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Jag-lovers Screen Saver user guide - Configuration

Jag-lovers Screen Saver for Windows (32-bit)

©Jag-lovers 1998

This Screen Saver has no connection with Jaguar Cars Ltd nor is it endorsed by them. The word 'Jaguar' and the 'Leaping cat' device are the property of Jaguar cars Ltd. All images are taken from Jaguar Car brochures for which Jaguar Cars own the original Copyright. The software is provided free and 'as-is' for your personal use and enjoyment only and Jag-lovers can take no responsibility for any problems that may ensue from using it.
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(taken from 1024 x 768 resolution)


Use Windows Control Panel to configure the screen saver (see Configuring as default screen saver if you don't know how to open the necessary dialogue window).

To configure the screen saver

  • If the Screen Saver is already running,  you can hit F8 to show the Configuration Window below. But be careful - if you move the mouse about too quickly after finishing, you'll stop the Screen Saver.... Hitting ENTER is the best way to exit Configuration

  • Alternatively, with the Screen Saver tab in Control Panel visible, and the Jag-lovers screen saver already selected in the list, select the Settings button

  • The Jag-lovers Screen Saver Configuration window appears (it might appear different to below if there is a later version available and this is not the latest version of the guide - you can find the latest one on the Jag-lovers Screen Saver homepage)

Options are as follows
  • Update interval

  • Defines the number of seconds between image changes. Values between 3 and 60 seconds are acceptable (anything outside these limits will be ignored and defaulted at run-time)

    NOTE: you can PAUSE the next scheduled change using the F5 function key which acts as a toggle switch. When paused, the screen background or the top part of the screen will change to Green. This is useful if you want to ogle a picture for longer than normal! If you leave this facility active, it will automatically cancel after 5 minutes

  • Display sequence

  • Sets whether the saver will display images in the order it finds them stored, or decides randomly which one to display next
  • Image locations

  • If more than one image folder is available, sets whether or not the saver takes all the pictures from one folder, or decides randomly which folder to use next and so will eventually display all images. If Specific, then you must select one of the image folders shown in the list to use.  Any folder selection must be a sub-folder of the original installation folder  Only click once on the final folder required (i.e. do NOT actually open it by dbl-clicking) to select it
  • No mouse detect

  • With this checked, the Screen Saver will only end using a key press or mouse click - it ignores all mouse movements. If the Screen Saver ends prematurely for no apparent reason when running, selecting this option should make it run normally.
  • Text tips

  • The saver can display static or scrolling text messages across the top of the screen - these basically act as 'adverts' and reminders for the Jag-lovers web pages plus reminders on how to use the saver options. You can set the text to be:
    • Don't show - you don't want to see any text at all at this position
    • Static - the text appears but doesn't move
    • Scrolling - the text scrolls across the top of the screen

    • Note: if the Clock is turned on then it overrides any setting here
  • Clock

  • If you check this option, a simple digital clock appears at the top of the screen. It overrides the Text tips setting
  • Sub-titles

  • The images can come with a short text description of their origin. If you want, these descriptions appear below each image as it displays, scrolling up from below on each image change.If you check Show sub-titles then this facility activates. If you then leave Page info only unchecked, those images that have no description have the ads and reminders described earlier shown instead. If you check Page info only then only those images that have descriptions will have anything displayed.
  • Effects

  • As each image changes to the next, you can choose to have the full range of available effects used to make the change. There are around 21 in the current release, all chosen to be fairly fast and avoiding slow dissolves.
    • Use change effects if you uncheck this option, then each image change uses the same fast default effect
    • Add border checking this adds a 3D border round the image
    • Hide on change checking this hides the main image briefly when swapping the image. You may find the overall effect more pleasing with this enabled when you also have Add border and Swap to background enabled
    • Swap to background with this checked, every time the main image is about to be swapped, the current image is transferred to the screen background and enlarged to fill the screen. This may distort the image and it will refuse to enlarge some smaller images. Looks best at 1024x768 resolution or higher
    • If you also check Initial picture, then the saver uses a veneer wood panel effect background on startup until the second image become available (note this can cause some Matrox video drivers to lock up as soon as this image displays - turn this facility off if this happens)

    Note that the Jag-lovers screen saver will infrequently display a non-image screen with one of the adverts/reminders referred to above. It only lasts a few seconds and you cannot get rid of it!


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