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15.3 - Central Locking/Power Windows for a MK 2 ( Neil Syder,  June 17, 2005 )

I use my car daily and therefore wanted to make some practical
modifications whilst keeping the car looking standard but I can
see myself that most will think I have got carried away. With
regards to what I have done to my car I guess it has come as a
bit of a surprise to me as much as anyone

(1) Whilst walking around Maplin electronics in my local town
(Warrington, UK) I spotted a universal central locking kit for
sale for £20. I thought why not and if I cannot fit it I can sell it
on E bay. This was late December 2003. Over the Christmas holiday I
thought if I do not try and fit it now I never will and so spent
the following two days fitting it. I was shocked at how easily I
got it to work (my car is 1967 and has late door handle
mechanisms which may have helped me but I am not sure). I started
on the back doors which as it happened are the easiest as there is no
problem with the window mechanism fouling the central locking. The
front doors have to be controlled using the full length on a rod
(supplied with the kit) so that the solenoid is low down in the
door and the window can still work. I have no photos of the
installation with the door panels off to show you but will be
taking tem off again soon to fit the electric windows and will
see if I can get some then.

(2) After fitting the central locking and it working so well
I decided I wanted to have the doors lock using a key fob rather
than turning the key in the drivers door lock. So at this point
I started looking for an alarm with a locking interface on e-bay.
I am sure others will understand I would have been very happy with
a simple system but after looking for a while I found an alarm
which just sounded to good to be true. For £80 (I had to buy a phone
as well for this total cost) it controlled the central locking,
could start the car, connected to a mobile phone, which would ring you
when the alarm is triggered. You can also phone the car to lock
it or check it or even start it. Well I contacted people who
previously bought it to see if it was any good and they all
confirm the offer to be true. So I bought one. To fit it I had to change
the car to negative earth (I think I did this before buying the
alarm). At this point I got the clock fixed and converted to
positive earth by Mike Eck whom I feel was great value also. How
to change polarity is recorded in the archives and I followed the
advise of other members and again this was very simple 2hrs
work. I then fitted the alarm as per the instructions and did not
believe the auto start would work on such an old car (but it does – well
when cold, if the car is warm and being stood for half an hour
it needs a longer crank to get it started – I think it suffers from
mild vapour lock). To fit the alarm and make a separate wiring
loom for all the accessories took me a week or so working on the car
after work for an hour or two most nights. I was keen to have a
separate wiring loom so that I could keep the car standard and
separate at a later date if I had problems.

(3) Because the alarm had a boot (trunk) release trigger I
though I would see if I could buy a boot release system. Again
back onto e-bay and found a local firm in Warrington selling it for
£15. Bought and fitted – this was not so easy and took 3 full days to
figure out and fit.

(4) Next I thought I would try electric windows. Again back
to e-bay I bought some universal motors (2 first to try and see
if they were powerful enough). Fitted the motor in about 2 hrs and
it worked. It then took me another 2 to 3 weeks sorting out how I
wanted the electrics and the switch to work. Basically on the
doors I am using a spare set of door opening mechanisms (taken of a
scrap car) in the position that the window winders were. These allow
the window handle to move up and down slightly but not turn all the
way round as normal. The normal window handles still fit these
mechanisms. Connected to this mechanism are two micro switches,
which trigger when the handle is raised or lowered to send power
to the window motor. I have also bought the electric window control
switches that are used on Mk10 (it fits in the centre consol
between the seats). I am getting the wood finished to match the
rest of the car before fitting but the wiring is waiting and

(5) Finally I bought a self raise system (for the windows)
that fits onto the alarm (guess were from) and fitted that. I
know that is taking it to far………

Anyway once I have the front windows fitted I think this will be
the end of it. I am happy to say everything I have fitted has
worked without any issue since fitting and remember this car is
used daily.


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