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Paint and Trim Codes

Paint and Trim Codes

Rick Ashworth and Tom Russ

Characters 1-3: Paint Code

Characters 4-6: Trim Code

Characters 7-8: Build Code

Paint Code Colour Paint Type
AEA 1981 Portland Beige Thermoplastic
AEB 1981 Grosvernor Brown Thermoplastic
AFM 1984 Antelope Thermoplastic
AFT 1985 Curlew Thermoplastic Grosvenor Brown
AFV 1987 Satin Beige Clear over Base Woodsmoke
ANC 1984 Cirrus Grey Thermoplastic
BDA 1981 Chestnut Brown Thermoplastic Metallic
CDG 1981 Damson Red Thermoplastic
CDJ 1981 Carnelian Red Thermoplastic Sebring
CEA 1983 Claret Thermoplastic
CEE 1984 Cranberry Thermoplastic
CEH 1987 Grenadier Red Clear over Base
CEK 1987 Bordeaux Red Clear over Base Rouge or Balmoral Red
CEV 1987 Crimson Clear over Base
GDA 1983 Silversand Thermoplastic
GDB 1982 Coronet Gold Thermoplastic Metallic
GDF 1987 Sovereign Gold Clear over Base
HDN 1981 Poseidon Thermoplastic Racing Green Metallic
HEG 1984 Sage Green Thermoplastic
HEN 1987 Jaguar Racing Green Clear over Base Grand Prix Green
HER 1985 Jaguar Racing Green Thermoplastic
HES 1987 Alpine Green Clear over Base Catkin
HET 1987 Moorland Green Clear over Base Leaf Green
JDM 1981 Cobalt Blue Thermoplastic Metallic
JEB 1982 Indigo Blue Thermoplastic
JEC 1982 Sapphire Blue Thermoplastic Metallic
JEJ 1982 Mineral Blue Thermoplastic Metallic
JEV 1985 Windsor Blue Thermoplastic
JEW 1987 Solent Blue Clear over Base
JFJ 1987 Solent Blue Clear over Base (also)
JEX 1987 Tungsten Clear over Base
JFE 1987 Arctic Blue Clear over Base Haze Blue
JFG 1987 Westminster Blue Clear over Base
LDL 1984 Regent Grey Thermoplastic
LDP 1987 Dorchester Grey Clear over Base
LDR 1986 Regent Grey Thermoplastic
LEC 1985 Steel Thermoplastic Sapphire Blue
MDE 1981 Argent Silver Thermoplastic Rhodium Metallic
MDF 1987 Talisman Silver Clear over Base
MDJ 1987 Silver Birch Clear over Base Birch Bark
NDC 1981 Pendelican Thermoplastic Tudor
NDC 1986 Tudor White Thermoplastic
NDJ 1987 Nimbus White Clear over Base
PDE 1981 Maraschino Black Thermoplastic
PDF 1982 Sable Black Thermoplastic Metallic
PDH 1987 Jet Black Clear over Base Black

All clear over base (COB) vehicles are identified by a circular yellow label attached to the right-hand rear corner of the hood underside. Some late XJ6 vehicles have the paint and trim plate in the forward upper corner of the driver's door aperture.

Three Letter Trim Code to Two Letter Ordering Code

Trim Code Colour Order As: Material
ADE Biscuit AE Leather
ADP Mink AP Carpet
AFR Buckskin AR Leather
AFW Barley AW Leather
CEM Mulberry CM Leather
CEN Wine Red CN Carpet
AFX Cotswold Tweed AX Cloth
AFY Chiltern Tweed AY Cloth
JEF Isis Blue JF Leather
LDE Slate LE Carpet
LDY Savile Grey LY Leather
NDD Limestone ND Headlining
PDA Black PA Leather
LEA Smoke Grey XA Carpet
AEE Doeskin XE Leather
AEF Rattan XF Carpet
LEE Pennine Tweed YE Cloth
LEF Cheviot Tweed YF Cloth
AEM Magnolia ZM Leather

Trim Codes (for Ordering Trim Parts)
AC Tan
AD Cinnamon
AE Biscuit
AF Chamois
AH Fawn
AN Sand
AP Mink
AR Buckskin
AS Parchment
AW Barley
BC Copper
CB Russet
CC Garnet
CM Mulberry
CN Wine Red
HC Deep Olive
JB Dark Blue
JE Navy
JF Isis Blue
JG Marine Blue
JM Fleet Blue 1
LB Grey
LE Slate
LF Nimbus Grey
LG Graphite 1
LM Graphite 2
LY Savile Grey
MA Silver
ND Limestone
PA Black
PB Ebony
XA Smoke Grey
XB Fleet Blue 2
XC Country Tan
XD Burnt Umber
XE Doeskin
XF Rattan
XG Maple
XJ Oatmeal
YB Mandarin Red
YC Rouge
YD Loganberry
ZB Beige 3
ZC Amber 1
ZF Beige 4
ZH Amber 2
ZM Magnolia

Trim Parts Description
A Underscuttle Casing, Cantrail-Crash Roll, Upper B-C Post, D Post Flange Finisher, Boot Trim, Parcel Shelf, Fascia Surround, Sun Visors
B Seats
C Carpets & Heel Mats
D Door Trim Rolls - Jaguar Only
E Door Trim Rolls - Daimler Only
F Door Casings, Pockets, Armrests, Lower B-C Post Casings, Console
G Scuttle Side Casing
H Headlining, Rear Header Panel, Sun Roof Flange Finisher
J A Post Finisher, Door Seals, Cubby Box, Door Rolls, Boot Floor Covering, Fascia Surround
K D Post Finisher, Seats, Door Casings, Parcel Shelf, Door Pockets, Armrests, Carpet Binding
L B-C Post Upper, Headlining, Rear Cantrail and Quarter
M Fur Fabric Rugs
N Carpet, Dash Side Trim

Trim Code Basic Interior Colour / Trim Part
  Trim Code   Trim Part
      A B C D E F G H J K L M N
Leather Interiors to VIN 346687 (not VDP)
  ADD?? Cinnamon PA AD AP AD PA AD PA AH          
  ADE Biscuit (to Vin 328966) PA AE AP AE PA AE AE AH          
  ADE Biscuit (from Vin 328967) PA AE AP AE PA AE PA XJ          
  CEB?? Russet PA CB CB CB PA CB PA LB          
  JEB?? Dark Blue PA JB LB JB PA JB PA LB          
  PDA Black (to VIN 328966) PA PA LB PA PA JB PA LB          
  PDA Black (from VIN 328967) PA PA LE PA PA PA PA LF          
  AEC?? Country Tan PA XC XG XC   XC XC XJ          
  LEB?? Mandarin Red PA YB YL YB   YB YB LF          
  JEF Isis Blue PA JF LE JF   JF JF LF          
Leather Interiors to VIN 346687 (VDP)
  ADC?? Tan                 PA AC AH AF AP
  ADF?? Chamois                 PA AF AH AF AP
  HEC?? Deep Olive                 PA HC AH AF AP
  AEE Doeskin                 PA XE XJ XF XF
  AED?? Burnt Umber                 PA XD XJ XF XF
Leather Interiors from VIN 346688 (Basic Jaguar)
  AEC?? Country Tan PA XC XG     XC XC ND          
  ADE Biscuit PA AE AP     AE AE ND          
  JEF Isis Blue PA JF LE     JF JF ND          
  PDA Black PA PA LE     PA PA ND          
  AFR Buckskin PA AR XF     AR AR ND          
  LDY Savile Grey PA LY XA     LY LY ND          
  CEM Mulberry PA CM CN     CM CM ND          
  AEE Doeskin PA XE XF     XE XE ND          
Leather Interiors from VIN 346688 (Basic Daimler)
  AEE Doeskin PA XE XF     XE XF ND       XF  
  AED?? Burnt Umber PA XD XF     XD ZF ND       XF  
  AEC?? Country Tan PA XC XG     XC XG ND       XG  
  JEF Isis Blue PA JF LE     JF LE ND       LE  
  AFR Buckskin PA AR XF     AR AR ND       XF  
  LDY Savile Grey PA LY XA     LY LY ND       XA  
  CEM Mulberry PA CM CN     CM CM ND       CN  
  ADE Biscuit PA AE AP     AE AE ND       AP  
  PDA Black PA PA LE     PA PA ND       LE  
Leather Interiors from VIN 346688 (VDP)
  AEE Doeskin PA   XF         ND   XE   XF  
  AED?? Country Tan PA   XG         ND   XC   XG  
  AEC?? Burnt Umber PA   XF         ND   XD   XF  
  JEF Isis Blue PA   LE         ND   JF   LE  
  PDA Black PA   LE         ND   PA   LE  
  ADE Biscuit PA   AP         ND   AE   AP  
  AFR Buckskin PA   XF         ND   AR   XF  
  LDY Savile Grey PA   XA         ND   LY   XA  
  CEM Mulberry PA   CN         ND   CM   CN  


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