The Jag-lovers FireFox Toolbar V1.6

Those of you using the Mozilla FireFox browser may like to give this Toolbar a try - we don't offer any guarantees of it working but it has run happily for everyone that's tried it so far. Currently compatible with FireFox 1.0 - 3.x


To install it and providing you are a Registered member, select the image above from within FireFox - this should initiate the Install Dialogue (you may need to allow downloads from Jag-lovers to get at the file) and from that point it's the same as any other extension install. If the Install doesn't start automatically, save the file locally instead and then open it in FireFox using File, Open File or drag/drop the file into FireFox. Then Exit and restart FireFox as usual to see and use it.

What it does

Here is a quick run through the current options (all options open in the current window):

Drop down list of many popular pages, all the forums individually plus Ads, eBay search and so on.

Forum Monitor
Opens the Forum recent posts Monitoring page

Forums Search/Web Search
These initiate the selected Jag-lovers search page using a simple search for whatever keywords you enter in the area between the two buttons.

Opens the Jag-lovers Photo Album Index page

Free/Paid Adverts
Opens the appropriate members adverts listings

A drop-down list of current Jag-lovers E-Books to open directly

Use this to run an instant search on eBay (USA Site) for the latest Jaguar related items in ending-first order. There is a bit of filtering on this search to remove common non-cars related items such as Atari etc. Use the 'Matching Categories' list at the left of the results to sub-select results if you want