismantling, has excellent
original Toughened Glass windscreens, clearly showing Triplex warer mark,
and correct date code in water mark to indicate 1951 manufacture. - Roger

My 120 OTS 670500 has laminated windscreen glass.  Discovered while fitting
the hood - oops.  Not currently near by to check markings. - Sean O'Brien

My 120 OTS had the Triplex windshields.  Also, only one hole in the
chassis. - Larry J, 660636

John, I have had the opportunity to talk to Nev re. the glass originally
fitted to his alloy 660004.  I was correct, the glass was still in the
frame and broken.  It was clearly safety glass.  Nev will dig out the
windscreen section from his back shed over the next few days and examine it
for any water marks.  It would be difficult to get much earlier information
re. 120 glass than from Nev's car.  I'll also have a chat to Mike O'Reilly
(660005) to see what he can contribute to the matter. Trevor Clement, 660018

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