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150 Instrument Chrome Trim Ring

150 Instrument Chrome Trim

Hello to all, I need a little help from the early 150 owners (pre heater control on top the dash). I think there are at least three types of chrome trims that have been used around the insturment panel. 1. Has a split at the top center where the direction indicator would drop down under the facia roll. (Is this type split at the bottom also or is it solid piece across?) 2. Has a control for the heater at the top and is solid across the bottom, the turn indicator was moved to the steering column. (Is the heater control built in or is it a cover that fits over #1 above? 3. Has a split at the top like #1 above and is cut out at the bottom to accommdate the automatic selector at the bottom. The reason for the question is that I have a early 150 with the heater control under the hood and the turn indicator is on the column, therefore the chrome is split at the top. It was also an automatic at one time and has a split at the bottom (looks more like they just cut out a piece of the bottom of #1 above). Now that it is not an automatic any longer I am looking for the correct finish to try and cover-up that big hole at the bottom of the dash panel. The center panel of the dash is aluminium but I don't think this has a bearing on the type of trim that was used. - Happy holidays, Skip Smith

Continuous along bottom (early 1958, manual transmission with indicator switch cutout above). Mike Morrin

Skip, My 150 (835140) which was on built 29 January 1958, has a continuous chrome strip along the bottom of the instrument panel (which continues in one moulded piece around the instrument panel except for the cut out at the top for the heater controls or indicator switch). It is a manual car with the indicator switch on the steering column. It has the tapered "cut out" at the top which would indicate (!) that the indicator should have been there (the heater control had a non tapered "square" cut out). I'm reasonably sure it is original as these parts of the car looked as though they had never been touched and there was no sign of the fitting or wiring of an indicator switch on the dashboard. Porter says this change to a steering mounted indicator switch didn't happen until 835548 ? - Roger Herrick

Roger, Thanks for the reply. BTW did your car come with the aluminiun dash? I have not spoken with anyone to date who has one. I would like to try and determine how many were made. - Skip Smith

Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 23:36:05 -0500
To: Dick White <>
From: Jim Voorhies <>
Subject: [xk] XK150 Dashboard chromes

I have read the various submissions on dashboard chromes. The situation as
I see it is there are only two types of dashboard chromes:
Without Radio
Early           to 824584       to 835718               Part # BD13826
                to              to 831139               Part # BD13826
                to 827193       to 837627               Part # BD13826

Without Radio
Late            825585 on       835719 on               Part # BD15755
                820001 on       831140 on               Part # BD15755
                827194 on       837628 on               Part # BD15755
The late type has the separate heater slide strip BD14435.

With Radio - Confusion lies in the fact that both types were available with
a piece cut out of the bottom strip to allow a radio to fit up higher under
the dash, effectively meaning a LH and RH side, Part # BD13792 and BD13793
early and Part # BD15536 and BD15537 late. The instrument board itself has
the plywood already cut out to take the radio and has a piece of aluminium
over it which is trimmed. On the XK150 DHC only all the cars prior up to
827132 and 837516 ie:: 648 cars in total had an aluminium covered dashboard
similar to early E but probably different pattern material. This should
resolve all queries and match owners cars unless cars have been changed or
parts book wrong.  Reference 150 Spare Parts Catalogue P.36, 36, P.114,
115, P.199-201 In fact if any subscribers need one of these early aluminium
dashboards I have a spare. - Terry McGrath

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