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XK8 Lovers - upgrade page
- XK8 Lovers-

Available Upgrades

This page includes a list of upgrades, tuners and options available for the XK8 and XKR. If you know of a company not listed here please send us some information so that we can include it. Click on the arrows to the left of each name to access their site where you will find up to date information, pricing, etc... Note that the links and information provided was up to date when added to this page.

The Jaguar XK line, and especially the XKR, is a impressive car with handling and acceleration numbers equal to the best sports cars, nevertheless, as more and more XKs are sold, more and more people will look into making the car an even better performer.

WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Jaguar R Option line
WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Arden
WB01436_.gif (236 bytes)
Torque Development International
WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Paramount Performance
WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Eurotek Designs
WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Henessey Motorsport
WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Keisler Automotive Engineering
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roptions99_c_1_l.jpg (39882 bytes)WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Jaguar R Option line

In september 1999, Jaguar announced a new line of performance option for the XK line, as well as for the XJR and S-type, which included many parts developped for the XK180 concept car :

    - 20" alloy BBS wheels ( 9" front / 10" rear ) with 255/30 and 285/30 Pirelli P Zeros
    - Revised suspension control unit
    - Uprated torsion bars and springs, lowering the car by 1/2"
    - High performance Brembo brakes featuring four piston aluminium calipers,
    2 pieces 355x32mm front disk and one piece 330x28mm rear disk, cross drilled and ventilated
    - Retuned steering system

The price listed in the original press release was UKP 5900 for the complete XKR package.  The press release, including many pictures, can be viewed in the Jag Lovers brochure section

In the spring 2000, Jaguar announced a limited edition version of the XKR, called the Silverstone, introduced around the Grand Prix week end to mark Jaguar's return to the track where it scored so many victories in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

While the F1 team performance was anything but impressive, the XKR Silverstone certainly  is. The drivetrain is identical to the regular XKR but it includes all of the R options announced earlier with special badging and interior treatment completing the package. Only 100 cars were built and sold in the the UK with an additional 200 US spec models imported in the US and sold in november / december 2000. Most of these special cars where sold at or above sticker, and a few even were offered on E-bay...

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WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Torque Development International

Based in the UK, this tuner offers a variety of options to increase performance of the XK8, XJR, XKR and also XJR6 engines, mostly thru exhaust and intake work.  Various stages are offered, some offering as much as 100 extra HP, but in some case for track use only as some modification will cause the cars to fail emission or noise tests.

For those of you who wished the XKR came with a manual gearbox, TDI has a partial solution thru a push button shifting system installed on the the steering wheel. For just under UKP 3000, you can play Eddie Irvine and shift like an F1 driver, regaining some of the control Jaguar gave up by not offering a manual gearbox...

TDI also offers some suspension upgrades ( torsion bars and springs ) to improve handling.

Jaguar Monthly magazine had an article on the company and test drove one of their modified car, in the december 2000 issue.

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paramount.jpg (49208 bytes)WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Paramount Performance

Another British company, Paramount is well know for its conversions, often extensive, through mechanical, interior and exterior trim packages.

They offer various packages to improve handling and braking along with push button shifting.

Click on the picture to see the Paramount brochure, available in the Jag Lovers brochure section.

In the US, Paramount is now (2003) represented by Terry's Jaguar


sepbar.jpg (3094 bytes)

WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Arden

This German company has been working on Jaguar for years and offer a entire program of upgrades and accessories, including the all out Arden XKA.

On the engine, they offer different packages to raise boost and hp along with an improved exhaust system, and push button shifting. Also available are front and rear spoilers and other trim pieces which, while nice, have a disctinct German look such as what you would expect on a BMW. Their full aerodynamic package has been tested at the Ford wind tunnel in Cologne where they achieved not only reduced drag but also a 20% reduction on front axle lift at high speed.

The most unique thing they offer is a removable hardtop for the XK8 / XKR convertible, the only one of its kind.

In the UK many of Arden products can be found thru Racing Green Cars LTD (see below). In the US, Arden is now (2003) represented by XKs Unlimited.

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wpe7.jpg (12037 bytes)WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Racing Green Cars LTD

Racing Green Cars offers various performance upgrades along with body kits, wheels, etc...  including Arden products.

For details on their exhaust system upgrades, see the pictures taken by Tony Bailey during installation of a new system on his XKR coupe.




sepbar.jpg (3094 bytes)

WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Eurotek Designs

Located just outside New York City, this tuner now offers Jaguar upgrades for the XKR, XJR and S-type including brakes, wheels, differential, underdrive pulleys, etc... They can also reprogram the car's ECU and do interior work on leather and wood along with body kits from Arden and Ritter.


sepbar.jpg (3094 bytes)

WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Henessey Motorsport

If you like horsepower you probably have heard of Henessey, based in Texas, they're usually know as the Viper people. They now have added Jaguar to the list of cars they work on and they have developped a performance package adding 105 hp to the stock XKR (and XJR)... yes 475 hp !

This spectacular boost is achieved through high flow / ported heads, custom stainless exhaust and high flow cats, custom induction and ported / blueprinted supercharger.

Also available are front brakes upgrades and various wheels / tires combinations. Interestingly, Henessey only upgrades the front brakes (Brembo 4 piston calipers, ventilated and cross drilled rotors, performance pads and Motul 600 fluid)

Unfortunately, these 105 hp do not come cheap, it will cost you $ 25 000 and 10 weeks of downtime, but with a limited 3 year / 36 000 miles warranty.

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WB01436_.gif (236 bytes) Keisler Automotive Engineering

This company, based in Maryville Tenessee, is best known for various upgrades for the older XJS line, including manual gearbox conversions.

They are now starting to offer upgrades and parts for the XK line including larger exhaust, XKR mesh grilles for the XK8 and some of the R options ( Brembo brakes, Detroit 20" wheels ).


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