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XK 150 Service Bulletins
Compiled by John Elmgreen, Sydney, NSW Australia 5-96 ©John Elmgreen
Comment notes added by Bruce Carnachan and Rob Reilly
Not for reproduction

XK150 era Service Bulletins

 Summary of Jaguar Bulletins re XK series: 1957-59.


SB 215 - May 57:  Advance servicing information:  Head B type, valve clearances 004/006, valve seats 45 degs, rear axle 4HA type, standard 3.54, OD 4.09, auto 3.54.  Capacities etc set out in detail.


SB 216 - Jul 57:  Timing chain tensioner filter:  Hydraulic tensioner filter - commencing engine no. V1191: conical filter gauze fitted in the block.

Pre-delivery cleaning:  Further to SB 196, paraffin was now recommended instead of petrol or white spirit.  After washing and cleaning with paraffin, drying with compressed air only was stipulated, with polishing with liquid (not wax) polish.  Four hours per car was allowed!

Wheel bearing adjustment:  Procedure set out for disc braked cars.  "Installation instructions for the brake assemblies are given in the Disc Brake booklet for the XK.150 model."


SB 217 - Jul 57:  Spark plugs: change in designation:  Champion spark plugs had new designations, without there being any change in the heat ratings etc of the plugs:

L10S                       new:        L7

N8B                                        N8

NA8                                        N5

NA10                                      N3


SB 220 - Aug 57:  Overdrive: hydraulic pressure:  For testing purposes, pressure was as follows:

XK140 early                          type 28/1390          420-440 psi

XK140 late                             type 28/1432          480-500 psi

XK150                                    type 18/1516          480-500 psi

Oil filter elements:  A summary was provided for all post war models, including:

XK120 to W4382                  1535        Tecalemit:              FG 2383

later                                                        1538                                        FG 2388 (also early MkVII)

XK140 & C type                   1550                                        FG 2421 (also late Mk VII)

D type & XKSS                    6691                                        FG 2326

There was also a list of sealing rings provided.


SB 221 - Aug 57:  Engine: compression pressures:  Starter cranking speed pressures with all spark plugs removed, carb throttles wide open, and engine at normal operating temperature (approx 70 deg C):


                                                7:1                                           8:1

XK120, XK140                      110 psi                    120 psi

XK150                                    125 psi                    155 psi


Water hose:  fouling timing cover:  On some LHD cars prior to FHC 834380, DHC 837005, the water hose between the pump and the metal pipe might be positioned too close to the timing cover with consequent chafing between the hose and timing cover set screws.  Remedy was to position the lower hose as high as possible so that the corrugations near the top of the hose (two corrugations shown in sketch) cleared the screw, and repositioning the lower clip to allow the lower metal pipe to move forward as far as possible.


SB 222 - Sep 57:  Windscreen wiper motor:  XK140 models affected.  New type DR3 replaces DR1.  Refers to SB 217 for introduction point of DR3 motor.  Both DR1 and DR3 were 2 speed self parking units. With DR1, the mounting pillars were secured to the motor portion, and with DR3 the pillars were cast as part of the gearbox.  If the DR3 were to replace the DR1, a conversion bracket was to be required.  Fitting and wiring instructions were set out at length in the SB.  The panel switch fitted to the XK140 and 150 models was the PRS7 (Mk VII and VIII had PRS5 type).

Generator: speed increase:  XK150 commencing V1599.  Smaller pulley fitted and smaller fan belt fitted as a result.  XK150 had 3" diameter pulley C13594 (fan belt C13595).

Block: rear cover, sealing ring:  XK150 commencing V1631, rear cover for block C2258 was sealing ring C2332 modified.  On the new type, the Allen headed cap screws were inserted from the top (instead of from the bottom as the earlier type).

Auto: anti-creep valve:  XK150 commencing FHC 824046, DHC - /837030 had a new type anti-creep valve.  The later solenoid type C12750 was larger in diameter than the early type (C6857).


SB 224 - Sep 57:  Overdrive:  throttle switch adjustment:  XK150: fitted to a bracket situated between the two carburetters.  Check that idle is 500 rpm.  Slacken the locknut and screw down the switch until the plunger in the centre of the switch is fully depressed by the lever on which it operates. Tighten locknut.

Brake servo: air cleaner:  XK150 - wash air cleaner on air intake of the servo every 5,000 miles.  Connected directly to the brake servo (rear of left hand front wheel opening).


SB 226 - Sep 57:  Valve guides:  inlet - new longer type:  XK150 commencing V1281 had longer valve guides fitted.  Old type C9867 were 1-1/2", new C7260 were 1-13/16".

Coils:  markings:  Previous markings were SW (switch) and CB (contact breaker) now replaced by + sign and - sign.  Positive earth cars to have the distributor lead connected to the positive terminal and the ignition switch to the negative terminal.


SB 227 - Sep 57:  Brakes: rear caliper (larger):   Commencing 824023/834454, - /837014 fitted with 1-5/8" pistons replacing 1-3/4" pistons.


SB 228 - Nov 57:  Handbrake:  adjustment: Procedure set out for obtaining satisfactory operation of handbrake (.006 feeler gauge).  SB 239 stated that .004 could be used if necessary.

Steering column:  upper adjustment:  XK150 824076/8334600, 827001/837071:  modified upper steering column to provide more positive locking of the steering wheel (C13669-70, 133666).

Oil pressure relief valve:  Modified type commencing V2011, described in SB.  The original type 6879 was 1 3/4" long and the new type 7315 was 2 1/16" long.

Timing cover, setscrews:  XK150 commencing V1921 - now all 5 bottom setscrew bosses were of the same length whereas earlier cars had had four longer ones.  The new five were all NB.137/11D, same as only the shorter one for the early cars.


SB 229 - Nov 57:  Timing chain dampers - rubber type:  XK150 commencing V2029, rubber type replaced the nylon type.

Brake and clutch pedals:  "On earlier XK150 cars certain of the pedals were made with alternative holes for use as either brake or clutch pedals.  If the master cylinder push rod is disconnected from the pedal it is most important that they are reconnected as follows: brake pedal - top hole, clutch pedal - bottom hole."


SB 231 - Nov 57:  Fuses:  50 amp:  XK150 commencing 824096/834658, 827001/837090 fitted with some 50 amp fuses in place of 35 amp.  50 amp were 1, 2, 5 and 6.  35 amp were 3 and 4.

Brakes: estimating disc wear (retractor pins):  When the ends of the retractor pins are about 5/16" below the face of the cylinder block, the pads need renewing.  Sleeves around the retractor pins can be removed as they are only for transit protection.


SB 233 - Nov 57:  Auto:  Current production auto transmission units manufactured in England were designated with (for the XK150 models) JBX prefixes (commencing JBX 1001).  Others were JB* for Mk VIII, J3B (3.4) and J2B (2.4).


SB 235- Jan 58:  Brakes:  servo kits for XK140:  "For XK140 owners who would prefer less effort to operate the brake pedal a servo kit is now available from the Jaguar Spares Department under Part number 7076.  Detailed instructions for carrying out this modification to the Fixed Head Coupe model are included with each kit."  DHC and OTS instructions were slightly different only.


SB 238 - Feb 58:  Brakes:  master cylinder:  XK150s now had cast iron master cylinders instead of the earlier type of aluminium.  An unhardened piston was also fitted (in place of the earlier hardened type).  XK150 whole master cylinder: C14244, body C7474 (same as 2.4, 3.4), piston unhardened C7475 (same as 2.4,  3.4).

Paint: summary of colours:  The following was printed as a summary of synthetic enamel colours referred to in SBs 114, 136, 185 and 205 plus recent additions.  Changes in shade were referred to by date (JE: i.e. a colour followed by /1 indicates a shade change).



British Domolac Q


Pinchin Johnson J


Dove Grey                                                             -                                                               J 861


British Racing Green                            Q 1076                                                    J 860


Old English White                                               -                               J 863                       J 863/C


Birch Grey                                                             Q 1079                    Q 1079/1 J 865



Pastel Blue (non metallic)                   -                                                               J 867


Lavender Grey                                      Q 1072                    Q 1072/1 J 871



Suede Green                                                          Q 1080                    Q 1080/1 J 873



Black                                                                      Q 1073                                                    J 869


Battleship Grey                                     Q 1075                    Q 1075/1 J 875



Pastel Green          (non metallic)        Q 1081                    Q 1081/1 J 877



Red                                                                         Q 1089


Pearl Grey                                                              Q 1129                    Q 1129/1 Q 1129/2

5.3.56                      14.5.56


Pacific Blue                                                           Q 1132/1


Carmine [sic] Red                                 Q 1190


Arbor Green                                                          Q 1191                    Q 1191/1



Maroon                                                  Q 1135                    Q 1135/1 Q 1135/2

13.6.55    14.5.56


Imperial Maroon                                   Q 1229                    Q 1229/1



Claret                                                                      Q 1230                    Q1230/1



Sherwood Green                                   Q 1231


Forest Green                                                         Q 1232


Cornish Grey                                         Q 1236


Mist Grey                                                              Q 1235                                                    J 889


Indigo Blue                                                           Q 1233


Cotswold Blue                                      Q 1234


SB 239 - Feb 58:  Brakes: caliper bridge pipe:  Warning re refitting the pipe correctly to avoid fouling the road wheel.

Guards:  front wing nose section:  repair sections now available for XK150 (as for 140 per SB 231).


SB 242 - Mar 58:  Brakes:  cautions against getting lubricants on brake drum or brake disc - over lubrication of wheel hubs, spraying rear springs with penetrating oil. 

Brake & Clutch:  hydraulic fluids:  List of recommendations set out, to be adhered to carefully.

Preferred Alternatives


XK120/140 (drums)

Lockheed No. 102 Heavy Duty BF

Wakefield Crimson HBF

Delco Special No.11 BF

Chrysler MS 3511 BF

Wagner 21B BF *


XK150 (discs), XK150 (clutch)

Wakefield Crimson HBF

Lockheed No. 102 Heavy Duty BF

Delco Special No.11 BF

Chrysler MS 3511 BF

Wagner 21B BF *


BF = brake fluid, HBF= hydraulic brake fluid; * added by SB 243 (Apr 58).

JE note:  SB shows how few XK150s had drum brakes (because XK150s were listed as having only disc brakes); check ID plates for any changes that may have taken place re recommendations as shown on the plate.


SB 243 - Apr 58:  Tyres:  3.4 litre:  Original fitting to 2.4 and 3.4 was apparently Dunlop Road Speed RS3, now RS4 being fitted with different tread pattern.

LSD: Limited Slip Differentials - identification:  Rear axles fitted with a Thornton Power-Lok differential in production are now identified with a metal tag stamped P/L fitted underneath the head of the differential cover bolt adjacent to the bolt carrying the ratio tag.  If the tag is not present, the LSD can be identified by removing the rear filler plug: if the diff case can be seen adjacent to the filler plug hole, it can be taken that a power-lok diff is fitted.


SB 245 - May 58:  Auto:  XK150:  From V3208, there was a modification to the valve block to prevent jerking when downshifting from 2nd to 1st on a closed throttle.

Pistons:  oil control rings:  XK140, XK150:  Ring fitted to production engines and service replacement pistons was C5832; part no. C11956 was fitted only when rings were supplied separately from pistons.


SB 246 - May 58:  Brakes:  master cylinder modification:  XK150s with disc brakes.  A modification was introduced to remedy the problem of long brake pedal action on first application of brakes after the car had been standing (removal of bush; new seal, valve and spring support).  Instructions were given for the fitting of the new parts.  An identification clip was to be fitted to the master cylinder - around the body, between the attachment flange and the connection bosses.  The XK150 tag had on it "C14580 (VBM 3248)". The modification was to be carried out on a guarantee basis, irrespective of the age of the car.


SB 248 - Jul 58:  LSD: Precautions were listed, re not running the car with one wheel off the ground (car may drive itself off the jack or stand).  If the Thornton Powr-Lok diff was fitted to an existing rear axle, the filler plug would foul the differential case - a special cover plate was accordingly available, or if not obtainable, the filler plug could be cut to obtain at least 1/16" clearance between the end of the plug and the diff case.

Heater:  rheostat switch:  Commencing -/830439, 824420/835566, 827072/837434 a rheostat switch was fitted to enable fan speed to be controlled.  It was marked: "Heater, Fast-Slow".  It was wired through the ignition switch.


SB 249 - Jul 58:  Brakes:  lining wear (checking):  Interval for checking reduced from 10,000 miles to 5,000 (drums or discs).

Brakes:  caliper bridge pipe:  Now fitted with an ID tag "Inner Top" - see SB 239.

Rear suspension:  springs:  Commencing  -/830960, 824551/835671, 827168/837573 the rear springs were fitted with "full length nylon interleaving between the top and second leaves".  Part nos. were spring with interleaf C14476, interleaf C13109/2.  If complaints of rear spring squeak were received on cars with springs with rubber buttons, a nylon interleaf could be fitted.  The longer end of the interleaf would have to have 2" cut out of it before fitting.


SB 250 - Jul 58:  Rear suspension: springs: thicker top leaf:  Commencing  -/830060, 824551/835671, 827168/83753 a new thicker top leaf C14476 was fitted, also with a front spring eye of different design (also used the full length nylon interleaf - see SB 249).

Clutch: release bearing:  Only part no. 2590 (BB 48443) was to be used (to ensure that adequate clearance between the bearing and gearbox seal was obtained).


SB 251 - Sep 58:  Brakes:  pressure build up:  Complaints of brake drag or binding caused by slow pressure build up in the hydraulic system had been traced to insufficient clearance between the servo piston rod and the slave cylinder piston.


SB 252 - Sep 58:  Heating: now fresh air:  Commencing  - /831140, 824585/835719, 827194/837628, fresh air heating and ventilation replaced the re-circulating type.  There was a detailed description of the new system.  The door in the left front mudguard (wing) always had to be open for correct operation.

Air cleaners:  maintenance:  Reminder re importance of proper and regular servicing.


SB 253 - Nov 58:   Mk IX - advance servicing information:  2 pages of details.  Engine 3.8 litre, head noted as being "B type, with chamfer at bottom of combustion chamber to accommodate increased cylinder bore diameter".


SB 254 - Nov 58:  XK150 "S" model - advance servicing information:  2 pages of details, including: "The XK.150 "S" model is of the Open 2-Seater type ..." without mention of FHC or DHC S models.  Cylinder head was noted as "Straight port type (painted Old Gold)" with 45 deg valve seat angles, and clearances .004/.006 (normal), .006/.010 (racing), compression ratio 9:1, and a total of 14 listed items of difference.

Two other special features:

XK150 S air cleaner:  "Three wire mesh elements, one for each carburetter, are fitted in a box accessible from underneath the right hand front wing after removal of the valance plate.  To gain access to the wire mesh elements unscrew the two nuts and withdraw the box; the elements and gauzes can now be withdrawn from the retaining clips."

XK150 S petrol filter:  Located between centre and rear carbs, glass bowl with flat filter gauze.


SB 255 - Nov 58:  Brakes: rear caliper adaptor plate bolts:  Revised arrangement for attaching adaptor plate to rear axle: original arrangement of bolts, shakeproof washers and nuts is superseded by longer bolts and self locking nuts.  New bolts for XK150 part no. 7757 (8 required).

Fuel: 9:1 cars:  Super fuel with min. octane rating of 98 (Research method) was to be used.  If low octane fuel was used, it was recommended that full throttle not be used (to avoid detonation and resultant piston trouble).


SB 257 - Jan 59:  Brakes:  quick change type  Commencing 820004/831712, 827236/837836, 824669/835886 quick change type were fitted.  Renew at 1/4" thickness of pad.   Instructions set out for renewal. 

Fan belt:  Commencing V5733, VS1523  a 1/2" fan belt C14535 was fitted with modified fan pulley (C14588), crankshaft pulley C14589 and generator pulley C14590.

Tool:  piston retractor:  available from Spares Dept (part no. 7840).


SB 258 - Jan 59:  Front suspension:  Upper wishbone ball joint modified commencing 820004/831698, 824668/835882, 827235/837831.  Larger diameter ball and an increased angle of movement. Ball joint C14434, interchangeable with previous type for XK150 so long as grease nipple, self locking nut and plain washer were fitted.

Spark plugs:  Plugs N5 were now recommended.  The old designation was NA8 and N5 was now recommended to replace N8 (formerly N8B).


SB 259 - Jan 59:  Heater: air intake: seal for lever:  Cars "now in production" fitted with "a sponge rubber seal" (BD16680 2 off) "at the top and bottom of the air intake lever situated at the left -hand side of the driving compartment."  Fitted to prevent entry of cold air when the air intake was opened for the operation of the heater.  Affixed to the air vent box "with rubber solution" and contact each other along the whole of their lengths.

Wire wheels:  72 spoke type replaced 60 spoke on 3.4 litre models.

Valves:  gum deposits:  Present day fuels could form gum and then cause sticking valves if left to stand for any length of time; therefore draining was recommended, with a small amount of oil to be injected into each cylinder.


SB 261 - Feb 59:  Brakes:  Maintenance and rectification:  List of instructions set out - 4 pages, including pedal travel, pulling, locking etc.

Clutch:  pedal fouling:  XK150: Could be caused by clutch over centre spring bracket contacting the split pin end of the clevis pin which secures the brake master cylinder fork end to the brake pedal.  Recommended in such a case to reverse the position of the clevis pin (so that the head of the pin faced the clutch pedal linkage).

Engine - bearings:  lead indium big ends fitted from V6709 (C5893).

Batteries:  For 3.4 litre Saloon (not XK) 11 plate battery introduced in place of 9 plate.  The 9 plate had been C8792, Lucas GTW9A 57amp. hr at 20 hr rate; 11 plate was C14886 Lucas BV11A, 72 amp hr at 20 hr rate.


SB 263 - Apr 59:  Overdrive  manual operation:  Commencing - / 831963 (OTS), the mechanically operated overdrive was fitted.  "The operating lever is mounted forward of the normal gearshift lever and will only allow the overdrive to operate on top gear."  Pull lever back to engage OD, forward to go to top from OD.  Automatic disengagement if gear is changed from top to 3rd.

Handbrake (disc brakes):  Procedure for adjustment of handbrake for cars with disc brakes.

Wire wheels:  knock ons:  All cars with wire wheels for Germany were now fitted with special knock ons to comply with German safety regulations;  "These hub caps have shorter lugs and require the use of a special tool for removal and replacement..  This removal tool fits over the hub cap and has suitable lugs to allow a copper mallet to be used."

(Comment from Frans Hoekemeijer: I used to own an XK150 in the 70's that I bought in Switzerland. Swiss and German regulations were quite similar than so I suppose that my car was equipped in a similar way. It had wire wheels with spinners that looked as if the protruding lugs had been sawn off. With the car was supplied a kind of big ring spanner, made of brass sheet about 8 mm (5/16") thick (I quote from memory) with a hole in it, a circle with trimmed off opposite chords. A Thor hammer was supplied to hammer on the end of the tool. The fit was not very positive and I suppose that they have now all been replaced by the "continental" spinner as I have on my Daimler V8, this has three small lugs and comes with a brass tool that fits over the spinner and has three bigger lugs to hammer.)

RR comment: my 1970 E-type had similar earless spinners and a brass tool, so USA specs apparently copied German specs.


SB 265 - May 59:  Air cleaner:  paper type:  XK150 S commencing 820039/832076, 824864/836187, 827355/838246 - fitted with single paper air cleaner in place of 3 wire mesh type elements.  Remove cover box from rear of valance underneath the right hand wing.

Oil filter:  Reminder re need to clean/change oil filter.

Wheels:  balancing:  balancing with wheels on car.  Reminder re jacking both rear wheels off the ground (esp. if LSD fitted) to avoid damage to the differential.


SB 266 - May 59:  Oil filter: blanking plate discontinued:  Commencing V6861, the blanking plate C12803 originally fitted between the oil filter and block no longer used.  There were consequent modifications, to the block drillings, the filter fixings (including shorter bolts), and the sump (which had the flange cut away to clear the oil filter head casting).  The block now used was C15951 for the XK150, and the sump was C15964 (noted as for 2.4 and 3.4 litre: therefore not applicable to XK150 3.4?).  The new block was interchangeable with the old XK150 type C8610/1 (also for the 3.4 litre Saloons).  Earlier sumps could still be used with the later block if the flange edge was filed.

Auto: fluid level:  Revised method of checking fluid level now set out (involved car at hot, with particular settings on gearbox).

Auto: fluid type:  New fluid types now available and recommended:  Shell, Donax T6 - AQ/ATF/844A and BP Energol ATF Type A Suffix A - AQ/ATF/1020A.  [JE note:   check if any change to ID plates here.]


SB 267 - May 59:  Generator: new type;  regulator:  Generator now 25 amp output, commencing  - /832088, 827273/838259, 824900/836222.  Dynamo C15255 Lucas C45-PVS-6, part no. 22496A.  Regulator C15257, Lucas type RB310, Lucas part no. 37297.F.  New regulator not interchangeable with earlier type, later generator could be used to replace the earlier type.


SB 268 - Jun 59:  Rev Counter: electric:  Commencing 820043/832088, 824905/836233, 827373/838272, electric rev counter was fitted (and some earlier chassis numbers).  Small generator at the rear of the inlet cam.  A number of parts required consequential changes, all of which were listed in the SB and main ones of which are listed below:

Rev counter                          C14994

Head                                       C14956 (3.4)

                                                C14957 (S)

Cam (inlet)                             C14985

Cam cover (inlet)  C14987

Rear bearing cap  C14984

Earlier cams could not be fitted to later cars (though later cams could be fitted to earlier cars).

Brakes:   discs:  Noted that discs sometimes appeared cracked but were not: found to be a grinding mark or a corrosion mark where the handbrake pad had stopped against the disc.  "Of the discs returned to us for examination not one has been found to be cracked."

Rear suspension: spring interleaving:  If the interleaving has a tendency to work out from between the leaves, the end of each rear spring should be bound with plastic or similar tape from the spring eyes to a point just short of the adjacent clip.

Clutch:  slave cylinder bracket:  Commencing 820043/832089,  824903/836227, 827379/838273 a strengthened slave cylinder bracket was fitted C 15709.  If earlier cars have trouble obtaining correct clutch adjustment, a check should be made for flexing of the bracket.


SB 269 - Oct 59:  Brakes:  servos - disc vs drum:  Only difference was that the drum brake model had a check valve and a rubber seat in the adaptor at the end of the slave cylinder, whereas disc brake units did not have these.

Cooling system:  thermostats:  High setting thermostats available for extreme winter conditions: for XK150, C12867/1 with an opening temperature of 80-85 deg C.


SB 270 - Oct 59:  Brakes: servo:  Cup spreader introduced, between the cup and spring in the slave cylinder (applied to all cars with 6 7/8" diameter servo).


SB 272 - Nov 59:  Tuning data:  Table of information for 3.4 XK150:  not reproduced here.


SB 272 - Nov 59:  Mark II models:  Preliminary Information:  3 pages of information.  Included that cylinder head type was B type.


SB 273 - Nov 59:  Motorways:  "The following points should be brought to the notice of owners who are likely to operate their cars on the new motorways."  "Do not maintain an engine speed in excess of 5,000 r.p.m. for any length of time.  Occasionally, release accelerator slightly and allow car to overrun for a few seconds."

Overdrive operation:  Recommended that the overdrive should not be brought into operation at high speed with a wide throttle opening (now stated in Mk II handbooks but applicable to all overdrive cars).  Also cautioned against reversing when stuck in OD - could damage the unit.


SB 274 - Nov 59:  Brakes:  servo problems: Fault could be vacuum check valve (where underneath the inlet manifold), servo breather blocked, vacuum hose blocked, dry vacuum piston leather in unit.

Snow chains:  Strap on type not to be fitted to cars with disc brakes as the straps would foul the caliper bridge pipe.   However, chains fitted totally around the periphery of the tyre were satisfactory (with the spats off).

Tall lamps:  On cars with the new type tail lamps, "a certain number of 1960 cars with the new type rear lamps (with separate flasher and tail light bulbs) were sent out of the factory without the drain holes in the bottom of the lamp lens."  They should be drilled (2 holes per lens, 1/4" up from the lower level). 


SB 275 - Nov 59:   Hydraulic fluids:  Series of instructions re what to use and how to use it.

Exhaust:  clipped supersedes welded:  "Cars now in production have the tailpipes clipped to the silencers instead of being welded.  The new silencers (part nos. unchanged) have saw cuts at the end of exit pipes which are of increased length to take the tail pipes.  The clips were C13063, bolts UFB131/22R, washer x 2 FW105T, nut UFN131/L. 

10 July 59:  Auto: exchange scheme for Borg Warner:  Introduced from 10 July 1959; exchange units painted red (vs black for production units).


Problems acknowledged:

Brakes:  master cylinder modification: [SB 246 - May 58]:  XK150s with disc brakes.  A modification was introduced to remedy the problem of long brake pedal action on first application of brakes after the car had been standing.  The modification was to be carried out on a guarantee basis, irrespective of the age of the car.

Rear suspension:  springs squeaking: SB 249 - Jul 58:   Complaints of rear spring squeak:  rectified by fitting nylon interleaf (which became standard too).

Clutch:  slave cylinder bracket: SB 268 - Jun 59:  Commencing 820043/832089, 824903/836227, 827379/838273 a strengthened slave cylinder bracket was fitted C 15709.  If earlier cars have trouble obtaining correct clutch adjustment, a check should be made for flexing of the bracket.


Others not yet added to this summary.


John Elmgreen;  Sydney, Australia;  17.6.96


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