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About the Book

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About the Book


This book contains things that a Jaguar XJ-S owner should know, but doesn't know who to ask. In general, it will be most helpful for those who do their own maintenance, although those who don't can still benefit from it. Owners of other model Jaguars may also benefit, as much of the cars are similar.

Written by an XJ-S owner, this book is a unique type of automotive resource providing the type of how-to information not found in either owner's manuals or shop manuals. The information provided includes maintenance tips, suggested modifications, and sources for parts. The book is not intended to replace a repair manual, but rather to complement it.

Note that this is not a small pamphlet; currently, the book is more than 360 pages when printed with a 10-point proportionally-spaced font, and includes quite a few illustrations and schematics. It grows constantly, as more information becomes available.

For information on downloading the original Microsoft Word file that these web are based upon, or to get a printed copy of this document, please refer to Kirby Palm's Jaguar Resource web page.

This book is corrected and updated constantly. If you have learned something about your Jag that the rest of us should know, please write, call or send a message to:

Kirby Palm
3 Wanda's Way
Havana, FL 32333
+1 (850) 539-7775

If you have a question I may be able to help with, you are welcome to call me at the above number. Please don't call before noon on weekends or holidays.

Those who get the book are welcome to copy or print it for their friends and fellow Jag owners. I only request that changes, comments, corrections, additions and updates be sent to me so we can all benefit.

This book updated: August 19, 1998.

Since this book is updated continually, an owner who already has a copy may benefit from ordering a new one occasionally.

I live in the US. This book has been distributed worldwide, and upon rereading and editing I constantly notice comments I have made that have a distinctly US bias, like how such-and-such part can be found at the local Wal-Mart. I have made the decision that I will leave the book this way, rather than trying to qualify each of these instances for all the people in various parts of the globe. Those in other countries will know better than I how the advice given will apply in their area.

Please note that I have made the decision not to cover the six-cylinder AJ6 engine in this book in any detail (there are a few minor exceptions). Since it is the same engine that is in the XJ40, it shouldn't be too much trouble to find information on this engine elsewhere. The parts of this book covering non-engine items should still be of some value to owners of AJ6-powered XJ-S's.

I also make no effort to cover features unique to the XJ12. Owners of such cars would probably be well advised to acquire both this book and Jim Isbell's book on the XJ6 (see last page of this book) and use the parts of each that apply. There will still be some shortcomings -- neither will properly cover the carburetor setup on the early XJ12, for example -- but the owner is still likely to benefit greatly from both books.

One final note: I only charge a small fee for printed or diskette copies of this booklet to cover costs of copying and postage; those who download it from the Internet get it for free, as do people who obtain copies from others or from their clubs. However, all this doesn't mean that I am adverse to donations! If you feel the book has been of some help, you are more than welcome to send whatever you feel is appropriate. It's been suggested that each reader send one half of what he saves on his first repair, but that might be asking too much -- I expect I'd be a rich man very soon!

If you send a donation that happens to be the same as the cost of a printed copy, please clarify that you don't want me to mail you one!


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