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xjr-s parts list 92-93

JaguarSport Part Numbers '92-'93 models.

XJR-S Parts Listing '88 - '91 UK & Europe Including Celebration and 5.3L models.


XJR-S Parts Listing '92 - '93 US Models. (taken from the XJR-S Product Support manual)

Only the part numbers with SP* **** are specific JaguarSport part numbers, other parts are the same as '93 MY XJ-S. All wood veneer and interior trim must be special ordered quoting the complete VIN number and in the case of trim, the color. Each piece will be made to order.

Part numbers for the rear springs and the small radius arm bush are mysteriously not listed. The special Oil sump sounds interesting, anyone know more about this?

NOTE: ** Indicates these parts are frozen and cannot be ordered. They are part of kit JS 2. Any requirement for these parts or the kit must go through the Technical Hotline *** Indicates part is frozen - call Technical Hotline.

**JS 1 Diagnostic Equipment (Software & Interface kit). Call Technical Hotline.

**JS 2 Contents of Engine Management Parts Kit. Call Technical Hotline.
**SPD 1065 Distributor Assy
DAC 4168 Distributor Cap
JLM 726 High Tension Lead Kit
DAC 4104 Amplifier
**SPE 1007 Spark Plug, Champion RS6YCC
**SPD 1159 Ignition Coil
**SPD 1162 Engine Control Module (ECM)
**SPD 1013 Power Resistor
**SPD 1130 Fuel Temp Sensor
**SPE 1175 Adaptor, Fuel Temp Sensor
DBC 3728 Coolant Temp Sensor
EBC 2207 Regulator ‘O’ Ring
EAC 2863 Air Temp Sensor
DBC 1074 Oxygen Sensor
DAC 7427 Throttle Potentiometer
**SPC 1312 Twin Fuel Pump Assy
EBC 2409 Fuel Injector
EBC 3387 Fuel Pressure Regulator
CAC 4968 ECM Pulse Damper
DBC 4301 Purge Valve
EAC 4161 Purge Shut-off Valve
EAC 7905 Air Injection Solenoid
EAC 3827 Air Switching Valve
CBC 9113 Fuel Rail Seal

Exhaust Parts
EBC 4558 Downpipe, Catalyst RH
EBC 4559 Downpipe, Catalyst LH
SPE 1096 Over Axle Exhaust Pipe, RH
SPE 1097 Over Axle Exhaust Pipe, LH
SPE 1101 Ferrule for Muffler
SPE 1102 Tailpipe
SPE 1112 Catalyst, RH
SPE 1113 Catalyst, LH
SPE 1118 Rear Muffler, RH
SPE 1119 Rear Muffler, LH
SPE 1122 Breather Pipe Assy
SPE 1128 Intermediate Muffler, RH
SPE 1129 Intermediate Muffler, LH
SPE 1174/1 Band Clamp, Exhaust
SPE 1174/2 Band Clamp, Exhaust

JLM 1789 Piston Ring Set (one piston)
EBC 4553 Cooling Fan

Body Interior
SPB 1009 Spacer, Jacking Point
SPB 1018 Plug, Rear Panel Holes
SPB 1039 Nut Insert
SPB 1142 “Sport” Badge
SPB 1156 “Sport” Badge Mounting Bracket
SPB 1168 Nut Insert
SPB 1176 Towing Eye
SPB 1228 Nut, Kayner, Tow Eye
SPB 1307 Screw, Jacking Point Spacer
SPB 1358 Tape, Chip Protection RHF
SPB 1359 Tape, Chip Protection LHF
SPB 1360 Tape, Chip Protection RHR
SPB 1361 Tape, Chip Protection LHR
SPB 1366 Special Bolt, for SPB 1677 Bracket
SPB 1384 Edge Finisher, Front Apron RH
SPB 1385 Edge Finisher, Front Apron LH
SPB 1392 Outer Sill RH
SPB 1393 Outer Sill LH
SPB 1394 Front Apron
SPB 1395 Front Apron Bracket
SPB 1396 Front Apron Bracket RH
SPB 1397 Front Apron Bracket LH
SPB 1399 Rear Apron
SPB 1400 Lower Rear Apron Bracket
SPB 1401 Upper Rear Apron Bracket
SPB 1402 Edge Finisher, Rear Apron
SPB 1428 Upper Cross Member Assy
SPB 1430 Edge Clip
SPB 1477 ‘U’ Section, Rubber Trim
SPB 1482/CFC Jetwash Cover RH, Signal Red
SPB 1482/MDK Jetwash Cover RH, Silver Frost
SPB 1482/PDH Jetwash Cover RH, Jet Black
SPB 1483/CFC Jetwash Cover LH, Signal Red
SPB 1483/MDK Jetwash Cover LH, Silver Frost
SPB 1483/PDH Jetwash Cover LH, Jet Black
SPB 1490 Rear Quarter Glass RH
SPB 1491 Rear Quarter Glass LH
SPB 1511 Front Grille, Black
SPB 1513 Rear Bracket Mounting
SPB 1514 Front Mounting Bracket RH
SPB 1515 Front Mounting Bracket LH
SPB 1522 Rocker Panel Edge Finisher RH
SPB 1523 Rocker Panel Edge Finisher LH
SPB 1532/CFC Door Mirror RH, Signal Red
SPB 1532/MDK Door Mirror RH, Silver Frost
SPB 1532/PDH Door Mirror RH, Jet Black
SPB 1533/CFC Door Mirror LH, Signal Red
SPB 1533/MDK Door Mirror LH, Silver Frost
SPB 1533/PDH Door Mirror LH, Jet Black
SPB 1536 Treadplate Assy, Coupe RH
SPB 1537 Treadplate Assy, Coupe LH
SPB 1538 Treadplate Assy, Convertible RH
SPB 1539 Treadplate Assy, Convertible LH
SPB 1584 Mirror Cap Screw
SPB 1590 RH Footwell ECM Panel
SPB 1606 Tape Chip Protection, Rocker
SPB 1607 Tape Chip Protection, Rocker
SPB 1609 Front Apron Rivet
SPB 1628 Rear Spoiler Seal
SPB 1677 Bracket
SPB 1678 Stiffener RH
SPB 1679 Stiffener LH
SPB 1680 Stiffener Side, RH
SPB 1681 tiffener Side, LH
SPB 1682 Stiffener, Front Apron
SPB 1709 Trunk Spoiler
SPB 1775 Gas Spring Assy

Chassis parts
SPC 1001 Spare Wheel
SPC 1009 Front Shock Absorber, Coupe
SPC 1010 Rear Shock Absorber, Coupe & Convertible
SPC 1021 Gear Lever, Auto
SPC 1023/LEG Gearknob
SPC 1026 Gearknob Washer
SPC 1031 Spare Wheel Warning Label
SPC 1073 Front Road Spring
SPC 1115 Spare Tire, Dunlop 205/70 x 15
SPC 1165 Wheel Nut
SPC 1198 Road Wheel, Rear
SPC 1204 Road Wheel, Front
SPC 1240 Front Tire, Goodyear Eagle XR50 225/50/ZR16
SPC 1241 Rear Tire, Goodyear Eagle XR55 245/55/ZR16
SPC 1244 Differential Cover
SPC 1250 Tire Label, Coupe
SPC 1251 Tire Label, Convertible
SPC 1252 Label E
SPC 1254 Hose Connector, Vacuum Routing Pipe, ECM to Engine
SPC 1258 8mm Bore Connector (for above)
SPC 1259 Fuel Pump Module
SPC 1260 Wheel Badge & Retainer Assy
SPC 1274 Fuel Tank, Coupe
SPC 1286 Steering Rack and Pinion Assy SPC 1158 Pinion Valve Assy,
Special Order all other parts as CCC 5663/N Strg Rack
SPC 1300 Label, Fuel Tank, Coupe
SPC 1301 Label, Fuel Tank, Convertible
SPC 1302 Fuel Tank, Convertible
SPC 1304 Front Shock Absorber, Convertible

SPD 1030 Power Resistor Bracket
SPD 1106 Black Headlamp Surround, RH
SPD 1107 Black Headlamp Surround, LH
SPD 1123 Chassis Harness
SPD 1124 Ignition Harness
SPD 1138 Antenna Retraction Harness
SPD 1139 Link Lead, Fuel Pump to Flange
SPD 1167 Fuel Pump Bracket
SPD 1168 Fuel Pump Fuse Label
SPD 1177 Label, Power Resistor
SPD 1208 Footwell Cover

Engine Parts
SPE 1001 Crankshaft
SPE 1002 Piston Assy (unit of issue is 12)
SPE 1003 Cylinder Liner
SPE 1004 Undershield, Crankshaft
SPE 1019 Boss, Thermal Air Intake
***SPE 1027 Automatic Transmission Assy Call Technical Hotline
SPE 1030 Wrist Pin, Piston
SPE 1031 Label, Oil Approval
SPE 1032 “JaguarSport V12” Engine Badge
SPE 1039/2 Breather Hose
SPE 1059 Air Cleaner Hose
SPE 1060 Air Cleaner Complete Assy, RH (EBC 1084 element)
SPE 1061 Air Cleaner Complete Assy, LH (EBC 1084 element)
SPE 1094 Oil Pan
SPE 1179 Hose
SPE 1187 Breather Pipe
SPE 1190 Pipe Hose Worm
***SPM 6000 6.0L Short Engine Unit

Body / Spoiler Parts
SPM 6001 Trunk Spoiler Kit
SPM 6002 Trunk Spoiler Fitting Kit
SPM 6024 Full Body Styling Kit
SPM 6025 Front Apron Kit
SPM 6026 Front Apron Fitting Kit
SPM 6027 Rocker Panel Kit RH & LH
SPM 6028 Rocker Panel Fitting Kit
SPM 6029 Rear Apron Kit
SPM 6030 Rear Apron Fitting Kit
SPM 9001 Security Wheel Nut Set
SPM 9076 “JaguarSport” Key Fob

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