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Jaguar in Films

Gumball Rally
The Rookie
12 Monkies
On The Beach
Like Father, like Son
Not Quite Human
Tomcat: Dangerous Desires
Man's Best Friend
Cool Runnings
Home Alone
Milk Money
Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Gumball Rally

I rented the movie Gumball Rally this weekend since I hadn't seen it in over 15 years. I forgot what a great movie this was - made by real gearheads. The scene with the cars screaming out of NYC is absolutely wonderful. The sound of the Cobra and the screeming Ferrari was almost too much for the senses. Almost feel like you were there.

But those of you who have seen the movie know about the series II E-type that refused to start. As I watched the movie this time, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as I watched these guys trying to start the car and one of them says "handsome design" and the other says "I wish that it would run". Despite my allegiance to the marque, this part of the movie convinced me that it was written and directed by somebody who really knew his cars. And of course as I went out to work on my XJ6C this weekend, it wouldn't start since the floats in the Strombergs were stuck and draining gas on the floor.

So, in short, if you haven't seen the movie in a while, go do it ! Its real refreshing after 15 years.[jc] !

The Rookie

The Rookie. Clint Eastwod shoots out the rear window of a XJ6, and then during a chase scene, the bad guys dump the jag off of the car carrier onto the freeway where the car promptly crunches the center divider.

This movie also trashed two Mercedes SLC500's. One was a $25000 model, and the other was a running prototype with no VIN numbers. They raced it out of a warehouse and off a ramp onto it's nose. Then they picked it up and dropped it from a crane through the roof of a warehouse. The entire scene shows it driven out of an exploding building, landing on the roof of another, skidding through the skylight of that building and crashing to the floor.

In the Rookie, Eastwood also drove a lime green Lotus which was the silver car Richard Gere drove in Pretty Woman, and it's the "black" Lotus Sharon Stone's girlfriend drives into the construction site in Fatal Instinct. The car was damaged when a driver working on Pretty Woman "Ran out of talent" on Mulholland Drive in the L.A. Hills. My brother talked to Eastwood about using the car in the Rookie, since it couldn't be sold, (frame damaged). He thought they would wreck it since they destroyed so many other vehicles. Since he didn't wreck it (Because it's a Lotus), he got the Fatal Instinct guys to destroy it.[lw]

12 Monkeys

recently released Bruce WIllis movie "12 Monkeys". In that movie they steal a very poorly cared for SII or SIII XJ6. Pretty cool![aj]

On The Beach

a while back I watched an old 50's movie I think called 'on the beach' or something like is about a nuclear holocaust, and the only americans to survive were some guys in a submarine, lead by Gregory Peck I think. They go to Australia which has been left fairly unscathed, and live out their lives....and there is a great scene where the Australian Grand Prix is being run at Philip Island. There are 'D' types racing around, with Austin Healy's, Merc 300sl's and all the great classics of the's just great seeing the brand new D types flying around the track.....[sm]


In this movie, a father (Dudley Moore) and > his son (Kirk Cameron) switch bodies because
of a potion. The father's a doctor, and owns a 1987 Jaguar XJ6, blue green color, but does
NOT have a bonnet leaper. The son gets to drive it to school (because he has his father inside him) and all the girls love the Jaguar and want to go out with him. Then, at the end of the movie, the son has to get to the hospital to save his father's job, and he TOTALS the Jaguar.
It's SO SAD!! But, it's a great movie!! ....[ss]


In this movie, a doctor drives a black Series III XJ6. You see it for about 30 seconds when he drives it to another doctors house....[ss]


In this movie, a phycotic dance instructor drives a black Series I XJ6 or XJ12 off a dock into the ocean. The Jaguar is driven for about ten minutes before he crashes it into the ocean. In the water, the glass windshield breaks and water comes into the car, it is also a sad part to watch (for Jag lovers)....[ss]


I just recently saw this movie on U.S.A. It also has a disturbed doctor who owns a Series III XJ6, but you see it periodically throughout the thriller movie...[ss]


In this movie by DISNEY, a jewel thief owns a Series II XJ6 or XJ12, it ends up being ruined by a "good" kid who rewires the engine so that the car becomes "undriveable" so that the police can catch them. The car ends up in mid air on its grill!! ..[ss]


In this movie, there is a Series I white Jaguar XJ6 or XJ12 that is owned by a rich kid's father. You see it for about two minutes...[ss]


In this movie, a cop gives a gray black, XJ40 driver a ticket for something. It is when the child "Kevin" gets caught stealing a toothbrush from a store, he gets chased by the cop who is giving the driver of the Jag a ticket...[ss]


This is movie is about a pimp who is looking for one of his prostitutes. He owns a silver Series III XJ6, it doesn't get ruined thankfully. But, you do see it a lot throughout the movie, and even in a highspeed chase.


In this movie, when Ferris goes dining with his friends at a fancy restaurant, a fancy guy pulls up in a Series III black XJ6...[ss]

The Blues Brothers

Where the model Twiggy, = (The woman not the car) was driving a S111 OTS while trying to pick-up = Elwood at a gas station. He refuses and she slowly drive away - great = V12 sounds......[mb]

She's Out of Control

Tony D'Anza E-Type and Corvette race. E wins but gets hit by a train. [gc]

The E drag races a Corvette and beats it :-) and then stalls.... on the railroad tracks.... after the race and you guessed it, gets taken out by a freight train!! :-( The scene of the remains on a lift in a repair shop afterwards is tooooooo horrible for words....[ff]

Play Misty For Me

How about the XK 150 (?) driven by Clint Eastwood in "Play Misty for Me"....[ff]


Hitchcocks great "Vertigo". Just saw it a couple of weeks ago. Kim Novak drives a big green Mark VII (IX?)...and it's not just a cameo appearance either...the car is featured throughout the whole film and even plays a minor part...(good movie even today too!)....[bs]

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