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Wire wheels

Wire Wheels

Does anyone know offhand if wire wheels for a 120 will fit a 150? - Michael

yep.. Ask Mr. White what wheels look best on a 150??? - John Schuck

XK120 wire wheels have 54 spokes. XK150 wire wheels have 60 spokes. A 54
spoke wheel won't look quite right on a 150, and a 60 spoke wheel is
stronger. - Edward Peterson

Don't forget that 120 wheels were I think 54 spoke and 150s were 60 spoke
(E type, 72 spoke).  Regards, John Elmgreen

The change to 60 spokes was during the run of the XK150 (Jun 1958), so it
could be either, or like my car, both. - regards, Mike Morrin

Actually, the early 150s did have 54 spoke wheels, as for the 120s and
140s. The change to 60 spoke wheels occurred around March 1958. - Dave
Quirt, mid-58 XK150S roadster (with 60 spoke wheels)

Hi all, Edward Peterson noted that: < XK120s wire wheels have 54 spokes.
XK150s have 60 spokes. A 54 spoke wire wheel won't look quite right on a
150. & a 60 spoke is stronger.>    Following this reasoning,  is it safe to
say that a 60 spoke wire wheel on a XK120 would be an enhancement rather
than a detriment?  Would stainless steel spokes be appropriate for a 54
spoke wheel?  The wires on my XK120M are in need of repair, all that are
available new are 60 spoke ,and, of those, I have heard that improper
chrome plating on some of these new 60 spoke wire wheels (from where I do
not know)  could weaken the spokes. So, that leaves new  60 spoke painted,
or 54 spoke rebuilt, and, if going to the trouble and expense of rebuilding
the 54 spoke, it seems logical to use stainless steel spokes which would
look pretty nifty, be less maintenence, and sort of pacify the purists.  Of
course I am making the wild assumption that all the wires will come off in
rebuildable condition... right now only the spare is a safe bet, the others
are frozen on the splines, soaked with liquid wrench.  Do six spokes really
make a difference??? - Regards, Lee Jacobsen

Lee, In a properly run concours (read: judges are well qualified) the
number of spokes do count. I have not seen nor heard of judges deducting
for stainless spokes vice chrome plated spokes, assuming they could even
tell the difference. British Wire Wheel in Santa Cruz, CA currently
advertises 54 spoke Stainless Spoke Dayton wheels for XK120/140/150. List
price $305 ea.
(1-800-wire wheel) A brand new Dayton brochure lists 54 spoke chrome wires
for 120s under
their Part number D445. (1-800-862-6000) Good luck, all it takes is $. -
Dick Cavicke

John is no doubt referring to my exquisite 150 with the handsome 15" e-type
wire wheels.  Aren't you John!  In the garage I have Mike Morrin's matching
set of 54-spoke and 60-spoke 16" wheels.  I figure Mike's 150 and mine must
have come down parallel assembly lines when the switch to 60-spoke wheels
took place.  Mike and I both got two of each. - Dick White, '58 150 FHC

Lee - a good source for replacement wires is British Wire Wheel in CA. I
just purchased a set of chrome rimed polished stainless steel spoked units
and two new rear spline hubs for a customer's XK120. You can't tell the
difference between the polished stainless spokes and the chrome of the rims
and hubs - nice quality. - Bob Grossman

I'm very happy with my 54 spoke wws from British wire Wheel. Stainless
steel spokes are stronger - Vic Larsen, XK 120 ots

Lee,  I agree that 60 spoke wheels are an enhancement over 54 spoke. But if
you want to be a serious concours entrant, you will have to stick to
original type. You might get away with 60 spoke in some places where the
difference isn't noticed. You have to decide whether to accept the pain of
trying to have a serious concours car. - Regards, John Elmgreen

Dick, I can't help it! What were the spares....57 spoke? - Klaus Nielsen

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