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Screen Saver for Windows (32-bit)
FX GT V1.0.6

This version was posted Saturday 4th July 1998. View change/bug fix list

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Fast Start

If you can't be bothered with reading everything or you know all about Screen Savers and just want to download the full version then select this download link to save the Setup files to your local disk (the file is about 5Mb so this can take a while). When you have it safely, run the downloaded program Setupex6.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. It comes complete with a User Guide - you'll find a link to this on your desktop after installation. Please come back here for more help if you have any problems. Additional/updated image files are available.

Platforms NT Workstation 4
V1.0.6 has been tested under Windows 95, Windows 98 (Beta and Retail builds) and NT Workstation 4 (SP1 and SP3) without problems. If you experience lockups, crashes, non-starting etc then check first that you have the very latest version of your video card drivers as these are usually the culprits. NT 4 SP3 - note that the dedicated function keys and other options provided that operate while the saver is running do not function under NT Workstation 4. This is due to the way NT handles screen savers internally.

©Jag-lovers 1998/1999/2000/2001

This Screensaver has no connection with Jaguar Cars Ltd nor is it endorsed by them. The word 'Jaguar' and the 'Leaping cat' device are the property of Jaguar Cars Ltd. All images are taken from Jaguar Car brochures for which Jaguar Cars own the original Copyright. The software is provided entirely free and you must accept it 'as-is' for your personal use and enjoyment only and Jag-lovers can take no responsibility for any problems that may ensue from using it. All users are deemed to have read these conditions, even if the Setup program was downloaded via a third-party download site that links direct to our Setup program and ignores the specific stated requirement to link to this page and thus display the conditions to you.
(screens taken from 1024 x 768 resolution display)

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Uuu's and aah's from office staff - Coolness reigns! - Beats the morphing cube I have - Absolutely stunning - More effects than Viagra - I've downloaded everything, more images please!
Welcome Introduction Downloading Setup User Guide More Screen Images


This is the home page of the Jag-lovers Screen Saver for 32-bit Windows. Please come back here often to see what has been updated. If you are linking to the Screen Saver please link to this page and not to anything else - the same applies to Bookmarks. The download and other locations may change without warning.


This screen saver was introduced in response to requests from users who visited the Jag-lovers Brochure web pages. It uses images taken from the range of historical brochures shown there.

This version runs under 32-bit Windows only and at the moment we do not anticipate a Mac version being available (unless someone wants to volunteer writing a version written round the operational style of this one).

The installation comes with a User Guide and 20+ default images spread over the Jaguar range. Optionally, you can download additional self-extracting archives of between 15 and 30 images for a specific model or theme. You can choose to run these along with all the others you have downloaded, or just run an individual set. And you can 'roll your own' image sets from instructions we supply.

Downloading the Setup program

Setup for V1.0.6 comes as a self-extracting archive (exe). Select one of the links below (try FTP if the HTTP link is slow or the download is not reliable/doesn't complete- your Browser must be set up correctly for Anonymous FTP though) to download to your PC and save to your local disk in a temporary folder. After downloading, run the executable and follow the instructions. After installation, you'll find a shortcut to the User Guide on your desktop (the Guide itself is in in the installation folder). You'll probably need to configure the Saver now to suit your own requirements.

Download the Jag-lovers Screen Saver V1.0.6 Self extracting archive 4.9Mb (HTTP download)

Download the Jag-lovers Screen Saver V1.0.6 Self extracting archive 4.9Mb (Anonymous FTP download)

User Guide

A copy of the User Guide comes with the installation - you can find it in the installation folder after setup. Alternatively, you can read it on line now, or download a self-extracting archive.

More Screen Saver Images

There are two ways to add further images. Roll your own or, more easily, add one or more of our Image Archives.

The table below shows available archives, all in self-extracting (exe) format. See the User Guide for details on how to install. The folder column is the suggested folder name for the archive on your PC - the extractor will create this folder by default (you can change it though). So, if you download the file into the Screen Saver installation folder, you just need to run the file to get everything in the correct place.

Description Folder Download (HTTP) Download (FTP) Size
Default files but in VGA format default Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 629k
Airline Saloon/SS I - SS II (1936) airline Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 437k
XK 120-150 xk Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 784k
Saloons MkV - MkX saloons1 Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 837k
Mk1 and Mk2 Mk1-2 Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 1.82Mb
XKE Series 1 xke1 Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 717k
XKE Series 3 xke3 Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 1.02Mb
'S' Type s-type Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 788k
XJ Series File 1 xja Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 1.1Mb
XJ-S and XJR-S xj-s Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 998k
XJ-S V12 Convertible 1988 xj-sc Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 1.37Mb
XJ40 range 1990 xj40a Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 2.45Mb
XJ Sport/XJR 1995 xjr95 Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 636k
XK8 xk8 Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 890k
XKR (22 extra high quality scans) xkr Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 2.1Mb
Covers only from various brochures covers Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 562k
S-Type 2000 (20 images from 1999 US Media Pack 35mm slides) n-s-type Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 996k
XJ220 (20 images from brochures) xj220 Self extracting (exe) Self extracting (exe) 724k
Welcome Introduction Downloading Setup User Guide More Screen Images
LE FastCounter
February 1999
© Jag-lovers 1998,1999,2000,2001 Please link to this page if necessary - copying to other media is prohibited. Use at your risk, no warranty supplied or implied. May not work correctly under Windows XP


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