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E-Type Maintenance Tips

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Maintenance Tips for your E-Type

Many following tech tips were compiled from the member's of e-type Digest from There are no implied guarantees. These suggestions are from other XKE owners on how they solved similar problems or challenges and may illustrate varied and occasionally contradictory conclusions to the same problem. Please forward any questions, comments, criticisms, or suggestions to Commercial use is strictly prohibited. ÓCopyright 2000 by Mark Hicks. Legal Restrictions


 Routine Maintenance

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Routine Maintenance

The key to a long healthy life for your car is routine maintenance. These cars are not the cars you buy today where you may need a tune-up only after 100,000 miles or oil changes every 5,000 miles. These cars are more mechanical and need a higher level of attention. The following are standard guidelines:

How Often Maintenance
  1. Check the oil level while the car is level. 
  2. Check Coolant level.
  1. Check Brake and Clutch Fluid reservoirs.
  2. Check the Tire pressure. Recommend 32psi for most.
Every 2,500-3,000 miles, or every 3 months
  1. Change the Oil and Filter. (Either use Castrol 20W/50 or Mobil Synthetic 15/50. If a recently rebuilt engine, do NOT use synthetic for the first 3,000 miles or the rings will never seat. Change every 2,000 miles if mainly city driving.)
  2. Check Brake and Clutch Fluid reservoirs.
  3. Top off the Carburetter Piston Damper. Use either SAE 20 engine oil or Magic Mystery oil depending on the wear on the carbs.
Every 6,000 miles
  1. Lubricate Distributor with light oil around pivot post. Smear grease on the cam.
  2. Check the Contract Breaker points in the Distributor. Correct gap is .014"-.016".
  3. Take out and clean spark plugs and check Gap. Gap should be .025".
  4. Check the Transmission oil level using the access panel on the driver's side of the transmission tunnel. Should be to the bottom of the access hole.
  5. Check the Rear Axle fluid level. It should be to the bottom of the plug hole when the car is level.
  6. Check the drive belt for wear.
  7. Clean the Carburetter screen filters and Tune the Carbs.
  8. Clean the flat filter gauze in the glass fuel filter and remove the residue from the bottom of the fuel glass bowl.
  9. Lubricate the chasis using the fittings at the steering housing, the steering tie-rod, the steering swivel, the rear wheel bearings (remove the rear wheels), the front wheel bearings (also remove the front wheels), and the outer & inner pivot bearings in the rear suspension. Where there are grease fittings, use one to two nips with a grease gun, and where there is a cap, top it off with grease.
Every 12,000 miles
  1. Replace the spark plugs.
  2. Replace the Air Filter.
  3. Clean the Fuel Filter in the Gas tank.
  4. Change the Transmission fluid if Manual Transmission.
  5. Change the Rear axle oil.
  6. Check the door drain holes and clean w/ a coat hanger.
  7. Oil the seat runners, handbrake lever ratchet, door locks, trunk hinges & catches, bonnet hinges & catches, wiper arms, accelerator and carb linkages, full cap hinge.
Every 25,000 miles
  1. Flush the coolant system and replace with fresh anti-freeze.
  2. Change the Transmission fluid if Automatic Transmission.
  3. Replace the brake pads if you have not already and check the rotors for wear.






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