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- Jag-Lovers' Saloons Ebook -

2 - Manuals and Forward ( Chris Burdo,  May 24, 2005 )


Most manuals for the early saloons can be ordered from various Jaguar vendors that supply parts for the early Saloons. You can also check out places like eBay for new and used manuals as well. Jaguar-Daimler Heritage Trust sells the CD-ROM manual for each model for a modest price. You may want to invest in a few different manuals for your model as I’ve found it helpful to have a second or third source of information. I would purchase the proper Jaguar manual and then add to it a Chiltons or Haynes.

Keep in mind that as well as the proper Jaguar service manual that there is a parts manual that Jaguar produced that is a nice addition as it shows exploded drawings of components which comes handy when you’ve a pile of bits on the floor.


This Ebook will be covering various Saloon models from the 50’s, 60’s, and even into the early 70’s so therefore not only will models vary from country to country but also model to model to model. While a lot of each model carries over to others as far as the mechanicals are concerned there are distinct differences in each model. I will try to cover as much as possible for each model as well as the overall issues that are similar to the range of early Jaguar saloons. If you find any errors or have something to add to the Saloons Ebook please feel free to contact me.

Note: No one involved with this on-line book will accept any responsibility for any injuries, damage, loss of income, or anything resulting from the information in this online book.

With the Disclaimer being mentioned I feel I should mention a bit about safety and auto repair. While some of this will seem obvious to the reader we can all tell stories about the times we missed the obvious and by chance happen to be here today to talk about it.

* Make sure that before you start any work that you have safety equipment nearby such as a fire extinguisher, a first aid box, and if possible a phone.
* Make sure that all flammable liquids are stored away from the working area. This is critical if your using any tools that cause sparks such as die-grinders or cut-off tools.
* Make sure if you are to work under your Jaguar that you have the car properly supported by proper jack-stands that are rated for the weight of the vehicle. Don’t try and take the cheap route out when it comes to supporting your vehicle, its your life that is under the car and you may have a family that might want to see you after you work on the car so spend the few extra dollars on the proper equipment.
* Make sure that before you start a project that involves your car being taken off the road, if it’s a daily driver, that you have all the parts you need before stripping away the car. Nothing worse than getting into a project only to find your missing a part that will complete the repair.
* Keep in mind the time…if your going to do a full bushing replacement job on your front subframe and you only have two hours to accomplish this by then there is a very slim chance of you completing it in that allotted time. Its always good to have a general idea of how long a project will take before diving in so that you can set aside proper time to do so.
* Make sure you have all the proper tools to tackle the job..outside of missing a part that you need to complete a job not having all the tools ranks up there for frustration.
* Finally just use your brain when it comes to auto repair..nothing wrong with using good old common sense to keep yourself safe.

With this said I hope you will find working on your Jaguar rewarding and fulfilling.


2.1 - MKVII-MKIX Manuals and Book Info ( Greg Bernier,  March 14, 2005 )

The "Xk120/Mark VII"service manual (with supplemental pages for later
models), and the Mark VIII parts manual are musts. There are several good
illustrated books out there, among the best being Nigel Thorley's "Jaguar
Mark VII to 420G...The Complete Companion" and Brooklands Books "Jaguar Mk
VII, VIII, IX, X, 420G Gold Portfolio". If you can get your hands on an
original Autobooks "XK120, 140, 150, Mk 7,8,9 Owner's Workshop Manual", it
is also a very good supplement to the official Service Manual, with lots of
how-to illustrations.

2.1.1 - Must-have MkII references ( Tom Carson,  November 20, 2003 )

Tom Carson wrote on November 20, 2003:

If you plan to renovate your Mark 2, I found three other books, besides
the factory shop manual and a good supply of catalogs from suppliers
around the globe, to be very useful:

1) Practical Classics& Car Restoration's: "MK 2 Jaguar Restoration",
by Kelsey Publishing Limited
2) Practical Classics& Car Restoration's: "On Classic Trim", by Kelsey
3) Jaguar World's: "Jaguar 6 Cylinder Engine Overhaul (1948-1986), by
Kelsey Publishing Limited

Chris Burdo writes:

Jaguar MKI and MKII: The Complete Companion
by Nigel Thorley - I note on Amazon they have 1 new and three used
copies..may want to check eBay for a cheaper copy.

You may want to try and track down a copy of the Jaguar Spares book for the
MK2 as it has pretty good diagrams which will help.

2.1.2 - S-type Books ( Adrian Boulding,  March 12, 2003 )

Adrian Boulding offers this advice on March 12,2003

The book you will want for the restoration is by
James Taylor ''Jaguar S Type and 420, the Complete Story'', published
by Crowood. Contains all the details of specs and how they changed
over time during the production run.


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