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John Warr's 1975 XJ-S

Scott Horner's 1976 XJ-S

Derek Hibbs 1977 XJ-S
Pascal R. Doxarve's 1980 XJ-S

Phil & Debbie Taylor's 1981 XJ-S  

Aeron Shearing's 1982 XJ-S

Tim Milner's 1982 XJ-S

Lisa Belko's 1982 XJ-S

John Merritt's 1982 XJ-S

Craig Van Steenburgh's 1983 XJ-S

Art Dickenson's 1983 XJ-S G.T.

Kirby Palm's 1983 XJ-S

Michael Swaffar's 1983 XJ-S

Kirsten Rogoff's 1984 XJ-S

Christian Sasfai's 1984 XJ-S

James Laval's 1984 XJRS

Jeremy Smith's 1984 XJ-S

Allan McGavin's 1984 XJ-S

Steve Holst & Family's 1984 XJ-S

Al Gunther's 84 XJ-S

Dennis Skipworth's 1984 XJ-S

Joe Szabo's 1985 XJ-S

Braulio Mercader's 1985 XJ-S

Ian Hissey's 1985 XJ-SC Cabriolet

Louis C. Sherry's 1985 XJ-S

Michael Dean's 1985 XJS

Michael Honaker's 1986 XJ-S

Chris Patterson's 1986 XJ-S

Matthew W. Carley's 1986 XJ-S

Bob Donahue's 1986 XJ-S

John Neu's 1986 XJ-SC

Steve Freeman's 1987 3.6 (240 hp) TWR edition

Les Marston's 1987 XJ-S

Paul Cole's 1987 XJ-S

Marc Lurie's 1987 XJ-SC Cabriolet

Art Colley's 1987-88
Hess & Eisenhart XJ-S Convertible

Rocco Vespe's 1988
Hess & Eisenhart XJ-S Convertible

Marty Sullivan's 1988
Hess & Eisenhart XJ-S Convertible

Jose Antonio's 1988 XJ-S

Alan Cockell's 1988 XJR-S

Kelly & John Barry's 1988 XJ-S

Kevin Miner's 1988 XJ-S

Justin Pashley's 1988 XJ-S

Lesley Wells 1988 XJ-S

Odysseus Marcopolus' 1988 XJ-S

Manny Cachia's 1988 XJ-S

Phil Stuart's "Koenig Jaguar"

Joe Koss' 1989 XJ-S

Emily Webster Love's 1989 XJ-S

Frank Scherer 1989 XJ-S

Robert Petitclec's 1989 XJ-S Convertible

John R. Apel's 1989 XJ-S

Joe Peter's 1989 XJ-S

Reginald Watkins 1989 XJ-S

Rusty and Jolene Beard's 1989 XJ-S

Joe Formato's 1989 XJ-S

Peter Havas's 1989 XJ-S

Roy Margenau's 1989 Collection Rouge XJ-S

John & Fran Thomson's 1989 XJ-S

Ed Hyp's 1989 XJ-S Convertible

Darrren Jones' 1989 XJ-S

Steve Adams' 1989 XJ-S

Paul Weston's 1989 XJ-S

Matt Hayward's 1990 XJ-S

Paul Hackbart's 1990 XJ-S

J. Alex Gambrell's 1990 XJS

Keith Wood's 1990 XJS

Keen Young's 1990 XJ-S Collection Rouge

Ron & Lynn Farthing's 1990 XJS Convertible

Tom Scheman's 1990 XJ-S

William Kubida's 1995 & 1990 XJ-S Convertibles

Vince Villi's 1991 XJ-S

Marcel Markus' 1991 XJ-S Classic Collection

MJ's 1991 XJR-S

Simon Jervis's 1991 XJR-S

Alfonso Martin's 1991 XJS

Amstutz Bruno's XJ-S

Stephan Persson's 1992 XJS

Mark Owens' 1992 XJS

Mclean's 1993 XJS

David Tordoff's 1993 XJS Convertible

Teiji Hada's 1993 XJS Convertible

Stuart McMillan's 1993 XJS (XJRS Lookalike)

Michael W. McLaughlin's 1994 XJS

Reg Johnston's 1994 XJS

Scott Fulton's 1994 XJS

David Buchner's 1994 XJS

Paul Petach's 1994 XJS

Anthony DiPace's 1994 XJS

Anthony Cronin's 1994 XJS

Colleen and Mike Cameron's 1995 XJS Convertible

Bill Letter's 1995 XJS

Ray Thackeray's 1995 XJS Convertible

Steve Powell's 1995 XJS 4.0 'Celebration'

Scott Green's 1995 XJS

Steven Parker's 1995 XJS Convertible

Aaron Rasoli's 1996 XJS Convertible

Eric Leonard's 1996 XJS Convertible

Terry Goldstein's 1996 Convertible

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