Jag-lovers Disclaimer
(Conditions of Access for the Lists/Forums and their Archives)

The technical and administrative support necessary to run Jag-Lovers is provided by a number of volunteers and service providers in several countries who shall not be held responsible for the contents of the users' postings or other content provided, uploaded or otherwise contributed by the users.

All content of the discussion forums, mailing lists and their archives is the sole responsibility of the authors. All content is copyright by the authors.

Jag-Lovers is a group consisting of Jaguar Enthusiasts from around the world who have banded together to discuss Jaguar automobiles. It is a forum to share experiences and help with maintenance, rebuilding and source parts and materials. Subscribing to Jag-Lovers and accessing its various discussion groups, forums, archives, chats and web sites (The Services) is a privilege and by participating all users accept that they alone are responsible for the contents of their posting and its subsequent public archiving.

Those who repeatedly flout the following rules or common decency will no longer be welcome on The Services and will be barred from using The Services.

The Services are intended to be used by civilized people - please conduct yourself in a manner befitting the term "civilized", both in your on-list and off-list/forum correspondence with Administrators and other list/forum members.

It is NOT acceptable to post any form of commercial advertising nor undertake personal or commercial attacks, "flaming", public airing of disputes or vendettas of any kind. If asked to halt/refrain from posting to any thread/topic by an Administrator you will comply at once.

Please remember that private email to you is just that, private. You may not post private correspondence of any kind to The Services unless you have the explicit permission of the sender(s)/author(s).

It is your duty to make sure that all material you post, upload or otherwise make available on The Services is not covered by copyright or other restrictions and that you have the permission of the original owner of the work to make it public on The Services.

Users with commercial interests (Vendors) who want to advertise their services to Jaguar Enthusiasts should get in touch with www.jagweb.com and/or www.jagads.com. Vendors will refrain from commenting on products or services supplied by self or other Vendor(s), anywhere on The Services. Vendors are welcome on Jag-Lovers in their capacity as Jaguar Enthusiasts ONLY.

Subscribers should keep in mind the true and central intent of Jag-Lovers and exercise due diligence and prudence in their postings which should be kept to topics relevant to that forum. In particular it is not allowed, under any circumstances, to post negative comments about Vendors and/or their products and services to any of The Services. This is NOT a consumer activist site.

Vendors are not permitted to advertise within posts nor to provide contact details within the body posts - however, a website link, company name, phone number or other contact details is permitted within your static signature accompanying a post (signature to have a maximum of four lines).

However much you may be tempted to do so, do not post slanderous or defamatory statements about other users. These include, but are not limited to, false or malicious statements injurious to a person's reputation, job, family or private life.

Use of The Services is a privilege, not a right. You earn that privilege by abiding by these rules and cooperating with the other members and the Administrators. Note that administration of The Services is at the sole discretion of the Administrators. You hereby agree to abide by the decisions of the Administrators, whether you agree with them in principle or not.

By using The Services, you agree to indemnify all volunteers and service providers who are responsible for maintaining and administering the service and site against any damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees that come about as a result of your use of The Services. This indemnification includes, but is not limited to any claims for copyright violation, trademark violation or any other violation relating to protected material or any claim of libel, defamation or slander. The Administrators shall not be liable for any damages or losses which result to you from your use of, or posting to, The Services.

Any threats, legal or otherwise, made to any Jag-lovers volunteers or entity are grounds for an immediate and permanent ban from The Services.

The preceding constitutes the entire agreement between the users and the Jag-Lovers Administrators. The rules and procedures may change from time to time at the sole discretion of the Administrators. To access The Services in any way, shape or form, you must agree to all the points listed in the Terms of Use above.

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