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Jaguar XJ6 from Bumper to Bumper

// Jag-Lovers //

The Jaguar XJ6
from Bumper to Bumper

by Jim Isbell
© Copyright 1996 Jim Isbell




A few years ago there was a condemned prisoner who willed his body to science to have it cut up in very thin slices from head to toe so that a computer program could be made of the information gained.

This book will follow that format with the slices starting at the front bumper and moving back. At each slice I will try to cover all the important information as to what is there and what maintenance needs to be done and how to do it in general terms. The "how to" will not necessarily be a step by step so much as "an essential information that may not be in the manual" sort of thing. It is assumed that you will have some sort of manual to work with, preferably the factory manual.

Please take the time to read the Disclaimer and Copyright Information before you proceed any further.



There are three ways you can access the Jaguar XJ6 information:

Bumper to Bumper
You don't know where to start? Then work your way from one end of the XJ6 to the other begining at the front bumper and finishing at the back. "The best part of the trip is the trip..."

Browse the Contents
The Table of Contents lists each and every "slice" and lets you access them in any order at your leisure. "Just relax and enjoy the ride..."

Flick Through the Index
To get from point A to point B as quickly as possible use this cross-referenced Index. It includes -- by name -- some of the most common and recurring XJ6 problems and their solutions. "Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel..."


Additional Information

Here are appendices that cover specific recurring and common problems in detail, and some pearls of wisdom written by other Jaguar and British car lovers. Not all sources are local: please report errors promptly.

Kirby Palm's XJ-S Help Book
Would we leave all you XJ-S owners out alone in the cold... no way! This tome of wisdom is essential reading for any V-12 owner and makes an ideal companion book to this one -- especially for XJ12 owners.

On-Line Car Prices
Have you ever wondered how much a used Jaguar is worth? Some on-line internet services now allow you to search for prices on any used car for free.

Overheating Guide
Something that Jaguars are famous for... but it ain't necessarily so especially for V-12 engines.

Physics of Racing Series
Brian Beckman's excellent 12 part series of articles about the physical laws behind motor racing. Covers such things as the racing line, grip angle and traction. Technically rigorous in a readable, non-technical kind of way...

Replacement Parts
David J. Shield's ever-expanding compilation of alternative parts to keep your Jaguar XJ6 alive and kicking.

Screen Savers
Your idle time is taken up with cars, right... so why not take up your computer's idle time on cars too!

Starter Diagnostics
Perhaps this is the other thing that Jaguar (all British?) cars are famous for... find out the steps to getting back on the road. By Lawrence Buja.

SU Fuel Pump Modifications
Rob Reilly's explaination of how he solved a lot of his fuel pump problems by replacing the points with a transistorised circuit.

XJ6 Production Numbers
Find out how many XJ6 Series I, II and III vehicles were made. Additionally there is now an XJ-Series production cronology.



Here you will find information that every Jaguar XJ6 Series I, Series II and Series III owner should know, but doesn't know who to ask. It is directed at the true XJ6 and not at the XJ40 which is a completely redesigned car made after 1986-7 but still with an "XJ6" badge on the back. However owners of other Jaguar cars may also benefit from this information as much of the cars are similar. In general, it is written for those who do their own maintenance, although those who don't can still benefit from it.

Some of the contents were contributed by members of the Jag-Lovers list on the Internet. Where known, their names are noted.

Major sections include maintenance tips, modifications, and sources for parts. The information is not intended to replace a repair manual, but rather to supplement it.

You can download copies of this document in Microsoft Word format for free from the Internet, or for a small fee you can also get printed copies.

For infomation on the Jaguar XJ-S take a look at Kirby Palm's Experience in a Book: Help for the XJ-S Owner also available on the Web. It has a wealth of information including things specific to the V-12 5.3 litre engine so it will be useful for XJ12 owners too.


Contact Information

Jim Isbell's Jaguar XJ6 from Bumper to Bumper was converted to the Web by Vaughan Bromfield so any problems with the design or HTML code are my responsibility. Comments, corrections and suggestions are much appreciated.

Please contact Jim Isbell directly regarding issues related to the Jaguar XJ6 content of these pages.


// Jag-Lovers //


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