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Early 140 Trunk (Boot) Handles

Hi to all and Brian Pel, Early this year we had a thread going about early 
140's having a different trunk handle than later cars. Brian, you indicated that 
you had one of the early cars and that parts had been removed so that it was no 
longer possible to lock the trunk. I have the same problem but have given it a 
low priority. Did you ever make or find the parts necessary to fix the lock? 
If you made or purchased parts I would be grateful for any help you can give me 
in identifying what I will need. - Neville Laing

On the basis of the earlier thread I was able to determine that the early 140 
trunk handle was the same as the door handle on the MG Magnette. I have tracked 
down a parts supplier in Niagara Falls, Ontario who has indicated that he has 
some of these handles, but I haven't yet found the time to get down to take a 
look. Neville: If I can find a second handle with a working lock mechanism, do 
you want it?  - Brian Pel

Are you sure it's the earlier trunk handle style that was also the Magnette 
door handle?  My '55 140 has the trunk handle w/pot metal section under the 
handle.  I also have a spare of the other style..w/chromed steel strap section. 
I thought thae latter was the type used for a door handle.  BTW I took photos 
of both types if anyone is interested in scanning them and posting. - Jim Warren

Jim: frankly, I'm not sure which type of handle was used on the Magnette.
The type of handle Neville and I have has a lock barrel which is separate from 
the push button on the handle. An illustration of this type of handle can be 
found at page 60 of Skilleter's "Original XK". - Brian Pel

Does anyone know at what stage of production the boot handles changed?
(serial #'s, dates, etc) - Thanks, Don McLellan, 140MC ots

Hi Jim, Any chance you may be interested in selling the handle off your 
parts car. Brian Pel and I are both looking for a way to fix or replace ours. 
If I could get a chance to look at one I am sure I could fabricate the missing 
parts off mine. Have you checked to see if yours still locks. I think the 
handle on early cars had a design problem in which someone pushing the button 
with force when locked, broke the part I am missing.  - Neville Laing

I dug out the appropriate boxes....the handle original to my '55 140 S817518 
has the single push button/lock (pot metal section under handle).
My parts car lock had separate lock and push button and the chromed steel 
section.  I believe the single button is the earlier but, golly gosh, there 
must be some absolute authority for this question. - Jim Warren

xk140 boot handles:SPC page 145 207 @ 259 BD9942    800001 - 800008
          810001 - 810548
          807001 - 807004
          817001 - 817090
          804001 - 804007
          814001 - 814003
BD9639    all other cars
BD9942  is the drivers door handle from MG magnette saloon. The passenger's 
door can't be unlocked from outside (!) and the knob is plain. - Terry McGrath

Well, I was right about something....there was an absolute authority out there. 
Doesn't help Brian and Neville find the right parts though. Sorry. - Jim Warren

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