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November 8, 2006
To date, we've found twelve Mk VII/VIIM/VIII/IXs that were used by embassies, diplomats, and royalty.
715723 1953 VII RHD Ann and John Osborne NEW ZEALAND Reg: # OSJAG, eng. #
B3863-8, body # LO12816, black, ex-Russian Embassy in NZ
727554 BW 1955 VIIM RHD Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Browns Lane,
Allesley, Coventry CV5 9DR, ENGLAND
Condition:  excellent, reg. # 464 HYV (in Royal service - NLT 7), automatic, wing mirrors, claret, grey int., despatched in primer to Henlys 19 August 1955, loaned to the Royal household until 1972, used by H. M. The Queen Mother, various updates
to interior, exterior, also modified with separate radio controls for rear
732418 VII LHD Iwan Logdlund 1952 Sweden I bought this car 1962 and I am the 3rd owner Reg DZU 202
Condition: very good, under restoration, eng. A6090-8, body L006063, manual transm.
Black, red int. first owner Ambassador Del Drago Ministre d´Italie á Stockholm
Incl original invoice from 1952

737610 1954 VII LHD Brian S. Beni NY USA Condition:  original, 25,000 miles, British racing green, uede green int., special order for U. S. British Ambassador, special order carbs & air cleaners
740161 1956 VIIM LHD Christian Nannen GERMANY Condition:  to be restored, eng. # N4952-8, body # LO83136, Baltic grey, biscuit int., orig. owner British diplomat Michael Parker, car based in Tangier, Strassbourg, Zurich
763139 BW 1958 VIII RHD Davide Frada AUSTRALIA Condition:  40,000 (or so) miles, owned by Fijian goverment, used by ministers, eng. # NA1252-8, body @ AO05361, orig. black, resprayed British
racing green, being brought back to black, red int., being restored, automatic
780936 DN 1958 VIII LHD David H. Boon CANADA Condition:  in storage, restoration pending, overdrive, orig. part of Gov, General of Canada fleet, eng. # N8260-8, body # AO03243
781056 DN 1958 VIII LHD Steven M. Ward USA Condition:  good, eng. # N8824-8, body # AO03838, maroon/silver, grey int., overdrive, no
tools, bought by U. S. Government and used as U. S. Army staff car in Germany, then to Mexico for use as U. S. Consulate's car
790324 BW 1959 IX LHD Phil Brake CANADA Condition:  very good, under restoration, eng. # NC1695-8, body # NO01806, light blue, red int., automatic, originally used by British consulate in Ottowa
790334 BW 1959 IX LHD Volker G. Leins  GERMANY Condition:  poor, indigo blue/Cotswold blue, red
int., converted to overdrive, int. was grey, 1st owner Dutch Ambassador, eng. # NC1904-8, body # NO01948
791963 BW 1960  IX LHD Alf Olofsson SWEDEN Reg. # OJU 798, eng. # NC(?), body #NO05595, indigo blue, blue int., belonged to Swedish King's mother, then to main agent - Fredlunds Automobi  AB, automatic
792919 1960 IX LHD  Jan Van de Ven  HOLLAND Condition:  under restoration, reg. # DD-39-29, midnight blue/Cotswold blue, blue int., stainless exhaust, ex-Chilean Embassy car, eng. #
NC8296-8, body # NO08686

Listed here are all the others VII - IX we know about.

623053 V with XK engine  Tony Otolo Medford MA USA
710608 VII RHD  Philipp Marbach Switzerland

710626 two VII/VIIM RHD for parts  VII RHD Kon Kakanis Australia
710806 VII RHD  Jorg Misteli Switzerland  mistelijorg@compuserve.COM
710936 VII RHD Les and Chris Bradd Australia
711746 VII RHD chassis only Les and Chris Bradd Australia
712702 VII RHD  Les and Chris Bradd Australia
711383 VII RHD  Roger Payne Australia
711956 VII RHD  Casey Oolsthoorn Oxnard CA USA
716073 VII RHD  Matthijs Ouwerkerk Switzerland
711645 VII RHD  Andrew Yen Australia
723545 BW VII RHD  Andrew Yen Australia
711723 VII RHD  Hans Stammel Australia
712479 VII RHD  Richard Jenkins Australia
713170 VII RHD Paul Vleugels New Zealand
727661 BW VIIM RHD  Paul Vleugels New Zealand
713534 VII RHD  William Quigley South Africa
720642 VII RHD  Per-Age Krogstad Norway
715880 VII RHD Raymond Jurgens Austa Imports, Western Australia
718776 Mk VII Rob Taylor  

3.4 (naturally) Manual, no overdrive (sob)
Engine B 8041 - 8 Body L 016913 Gearbox OSL9826A

Mechanically good, body good, paint poor.
1953 Mk VII "Goneril"

719474 VII RHD Alan Belcher New Zealand
721716 VII RHD  Hans and Linda Kuny Switzerland
716650 VII RHD James Alexander England
723051 BW VIIM RHD  Les Hughes Editor Jaguar Magazine Australia
724373 BW VIIM RHD  John and Leigh Hobart Australia
723649 VIIM RHD Clive Morris 
Mk VII/VIIM/VIII/IX Registrar --
724581 BW VIIM RHD  Graham and Judy Thomas Australia
721619 VIIM RHD Alan Logan Scotland UK
725025 DN VIIM RHD  Dr. Ian Unsworth Australia
725295 BW VIIM RHD  Michael St. John Cox Australia
725912 DN VIIM RHD  Pekka Valtonen Finland
726590 BW VIIM RHD  Svein Ove Io Norway (friend Stein Ove Vikebo's address)
726784 DN VIIM RHD Alan, Duncan and Brendan Milne South Africa
729936BW VIIM Kenneth C. Westfield Las Vegas , Nevada E-Mail: N4542T@Cox.Net
Condition: Restored, Excellent
Chassis No.
Engine No. N3838-8
Body No. L030680
Auto. Trans. No. 7227
750307 DN VIIM RHD  Walter Scott Scotland (John Learmonth)
750589 DN VIIM RHD  Matthijs Ouwerkerk Switzerland
730163 VII LHD Olivier Charue Canada
730315 VII LHD Richard MdDermed/Donna Doenges San Andreas CA USA
730469 VII LHD  Genevieve Cregar (?) USA
730976 VII LHD  Alan Woodhart Murrieta CA USA
731551 VII RHD  Kenneth Nicks State Road NC USA
732541 VII LHD William C. Frisk Toledo OH USA
732695 VII LHD  Jeff Ade Falls Church VA USA
732730 VII LHD  Bob Kaufman Pittsburgh PA USA
733861 VII LHD Jim Yorke Vinton, LA USA
Body: L008915
Engine: A8918-8
Gearbox: 0SL5302A

732926 VII LHD Tomi Jarvelin Finland
733094 VII LHD  Juha Tiainen Finland
733804 VII LHD Harry S. Exline San Francisco CA USA (not online)
733957 VII LHD John Foy Scranton PA USA
73400 VII Anders Edhlund sweden  
734046 VII LHD  Jack L. Place Greeneville TX USA
734352 VII LHD  Francis Bourgeois Conroe TX USA
734717 BW VII LHD Lee B Foster Fountain Inn SC USA
734770 VII LHD David Marks England
734782 VII LHD  David Farthing Oklahoma City OK USA
734887 VII LHD Bernard Marks Sacramento CA USA
735051 VII LHD Eric Bankit USA

Jaguar MK , original exterior-Black, original interior-Red,
total miles driven:48,000, in process of restoration-mechanicals completed
(drives superb!), minor bodywork necessary (rechrome some brightwork, minor
dings - being taken from an overpaint of white back to original black).

735125 BW VII LHD William Boardman Clovis CA USA
735529 BW VII LHD David N. Goodchild Philadelphia PA USA
735933 VII LHD  Charles Bishop Burleson TX USA
736014 BW VII LHD Mark Breen Glen Allen VA USA
736042 VII LHD  Gene Johnston Chapel Hill NC USA
736051 VII LHD  Bill Osborne Kent WA USA
736057 BW VII LHD Peter Stefan Meuller Austria
736464   Byron E. Riginos

Engine No. B4481-1
Boddy No. L013435
Milage: indicated 64.000 (suspect not actual).
The car carries a FIVA carnet issued by PHILPA (the Greek Historic &Classic Cars Club, )
Condition: very original, no rust, good running, tool box complete with original Jag inscribed tools. Have done respraying (Ivory) & missing spat's refitting, mechanical & cosmetic work, while leather reupholstering
has recently been done by local Connoly shop in Athens.
In posession since 1990, always garaged, used only for occassional events as calssic car rallies, outings etc. Believe to be an original import toGreece ca. 1953 but not aware of its previous past history.

736572 VII LHD William E. Craig Buford GA USA
736839 VII LHD William E. Craig Buford GA USA
no chassis  VII LHD William E. Craig Buford GA USA
738342 VIIM LHD Stan Wegner Auburn CA USA
740019 BW VIIM LHD Peter Stefan Meuller Austria
750313 DN VIIM RHD Alan, Duncan and Brendan Milne South Africa
750477 DN VIIM RHD Alan, Duncan and Brendan Milne South Africa
790644 IX LHD Peter Hirsch Austria
791724 BW IX LHD  Peter Hirsch Austria
736678 VII LHD  Jyri Jarvenkyla Finland
736775 VII LHD John Linkosky Pittsburgh PA USA
736959 BW VII LHD  John McEwen Canada
736978 VII LHD  Jan Hesselgren Sweden
737101BW VII David & Barbara Bartram Canada Body # l016196
Engine # B72222-8
Automatic Transmission #J2030
Its been in our family for the last 28 years It had been shipped out from Vancouver BC where it was purchased new. we are its second owner from new. Its driven on weekends during the summer months only .
737103 BW VII LHD  John Morgan Canada
737753 BW VII LHD  Mark Van Loo Santa Clara CA USA
737980 VII LHD  Jens Tornblad Sweden
738144 VII LHD Gary Baumann Plainview NY USA
738233 BW VIIM LHD  Richard A. Nelson Upper Black Eddy PA USA
738483DN VIIM LHD  Susan D. Hamilton USA Eng. # D4966-8, Body # LO23980 
Colors: Burgundy (now metallic black cherry pearl), gray interior, all tools, overdrive 
Condition: 75% restored 
Work remaining: Brakes, some wiring, interior door panels, carpet, head liner, replace tires, install wood molding.

738553 VIIM LHD  Jorge Edelmann Spain
738674 BW VIIM LHD  Edward T. LaGrassa Douglas Manor NY USA
738696 BW VIIM LHD  Houtz G. Van Steenburgh Bozeman Montana USA
738967 VIIM LHD Peter Wuethrich Switzerland
739107 VIIM LHD Scott Adams Bradenton FL USA
739185 DN VIIM LHD Peter Kellenberger Switzerland
739298 VIIM LHD Michel Gosset England
739348 DN MKVII M LHD  


Date: 12.08.1955, Engine # D 9593-7, Body # L 027958, Gearbox # JLN 30319
Transmission Manual / OD, Exterior paint Green two tone, Interior trim Suede Green
Original distributor C. de Salamanca, Madrid. Spain.
Original dealer J. Guinart, Barcelona. Spain.
Date of dispatch 19.08.1955
First owner Francisco Mas Sardá. Banker.
Original condition except for exterior two tone paint (BRG-SHERWOOD GREEN) with chromed strippes and open spats ("à la MKVIII - IX"). This is not a late facelift as the paint seems old, so this maybe has been done in the early 60's or 70's.
Original trim. Sunroof. Overdrive. Toolkit (only missing two box spanners).
Still on old tyres. Engine rebuild two years ago. Originally sold in Barcelona and still in this city. Only three owners from new. Original period number plates.
739454 DN VIIM LHD  Joseph Baird Natrona Heights PA USA
739601 VIIM LHD Tod Wise, 
(Mike Wilson's Restorations)
Visalia CA
739781 BW VIIM LHD  Jerry A. Lake Windermere FL USA
740117 BW VIIM LHD Dave Quirt Canada
740130 VIIM LHD  Genevieve Cregar (?) USA
no chassis #  VII/VIIM Gershom (Tom) Gale Israel
no chassis #  VII/VIIM Terry Wakelee Midwest City OK USA
761363 BW VIII RHD Nick Carter England
762300 BW VIII RHD Menzel & Partner Austria
762454 BW VIII RHD George Calvert Australia
762648 BW VIII RHD Robert Hay England
762671 BW VIII RHD George Calvert Australia
763003 BW VIII RHD Graham Searle England
763114 DN VIII RHD  Paul Greenway England
763120 BW VIII RHD John Stanley Australia
774815 BW IX RHD  John Stanley Australia
763139 BW VIII RHD  Davide Frada Australia
763615 DN VIII RHD  Alan, Duncan and Brendan Milne South Africa
763927  BW VIII RHD Alan, Duncan and Brendan Milne South Africa
763801 BW VIII RHD Ian Daley Australia
764510 BW VIII RHD Ian Daley Australia
764565 DN VIII RHD Nigel Thorley England
770550 BW IX RHD Doug and Sue Harrison South Australia
770593 BW IX RHD Alan, Duncan and Brendan Milne South Africa
771909 BW IX RHD  Ian Daley Australia
763974 DN VIII RHD  Patricia Steger Canada
780928 BW VIII LHD Robert Rinker Sacramento CA USA
772576 IX RHD Menzel & Partner Austria
773877 BW IX RHD Colin Auret South Africa
Engine number: NC 7303-8
Body number: N 007272
Exterior paint colour: Cotswold Blue
Interior trim: Grey
774926 BW IX RHD Billy and Hannelore Murphy

Condition: Undergoing restoration by the owner
Colors: Original Exterior: Cornish Gray(?)/Dark Gray(?)
Original Interior: Red
NOTE: The car is now white, but not originally; we are (going to) change colors upon completion since we are not fond of them.
Tools: All there EXCEPT box spanners, pliers and screwdriver.
History: Last English Registration (tag #) 524 UEV.
I have owned car since 1979. Purchased in Germany, but I was first to remove the English plates and register the car with the US Forces in Germany. completed mechanical overhaul; shipped to USA in 1980, completed cosmetic facelift (body repair, paint work, etc); shipped back to Germany 1982; shipped again to USA in1986; stored for 12 years; current restoration began in 2000.
Modifications: Car color is (was) solid white, which is going to be changed back to two-toned. No other mods are detected.

775347BW VBIII Andrew Haigh Australia Chassis
Engine NC9765-8(Currently fitted with RA 5561-9 and Triple 2" SU's)
Condition: Good restored Colour: Two tone grey, No Tools, Air conditioning.

Andrew Haigh
764526 BW VIII RHD  Ian Henson South Africa
780006 BW VIII RHD  John and Kendra Mathis Midlothian VA USA
780092 VIII RHD  Randall A. Miller Alameda CA USA 
(no chassis #) VIII RHD  Dick Vermaas Holland
780220 BW VIII LHD  Dirk Ortmann Germany
780338 DN VIII LHD Urs Haehnle Swirzerland
780365 VIII LHD  Mark Moburg Kent WA USA
780562 BW VIII LHD  John Molin Finland
780721 BW VIII LHD Michael Rogers Arroyo Grande CA
780936 DN VIII LHD David H. Boon Canada
780953 VIII LHD David A. Purdy Canada
780963 DN VIII LHD Benedikt Lehner/Chris Vellender England
773923 BW IX RHD  Benedikt Lehner/Chris Vellender England
781011 BW VIII LHD Don Michael Endress,M. D La Grange CA USA
781054 BW VIII LHD Paul Stevans Canada
781056 DN VIII LHD Steven M. Ward Dallas TX USA
781267 BW 1958   Buenos Aires
Eduardo Suranyi
Sherwood Green (one tone) / interior: Tan recently restored excellent condition
791156 BW IX LHD  Paul Stevans Canada
781276 BW VIII LHD  Tom Golodik Closter NJ USA
P781435 BW VIII LHD  Tom Stavola Glastenbury CT USA
No chassis # VIII LHD  Don Boettiger Bellevue WA USA
771312 DN IX RHD  Michael Belt South Africa
770262 IX RHD David Y Dredge England
770520 DN IX RHD Heinz Vogel-Rudolf Germany
770725 BW IX RHD Estate Graham Searle England
771790 DN IX RHD  Glenn Smeed Eugene OR USA
772442 BW IX RHD  Fred and Virginia Grieve Red Hook NY USA
772457 BW IX RHD John Moon Australia
772695 BW IX RHD  Didier Bouvet France
773343 BW IX RHD  Simon Proctor Belgium
773889 IX RHD Howard Clerf Panama City Beach, FL USA
774158 BW IX RHD  Michael Fatum Germany (brother Andreas Fatum's address)
774255 BW IX RHD  Richard Clark Ballarat Victoria Australia (brother Roger's address)
774374 BW IX RHD  David Gropper Richland WA USA
774720 DN IX RHD  Jay Weber Plano TX USA
790482BW Mark IX LHD Joe Haughawout USA

1959, Two Tone Maroon........Original Chasis No: Body No: N002224 Engine No: NC2047-8 Auto Trans No: JB8 2109 Moonroof, Red leather interior (the walnut has suffered some in unheated storage). Purchased 4/5/72 with engine seized (sabotage) from Robert C Gruver, 134 S. Ridgeland, Oak Park, Illinois 60611, I titled her in Joplin, Missouri, USA (my home town). MO title No: H103970, Tools incomplete thanks to theft by someone in local Dallas Jaguar club (when I left them alone with my baby to try to get her running.....they also took both sun visors off, but apparently thought better of such blatant thievery)., I drove her into my garage 12 years ago needing only some brake work (new O-ring in master cylinder?), and she has not been driven since (won't start). I periodically repair to the garage and rub her upholstery down with mink oil (It is for MY pleasure)., My wife is in love with the car (as am I....even though my sloth does not bear testimony to my affection), and I can only pray that someday I'll find the wherewithal (both moral and financial) to bring this former queen of the road back to driveability (a crackerjack Jaguar mechanic moving in next door to me would help!!).

790485BW IX 1959 David G. McKay USA

Body is N002268 Engine is NC2145-8

The vehicle was originally sold in the San Francisco Bay area to a doctor. It moved to a lawyer and then to me via an auction bid, in the early 1980’s. The car is the original Cornish gray over Mist gray and has had one repaint due to the original coat fading over time. It has just over 70K miles and is in very good shape with accident damage or rust anywhere. However, I haven’t driven it in some time and it’s time to refresh the engine, which has never been apart to date. Over the years I replaced a few interior items, headliner, front seat leather and carpets, but the rest of the vehicle is original and unmolested. All tools are still in the boxes. Wood is in very nice condition. . I am currently a member of the North Georgia Jaguar Club and the Classic Jaguar association.

790706BW MK IX LHD Dick Hile   JDHT Certificate shows it built on March 11, 1959 and dispatched to RM Overseas in Frankfort
am Main, Germany on April 2, 1959. Cornish Grey with red interior. Original UK registration was UVC554. 69,000 miles

Condition is excellent, having been partially restored some years ago. Interior appears to be original. Has all tools with the exception of some of the tube spanners. A P/O decided to replace the BW transmission with a GM 700 and upgrade the cooling system. The car is now located in Arizona (on Lake Powell) and I am a member of the Central Arizona Jaguar Club.

Thanks for your patience and please let me know if there is any other information you would need.

Dick Hile

792742 BW IX LHD  Vance Smith Muskegon MI USA
791669 BW IX LHD Craig Tiano Norristown PA USA
791740 BW IX LHD David E. Evans Santa Ana CA
791871 BW iX LHD Craig Tiano Norristown PA USA
737786 BW VII LHD  Craig Tiano Norristown PA USA
790485BW IX David G. McKay


Body N002268
Engine is NC2145-8

790749bw IX Larry Ahlgren USA I just bought a 1959 Jaguar Mark , ID # ..It's silver/maroon, LHD, manual transmission. It's driveable, but needs a lot of work. The interior is very rough.
791696 BW IX LHD Didier Steyles Belgium
791699 BW IX LHD  Kenneth E. Goltz Bakersfield CA USA
791836 BW IX LHD  Michael A. Morf San Rafael CA USA
792036 BW IX LHD  Marty Ray Oakland CA USA
792113 BW IX RHD  Russell Colber Minneapolis MN USA
792159 DN IX LHD Gregory L. Bernier Edmonds, WA, U.S.A. Condition: Excellent, restored. Original registration # 3633 DU.
Black/Claret, biscuit int.,Eng.
#NC-6380-8, Body #N006546, Gearbox
#JLN45224JS. Reutter reclining passenger
seat with headrest. All numbers
matching, JDHT certificate.

792194 BW IX LHD  Mikel R. Whites Casa Grande AZ USA
792199 BW IX LHD  Roger Clements Greens Farm CT USA
792208 BW IX Albert Motta US For the last 28 years as the second owner. 1960 Jaguar MK9
Body # N006561 Engine # NC 6601-9
Condition of the vehicle is 95% restored, finished in original nitrocellulose lacquer of Cotswold Blue and two-toned with a light blue (the original car was monotone but I chose not to leave it that way). Interior is Red (old bright red) which has been restored in original Connolly leather. I just recently completed my search for all tools and am now complete. The tool boxes are restored with fresh flocking and all tools installed.
792251 BW IX LHD  Robert A. Pfost Oakland CA USA
792330 BW IX LHD  Ron Fisher Canada
792611 BW IX LHD Wiebe Knoop Holland
792636BW   Bill Flannigan washington USA
792742 BW IX LHD  Vance H. Smith Muskegon MI USA
792864 BW car is for sale asking $3800! IX LHD  Michael J. Schaffner Pittsville MD USA
792869 BW IX LHD  John Cullinane Matawan NJ USA
792891 BW IX RHD  Dan Hoffman Cherry Hill NJ USA
792939 BW IX LHD  John Rupp Van Buren AR USA
792972 BW IX LHD Bob Inglis Garden Ridge TX USA
792974 BW IX LHD  Henrik N. Jakobsen Norway
793049 BW IX LHD  Mikel R. Whites Casa Grande AZ USA
793059 BW IX LHD  Michael S. Riley Riverside CA USA
793119 BW IX LHD  Roy Margenau Ann Arbor MI USA
793149 BW IXLHD  Peter R. Kessinger Honolulu HI
793233 BW IX LHD  Jesper Boie Rasmussen

The car is in excellent condition from 1961. Colours: Cotswold Blue over
Silver. Interior: Grey.

793386 BW IX LHD  Ken Ruocco Kingston NJ USA
793504 BW IX LHD John Baxa Roswell GA USA

793565 BW IX LHD  P. W. Hopley Canada
793717 BW IX LHD  Dan M. Dragoi Herndon VA USA
793726 BW IX Ted Buffum USA

BODY #N 010421 ENGINE #NE 1548-9 AUTO TRANS # JBC 7878

I believe the colors to be named as Pewter over dove grey ..the paint is original, but the sheen is gone. I have all the tools in the toolboxes, the per Larry's input..I was only missing the
Tyre gage. Red factory leather interior, bench front, tray tables and locking magazine rack, all original. The horsehair filler in the seat feels a bit crunchy...The car has been in the Arizona heat since at least 1979, and the former owner did nothing in the name of caring for
the vehicle, other than store it.

793734BW LHD Dr. Matthias Schnell-Heisch   Engine: NE 1558-8, Body: 010427, Gearbox: JBC 8109 (Borg Warner Automatic Transmission)
Date built: 12/23/1960
First delivery: Jaguar Cars of New York
Colors: cornish grey over mist grey (two-tone original paint: 80 %), Interior: original dark blue leather, dark blue carpets.
Condition: overall good original condition, good driver, permanent technical maintenance over 46 years, not show quality due to some minor dings and dents and some cracking of the paint. Original wood is excellent, crome and leather are in good shape, carpets and door seals have been recently replaced.
Car is complete including all (door and boot) tools, operating, maintenance and service handbook, receipts over 46 years, fully documented.
The car had three onwers: 1961-1997, David E. Lowe, MA + GA, USA, 1997-2003 Dan Verver, CO, USA, since 2003 Dr. Matthias Schnell-Heisch, Germany.

793817 BW IX LHD  Don Hoover Mansfield OH USA
793842 BW IX LHD  Thomas G. McCroskey Walland TN USA
793761 BW IX LHD  Bob and Nancy Cathey Chapin SC USA
793941 BW IX LHD  Virgil Gorans Redmond WA USA (friend Jay Gilmour's address)
794018 BW 3rd from last LHD IX built! IXLHD  Nello Zoccki Norcross GA USA
nop chassis no IX LHD Curtis Neil Bakersfield CA USA

This is what has come in on the Internet as of  6 December 2006, 200 people not only in love with our luxury/racing saloons but who've registered electronically.  We've created a method of reaching them all at once, and we're using it very successfully in many countries to help our two purposes:
(1) finding these saloons;
(2) building the worldwide network.
If you contact us electronically, your address will be added to this list.

Our Registrars:
Colin Auret PO Box 24144 Rynfield Benoni 1514 SOUTH AFRICA.

Dr. Jerry Theis, Registrar CLASSIC JAGUAR ASSOCIATION 2510 Anza AV Davis CA 95616 (916) 756-6219

Clive A. Morris, Registrar JAGUAR DRIVERS' CLUB LTD 20 Tredington RD Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8EP ENGLAND 01162-875600

Peter Stefen Muller, A-1040 Wein, Mittersteig 11/2/6, Austria  (+43)/1/586-4551

If you own or know of any of these cars, send the following information to any of our Registrars.
Owner's name, address, phone, Email if there.
Condition: original, restored, excellent, good, fair, poor.
Numbers from commission (data) plate, on scuttle (firewall) behind engine -- chassis, engine, body, gearbox.
The chassis # is most important because we're listing the cars chronologically by chassis #, as Jaguar did when they were built. Colours, exterior & interior (note: all VIIs and VIIMs were single-tone; most VIIIs and IXs were two-tone)

Tools in doors -- all there? some missing? all missing? Any additional information on car(s) - history, modifications, etc.
Regarding the Internet: As of now, we havemore than  178 people who've registered electronically. We've created a method of reaching them all at once, and we're using it very successfully in many countries to help purpose (2), building the worldwide network. If you contact us electronically, your address will be added to this list.
We appreciate your help in trying to document these marvelous old Jaguar saloons!

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