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RHETT, Larry Martz's 1959 Mark IX 792817BW

Take care my Jaguar friend

Larry Martz Passed away Wednesday 22nd January 2003

Larry's love in Jaguars was his famous Rhett, below.Besides being one of the founding members, president and Web-site manager of the Sacramento Jag Club, he was also one of the MK VII, VIII and IX registrar info takers, and worked hard to produce the electronic register that is available elsewhere at this site.

For those who might be in the area, the funeral is set for Feb. 15,at 2PM at the Faith United Methodist Church at 3600 J Street, Sacramento

A few pictures of Larry doing what he enjoyed most.

Larry's Rhett

Rhett's Engine

Larry hard at work

Reproduced below typical comments from jag-lovers listers on hearing of Larry's passing.

I am sure if there is a Jaguar heaven, Larry is lifting a mug of ale and telling William Lyons how great all Jaguars are.
This is very sad news, as many of you on this list know Larry was pretty much the resident guru for all things being MKVII, VIII,IX. He was always one to give quick and accurate info on these models whether it was an e-mail, phone call or by mail. Larry will be sorely missed by many and as said I'm sure he and Lyons are hoisting a pint and talking about what else, Jaguars.
I'm not that old in Jag-addiction. Larry was always there to give you the right address, the right advice. His famous: "Hope this helps. Take care" will remain.
I will sorely miss Larry's quick response to any questions about the big saloons. On three different occasions, he called me by phone to help me with questions or problems. He will be long remembered by the listers that benefited from his wisdom and his management of the Mark VII, VIII & IX list.
I send my most heart felt condolences to his wife and family in this time of sorrow.
In the name of all members of the Austrian Jaguar Mk 7,7m,8 & 9 Register we are deeply depressed about the announcment! Larry Martz, was our soul, advise and help for everybodys problem!
I do not think anyone on this list has not benefitted from the research and thorough and definitive responses that Larry has always been willing to extend
listers' cooperation and support which Larry was so proud to share, with enthusiasm. I have yet to be able to get my big cat on the road for a real ride (only up and down my 3/4 mile gravel road for a few tests), but am looking forward to it hopefully in the next month or so. My excitement not only comes from the anticipation, having spent the last year to get it mechanically sound, but also from Larry's description of the joy he had driving Rhett. He
thrived on the "grace, space and pace".
For years Larry and I joked about a cyber-romance between Rhett and Miss Marple, and the hope of them "meeting" someday kept me going when I got cold, tired and frustrated working on a recalcitrant brake booster or steering box fittings. I will inform MM today of Larry's passing, and I suspect she will wish to request a bit of black draped over her leaper.
His prompt and courteous replies will be much missed, and I would be the first to raise a glass in his memory. He was always the first to help and jaguar owner who needed assistance, not just for the biggest cat owners.
He was a sincere "jaguar friend" from his first e-mail and phone conversation. How unique
My deepest regards to the Martz family. Like many of us, I too was touched by Larry's support and enthusiasm concerning all matters Jaguar. Not long ago I sent Larry a collection of Jaguar related videos from my collection. Shortly after, he called to thank me and express his enjoyment of the material. I can still hear the joy in his voice somewhere in the idle of my MkX. Be not troubled my friend as the manner in which you conducted your life has achieved a place of eternity in the memory of our leaping cat hearts.

50 psi,... ad infinitum,

Raconteur....MK IX guru....fellow enthusiast....a friend indeed....above and beyond the call of duty....ehh!....yeah, Rick, I've got just the guy to help you out....give me a call....

A true gentleman. I will miss his spirit greatly. May he rest in peace

The notice of Larry's passing caused a need to catch my breath. What another great loss to this list and to any of us who had the opportunity to deal with him on a personal level; a great resource and collector of early sedan information. And what of his beloved Rhett? My last contact with Larry was focused around his generous offer to provide photo copies of a factory radio instruction booklet, which he promply mailed to me.

Sincere condolences to his family for the legacy he left this list, his constant readiness to share.

Without Larry, his Sunday morning phone calls, and his meticulously detailed email replies to my questions, I would never have got "Winston" on the road and running as well as it does .
It was a blow to me, personally, to learn that he is no longer with us. I shall miss his "Eh?!" and knowing what the "correct" way was to do something. I shall miss him greatly, and will raise a glass to him every year on the anniversary of "Winston"s first trip out of the garage.

Wherever you are Larry, "Take care, my friend "


this time you won't help us that much... who knows? I spent some time today browsing your messages through the archives: just to measure your extraordinary commitment and knowledge. We are missing a great man. Thank you so much.

It is with great sadness I read of the passing of Larry Martz. I think he must have acquired a truly great treasury of memories, friends, and acquaintances as he gave assistance to so many of us. His inspiration will be greatly missed.
I am sure if there is a Jaguar heaven, Larry is lifting a mug of ale and telling William Lyons how great all Jaguars are
I'm sure everyone will pass along there sentiments but I hope Sue realizes how all of us on the list feel for her and how much we will miss Larry's voice on the list.
we will all miss Larry's voice and help on and off line. I am sure all of us will want to send our condolences to wife & family & pray for them in the time of grief. Good bye Larry.
Sad, so very sad indeed! He will be missed by all of us! These posts do put ones own situation in focus. Our sincerest condolences to Sue and family.
I'll wager that took a few minutes, but in no time he was getting all his questions answered about production runs, design features, styling decisions, straight from the man, eh?

Condolences, especially Sue and close friends and relatives.

He'll be missed.

So sorry to read about Larry Martz this morning. I can relate to what his wife and family are feeling. As you know, I've been there, just 3 months ago. Bob never met Larry, but you can rest assured that he and Bob Oates have met and are having the time of their life talking & sharing their experience and knowledge. If any one is in touch with Mrs. Martz, please
let her know she is in my thoughts and prayers.

Yes, Larry will be missed.

Yes, Larry was "car people." We kept up correspondence for many years after that. I valued his knowledge of early XK120's as a resource to restoring mine. Goodbye, Larry. Keep that Mk IX on the road.
Larry's passing is indeed sad. His kind spirit was evident in his posts on this list. Very sad
God speed Larry...with a purring, perfect cat for transport. Our deepest sympathies to the Martz family and friends. His legacy of many contributions to and fellowship with Jaguar enthusiasts around the world will live on and continue to inspire us.
Larry was a good friend and Jaguar advisor. A couple of years ago I invited Larry to go with me to Mike Wilson's shop in Visalia California. Boy did Larry have fun down there. Mike always has an interesting collection of cars under repair or restoration. He talked about that trip for sometime after that.

Larry you will be missed.

Very respectfully, S672947 (Which he drove and pronounced to be a marvelous car, moss box and all)

would like to add our voices to those sending sympathy and condolences to Larry's family and friends........we'll miss him......
To the Martz family and Larry's Jag Lovers friends;

My condolences to you with your loss of Larry. Tho' I did not know ye, ye words were well appreciated.

Larry is I'm sure motoring top down with the eternal spring sun shining on his face and the wind in his hair. Many happy miles Larry.

Larry Martz will be missed by me and all of us who either knew him personally or through the list. He went "that extra mile" to be helpful and informative. I am sure he will help the Lord keep his sedans running well up there!




RHETT 1959 Jaguar Mark IX 792817BW

Please click pictures to get a larger photograph


Class 18, Preservation: Ist Place, North America

My car, a 1959 Mk IX, chassis # 792817 BW, was manufactured on 15 December '59, and despatched to the first owner (the owner of Wheeler Cadillac in Yuba City CA) on 28 December '59. It was first licensed in England because the first owner toured for eight months there before bringing the car home to Northern California; original British registration plates, 5547 DU, are there.

I acquired the car on 17 February 1989 from the son of the second owner, with 83,009 on the odometer. It was cared for correctly (by the Jaguar Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook for the Mk IX Model) from day one, evidenced by the records tucked into the boot; it was also protected from weather all of its life. Paint was very good; leather was still soft; most tools were in the front-door boxes, etc.

In April '89, 1 named him RHETT, for Rhett Butler of "Gone With The Wind" - grace, elegance, and a touch of arrogance, especially when you press the pedal - he shouts, and is gone! No lady's name - ladies, especially English ladies, don't shout!.

I've continued the factory maintenance schedule. RHETT is garaged except when being driven; 3 coats of carnauba wax recommended by my paint person are renewed yearly; Connolly Hide Food on the leather is done every three months, etc. I've done a great amount of cleaning and detailing work, with help from my friends, but no restoration; it just isn't needed. My goal for RHETT is Historic Preservation; he's an excellent example of what our Cats were when new, and a primary reference for those of us who are bringing them back now.

RHETT has been driven to every JCNA show (and many others) since Feb.'89; he's not a "trailer queen, and as long as I'm his custodian, will never be. After all, Sir William Lyons meant his cars to be driven!

As of 10 January '98, 18,434 (really 118,434; our odometers went to 5 digits, then rolled over), and running correctly.

Every year, the 50 clubs in Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) hold concours d' elegance. To qualify for North America, a car must make at least three of these shows during the year. 

Also: at the JCNA Annual General Meeting in March, in San Antonio TX, delegates approved the new Class 18, Preservation (for cars at least 20 years old, original unrestored, preferably driven). After this, both Mike Cook and Karen Miller (JCNA honchos) told me the new class was specifically for cars like RHETT, which they know, so I switched from Class 8, Big Saloons to Class 18.

14 June 97 - Reno JC, Reno NV Ist, 94.66 (rain on everyone going in judges didn't compensate - ah well) 

20 July 97 - JAG SF, Lafayette CA - 
2nd, 98.61 (against a S9 XK150 FHC that won Ist, later turned out to be a 10-year-old restoration - ah well)

27 September 97 - Sacramento JC, Sacramento CA - Ist, 99.57 

5 October 97 - Modesto JC, CAL CLUBS, Paso Robles CA - Ist, 99.58

The JCNA computer takes only the top three scores, so RHETT's composite was 99.25333, good enough for Ist Place North Americas in Class 18, Preservation.

Larry Martz

10 January 1998

Rhett has since had a minor fire, but has been returned to full splendour

Rhett's engine had a rebuild in Winter 2000

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