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Win with some of his great pals - left is Norman Dewis and right Tiff Needel

Win Percy's 'Get Well Soon'
Greetings Summary Page

"Win is often regarded as the Worlds Number One Touring Car Driver
Joe Saward "Autosport"

* Make sure you check out the amazing story of one of Win Percy's greatest friends *
The new Norman Dewis biography from Paul Skilleter

40 years of Motor Sport Competition
Works Driver for Jaguar/TWR, Ford, Rover, Porsche, Holden, Nissan,Toyota, Mazda and Harrier

In August 2003, ace Touring and Saloon car racer Win suffered a serious accident at his home in the UK that left him paralysed from the waist down. Win is determined to cope with his new situation in the same way he has always had the determination to succeed and overcome adversity throughout his life.

Win enjoying himself at the Goodwood Revival!
This page was used to pass on wishes to Win. Each was individually printed out and passed on to him - see Win's response below. Thanks to all those who supported this great racing driver, always happiest behind the wheel of a racing car - especially if it's his favourite D-type! And you can support Win even more by purchasing his super video!!

Win Percy spectacular Video AVAILABLE NOW!.....
‘Sideways in a D-Type!’
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We received 252 well wishes for Win in Total!
Stop press! Win sent this personal message to all those who have responded via this and other pages
February 2005

To all those who have sent me messages and shown concern.

Thank you so much - I am overwhelmed by your kindness. I never dreamt of being a racing driver when I was young, it just happened and I have loved every second of it. I also had no idea of the following I have and feel very humbled.

I am at the moment a paraplegic but there is a chance that I will get some or even all of my motion back, time will tell.

I have already rolled the wheelchair twice (just testing for oversteer). If you remember us at Le Mans with the banner (WE WILL BE BACK) well the same goes for me (I will be back) but it may take a little time.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Win Percy
Dorset, UK. December 2003.
And another message from Win on his progress...

Dear Friends,

My life of motorsport over the past forty years has taken me around the world many times I have had many ups and downs, successes as well as failures. I have had so much fun and sheer pleasure from my driving all sorts of cars, I thought it to be an enjoyable and in a way selfish existence but since my disability your messages of encouragement and your memories of past races have humbled me.

I thank you all and I am so pleased to know that my driving was appreciated and it wasn't just for my own selfish pleasure. I workout every day and have a much stronger torso with some movement down to my knees, I have physio and hydro regularly and I really believe(just to prove the medics wrong)that I will stand in time.

But I do realise that because of the damage in my back that I will not race competitively again, I am not being a defeatist just realistic. I have now had a letter from the Hospital admitting that I was operated on at the wrong level. I will not be turning my back on motorsport but will be enjoying it at a less stressful level. I am sure many of us will meet up in the future.

I wish you ALL a Very Happy and Healthy 2005.

Win Percy.
Dorset, UK. January 2005.

A short Biography of Win Percy

Win was born in September of 1943 near Tolpuddle in Dorset. He has competed as a works driver for the following prestigious motor manufacturers Jaguar, Ford, Rover, Porsche, Holden, Nissan,Toyota, Mazda, Harrier

Win is married to Rosemary and they have one daughter, Donna. Win was educated in Dorset and trained as a motor mechanic. Motor sport immediately became a hobby with competing the final goal. This was achieved in 1964. Win later became a professional racing driver in 1974 and has competed very successfully ever since. Joe Saward "Autosport" says – "Win is often regarded as the Worlds Number One Touring Car Driver". Career highlights include three times BRITISH TOURING CAR CHAMPION. Beaten by only one driver in the history of the British Touring Car Championship for class victories.

Twice winner of the classic SPA 24 hours race. The most successful foreign driver in the history of Australia's Bathurst 1000k endurance event, having first, second, third and fifth position finishes from eleven starts. The First and Second places with his own team. Triple winner of the Donington 500k. Winner of the Tourist Trophy. Winning seven European Touring Car races in one season. Twice Winner of the coveted BRDC Silver Star award. Winner of all 4 races in the 2002 Le Mans Classic driving XKD505.

Here are the most recent greetings we received (or you can View all Greetings):

Posted by John & Glenda Fry in New Zealand on Monday, 9th January 2006 from
Hi Win, Rosemary & Donna, It was so good to see you whilst we were in Weymouth, and we hope you are getting even more movement in those legs!!! All the very best for 2006. We had an awesome 6 months around europe but are pleased to be home, well for a while anyway, as we have itchy feet to travel some more!! We have tried your email address but it does not appear to go through and would like to know what the correct address is please. Love John and Glenda

Posted by Kevin Pitt in Australia on Tuesday, 6th December 2005 from
Dear Win Wishing you all the best for Christmas and may the New Year bring all you wish.I have great memories of watching your drives on the mountain and look forward with interest to the day you return to Australia. While there is a chance of recovery I know you will be using all that fighting spirit to give your body all it needs to mend. All the best,sincerely Kevin Pitt

Posted by Hans C Anderson in United States on Tuesday, 29th November 2005 from
I too was in an accident this last year. I have a curshed L1 Lumbar Vertabra. I also have compression of the L4/L5 disc, and L5/S1 disc. I am taking therapy for all of the pain. I am also using a lower back pain chair called the LTX3000 by Spinal Desings Int. Inc of Minneapolis Minnesota USA. Phone No. 1-800-457-9356. This chair allows you to unload the lower portion of the spine in a controlled maner in the home environment. Use is for 2 or 3 times a day for 10 - 20 minutes. It allows the discs to recover and heal better because of the ability to absorb neutrents from the vertabra above and below. Please go to their web site to review the opportunity to enhance you chances for full recovery. I was made aware of the chair while getting my Masters Of Business Administration Degree at the University of St. Thomas, St Paul Mn. The designer was an injured engineer who designed it for his own recovery. Here is wishing you speedy full recovery as I expect I will have. May you live to drive and race again. My very best wishes for recovery and good health Hans C. Anderson 1-952-835-4796 home 1-952-475-2317 work If you ever want to talk to someone who is using the chair please call me, anytime, day or night.

Posted by simon adams in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 16th November 2005 from
Hi Win, wanted to say a greatful hello and hope you are well. lost you no. a while ago. blinking mobiles. you have been an inspiration to me. missed you at goodwood last year and have fond memories of spending day with you at truxton at touring cars. wishing you all the best. now working locally to you again. you take care and looking to maybe chatting to you again soon. si.xx love to rosemary, donna and jake too. xxx

Posted by mike penn in United Kingdom on Friday, 23rd September 2005 from
Good to see you on the mend. Slow it may be but I`m sure you will get there. Still thinking of you. Mike and Gareth Penn. Pink Panther Racing

Posted by hellsfury in Australia on Saturday, 10th September 2005 from
all the way fron down under wish u well as can rember you at our great races at bathurst as always some u win some u loose but this is 1 that u will always come back and back again to beat the odds like u did to be in our great race take care enjoy life and win 1 for the fans down under

Posted by Dave,Tina in United States on Monday, 29th August 2005 from
Dearest Win, Im glad to hear you are in good spirts,I myself find it hard to be in good spirits knowing I will not be able to do most of the physical pleasures I once was able to. Recently I was in an automobile accident were I fractured my hip in two places and split my pelvis in half,I must say its been a hellacious few months, physically, financialy, emotionaly, as well as spirtually. I came to this site to locate a picture of a specific Jaguar, so that I could find out what year the Jaguar is that I seen a couple of years ago,which some day I would like to own. I was unable to locate a picture of the Jaguar. I then saw your site and want to send you the best of wishes. I also hope to see you on the road soon in the next Jaguar that you design customize as well as build.Take care your friends Dave/Tina.

Posted by John Hutchison in United Kingdom on Monday, 15th August 2005 from
Dear Win - I thought I was going quite well with my Lotus 7 in the 2003 Sports Car enduro at Spa, until you whistled past me at the top of Eau Rouge in an XK Jaguar. It was a treat to observe the master at work from close quarters. All the very best for your recovery, John & Sarah Hutchison

Posted by Nick Worth in United Kingdom on Saturday, 6th August 2005 from
Hi Win, Like the website. I am so pleased to hear you are making progress. I have fond memories of you albeit from the other side of the armco. I remember being at Le Mans when you flipped the Jag at the kink and your words on the radio talking about the scratches on your helmet !!! For a brief while I owned the windscreen from the car. It was absolutely flat smashed to smithereens but all in one piece due to the lamination. Another memory I have of you is some in car footage, in a Holden?, driving in the Bathurst, sideways down the back straight after the mountain. Unfortunately it was a betamax recording and my player died years ago. At present I am trying to find a driver for a friend who is trying to get his 1964 Toyota Carina to the revival. The implication is that he will get a place if he can find a "named" driver to drive it. Could be a job for you ? Get well soon, God Bless Nick Worth.

Posted by othman berrada in Morocco on Saturday, 6th August 2005 from
hi win im so happy for you congratulations my best wishesfor you and sincerly hope you get well and succeed inbeeting best regard othman from morroco

Posted by Richard Spencer in United Kingdom on Thursday, 14th July 2005 from
Hi Win, I remember watching you Autocrossing up here in the Anglia at Walford Cross all those years ago. Thanks for being a marvelous ambassador for west country motorsport. Win by name Win by nature. Keep on WINNING and get well soon the sport needs you. Regards Richard

Posted by Paul & Nicky in Spain on Friday, 10th June 2005 from
Hi Win It was an absolute pleasure to meet you in Fuengirola yesterday and I have to say the attitude you have to your injury is an inspiration! Hopefully the next time I can buy you a beer!! Good luck and keep fighting!! Regards Paul

Posted by John Staines in Australia on Wednesday, 8th June 2005 from
My best wishes to you and sicererly hope you get well soon and succeed in beating your set back Greetings from all your fans down under

Posted by Allan Scott in New Zealand on Friday, 8th April 2005 from
Hi Win, Have just found this tribute site to you and what better place to put some thoughts and best wishes. The memory of Brands Hatch 1980 as we walked back to the transporter, you the the new British Touring Car Champion and the Kiwi guy who had built the engines for Tom Walkinshaw`s Mazda`s, both a bit choked.The supporting roll to Tom in GpA during those successes in the 80`s, not an easy task, seat welded in for shorter legs, limited practise time,happy engine man, you always looked after the equipment.Waiting for news in the pits after the accident at Le Mans, you were really flying, but Tony Soutgate had designed a much stonger car than Porsche and thankfully a good outcome.Along with your Bathurst "King of the Mountain" jacket you have many tributes to a great racing history and I have many fond memories of those times. Will catch up when I am over to the UK next.

Posted by Vicky Goode in United Kingdom on Sunday, 3rd April 2005 from
Hi there Win. Greetings from the Isle of Wight. My husband and myself joined the Jaguar owning fraternity yesterday with the purchase of a 17 year old XJS V12. 61000 miles on the clock and a real beauty. Must be mad I can hear you thinking but every man should have a big boys toy and its something for my husband Eric to play with. We had to dig up the front lawn to put it on!! Its good that you stay positive Win, you never know there may be a fix for you just round the corner. Take care Very best wishes. Vicky Goode

Posted by Tony Pomfret in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 29th March 2005 from
Hi Win I was privileged to be a passenger with you and many more wonderful drivers at the launch of the Goodyear GT tyre at Donnington in May 1985. You were driving a Rover 2600 SD1 at the time and my on overriding memory was hurtling down towards the chicane before the pit straight and out braking Stefan Belof who was driving a Granada and was quite the latest of late brakers!! The next lap was just awe inspiring as you held him off the whole way, the sideways action down the Crainer Curves when I was looking at his wrist watch still raises the hairs on my arm! I am sure you will succeed in your battle with adversity. The single mindedness and bloody well can attitude will stand you in good stead. I expect to hear soon of the first motor driven wheelchair or hand-control car championship you are organizing and competing in. You will remain close to so many of us and our thoughts and love are with you. Very best luck & see you about one of these days. Tony Pomfret

Posted by craig mcmanus in Australia on Monday, 7th February 2005 from
Win,The Australian motor racing fans fell in love with you as much as you fell in love with the Bathurst track,I read with great interest the article in Australian Muscle Car magazine, where they paid tribute to the great effort and personal sacrifice that you made to help get the Holden V8 to victory at the mountain in 1990.Hope the recovery is going well and all the best for 2005.Craig McManus

Posted by Patrick in Australia on Wednesday, 19th January 2005 from
Win, As an old fan of yours I hope your feeling comfortable and that your great efforts at many worldwide events brings you great memories. Your world wide fans know you as a great racer and in NZ + OZ you do have some very special fans. Your lovely comments to viewers when TV people poked their mike into your space after some quick laps was a joy to many. Best for 2005

Posted by eric johnson in United States on Tuesday, 4th January 2005 from
Hi Win! Hope you are feeling better.Sorry to hear of your unfortunate fall.Have really enjoyed watching you throw those vintage cars around on feeds from Goodwood.I'm a big sports car and vintage racing fan:enjoy a 67 Corvette Sting Ray big block and a 550 spyder replica (beck).I live about 30 minutes away from the Lime Rock circuit,on the New York/Connecticut border.I'm sure you've heard of it. Well, you take care of yourself and I'll be monitoring your progress from the states. A fan, Eric Johnson age 43 Clinton corners,Ny USA

Posted by James Pride in United Kingdom on Friday, 31st December 2004 from
I was so vey sorry to hear about your accident while looking for something else completely on the amazing internet. I do hope that you will recover soon! I remember so well the touring car championship days when you drove the Celica's and GT Corollas for TGB. How long ago that now seems. I still recall when you took me round Silverstone, and relate the tale to anyone who will listen. Frankie and I are well and have two boys (13 and 10) and live in Poole (Frankie works at the Hospital in ICU and Anaesthetics as a Consultant). Sadly Dad died a little over 2 years ago after a brief battle with cancer, but Mum is well and lives nearby. Great to see you on the website, and we all here in the Pride household wish you well. Jamie

Posted by Tim Corbin in United Kingdom on Thursday, 30th December 2004 from
Dearest uncle win!! Its been far too long since ive last seen you,just a passing glimpse of you in one of your many cars!I hope you and the family are having a good crimbo and you have managed to catch up with my old man corby!It would be great to see you again. I have moved to hertfordshire to live with girlfriend and to be more central to the race tracks!!! You are always more than welcome to visit.Every now and then i stick a video on of you,especially you driving the arse off those big ole Rovers,it always brings a smile. Lots of love,take care and have a great and fast new year.Tim.

Posted by Tim Soar in Spain on Sunday, 26th December 2004 from
Dear Win, Hope you will be back racing soon...Father Christmas brought my boys game cubes and things - I will just stick to my Sideways In A D-Type DVD! Excellent stuff! (

Posted by Robin Crellin in United Kingdom on Friday, 17th December 2004 from
Dear Win, Thank you for your splendid speech at the dinner in Poole today, December 17 - most enjoyable! I must have seen you compete in a vast number of events at home and abroad over the last several decades, so it was interesting for me to hear your first-hand accounts of how it feels to be on the Mulsanne at 245 mph...! Thanks for all the pleasure; hopefully more to come, and I hope your Goodwood ambition is realised! Best wishes, Robin

Posted by Philip Marks in Australia on Saturday, 4th December 2004 from
Dear Win as an Australian, I find it great what you have done for our Motoring sport here. I have a 1:18 scale model of the VL Commodore you drove to victory at Bathurst in 1990. I thank you for what you have done for racing and I pray you get better soon.

Posted by Jim Webster in United Kingdom on Friday, 26th November 2004 from
Win, It was great to talk to you this morning, and I looking forward to the enjoyment your print will bring my father on Christmas Day. I hope things improve for you soon. Best wishes, Jim

Posted by Steve Ascough in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 9th November 2004 from
Dear Win, I hope this email finds you in good cheer. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great enjoyment you have given to race fans such as myself over the years. I particularly remember a race of two xj220s between yourself and Gerry Marshall at Donington about four years ago?? It was the most thrilling and exciting I have ever seen. At the NEC classic car show this year I was lucky enough to be invited to sit in XKD505 by John Pearson. I am sure the car has an aura of nostalgia around it, I found it quite emotional. I was so grateful to John that I offered to paint a picture of the car to say thank you.If you would like to see the end result please let me know. I really do wish you all the best and hope to see you race again in the near future. Best regards. Steve Ascough.

Posted by Addy in India on Thursday, 14th October 2004 from
Dear Win, I am a long time Jaguar maniac, but, the tax structure in India, where I live, does not permit me to own one. I have, however, followed all racing events that Jaguar has participated in. Naturally, I've rooted for the gentleman who has driven a Jaguar the way it should be. Your determination to achieve full recovery is a reflection of your determination to win on the race track. Inspirational stuff! Get well soon. Best wishes to your family and you. Aditya.

Posted by Hugh Coster in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 6th October 2004 from
Congratulations on your will and determination to achieve full recovery, don't ever, ever give up on that because it will happen if you really stick to believing it. I'm looking forward to hearing how well you're doing, so hurry up and get on with it! I'm also looking forward to seeing the video, because it'll undoubtedly teach me a thing or two. My experience of Goodwood is testing my F.Ford there, but it wasn't so challenging as you could go flat from the chicane to Lavant — until Madgwick caught me out one day and I bent the bloody thing! Good luck and keep fighting!

Posted by Peter Reece in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 28th September 2004 from
Hi Win, As you know, you are constantly in our family thoughts and we can't wait for the day when you jump back into XKD505. A little time and your determination ...and that day will come in the not too far distant future.I have just created links from my own websites to and hope that perhaps a good proportion of my 3,000 'Classic Jag Petrol Heads' monthly visitors will buy your wonderful DVD. I think Mallory Park next week completes the XK racing season and Rita and I will be there. Here's hoping you are feeling strong enough to attend. Nigel seems to have got himself slightly stuck in 3rd place and perhaps needs your inspiration to pull off a first. Our very best wishes Peter, Rita and Angus Reece

Posted by Nuno Castelhano in Portugal on Tuesday, 28th September 2004 from
I'm a Jaguar enthusiast and although I do not not own a real one, I collect Jaguar models for a couple of years. Just wanted to say: Get well soon, Win! And get back on track to show the world how a Jaguar can perform, (despite the - not so good - F1 experience).

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Win at Le Mans 2002

Win taking XKD505 down the Le Mans finishing straight


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