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Win with some of his great pals - left is Norman Dewis and right Tiff Needel

Win Percy's 'Get Well Soon'
Summary Greetings Page

"Win is often regarded as the Worlds Number One Touring Car Driver
Joe Saward "Autosport"

We have 252 greetings for Win stored at the moment
40 years of Motor Sport Competition
Works Driver for Jaguar/TWR, Ford, Rover, Porsche, Holden, Nissan,Toyota, Mazda and Harrier

In August 2003, ace Touring and Saloon car racer Win suffered a serious accident at home that has currently left him paralysed from the waist down. It will be up to a year before he knows whether he will ever walk, let alone race, again. In the meantime, Win is determined to cope with his new situation in the same way he has always had the determination to succeed and overcome adversity throughout his life.

Win enjoyng himself at the Goodwood Revival!
If you wish, you can use this page to pass on your best wishes to Win together with any other message you may have. They'll all be printed out and passed on to him. Thanks in advance for your support of this great racing driver, always happiest behind the wheel of a racing car - especially if it's his favourite D-type!

Below is a summary list of ALL Well Wishes sent so far by Jag-lovers and Win's other friends worldwide

See a short video of Win driving the ex-Mike Hawthorn/Ivor Bueb 1955 D-type, XKD505
at Goodwood in 2002 (RealVideo G2 or later needed)

Please feel free to add your own 'get Well Soon' message if you have not done so yet.
Here are all 252 of the greetings, most recent first

Posted by John & Glenda Fry in New Zealand on Monday, 9th January 2006 from
Hi Win, Rosemary & Donna, It was so good to see you whilst we were in Weymouth, and we hope you are getting even more movement in those legs!!! All the very best for 2006. We had an awesome 6 months around europe but are pleased to be home, well for a while anyway, as we have itchy feet to travel some more!! We have tried your email address but it does not appear to go through and would like to know what the correct address is please. Love John and Glenda

Posted by Kevin Pitt in Australia on Tuesday, 6th December 2005 from
Dear Win Wishing you all the best for Christmas and may the New Year bring all you wish.I have great memories of watching your drives on the mountain and look forward with interest to the day you return to Australia. While there is a chance of recovery I know you will be using all that fighting spirit to give your body all it needs to mend. All the best,sincerely Kevin Pitt

Posted by Hans C Anderson in United States on Tuesday, 29th November 2005 from
I too was in an accident this last year. I have a curshed L1 Lumbar Vertabra. I also have compression of the L4/L5 disc, and L5/S1 disc. I am taking therapy for all of the pain. I am also using a lower back pain chair called the LTX3000 by Spinal Desings Int. Inc of Minneapolis Minnesota USA. Phone No. 1-800-457-9356. This chair allows you to unload the lower portion of the spine in a controlled maner in the home environment. Use is for 2 or 3 times a day for 10 - 20 minutes. It allows the discs to recover and heal better because of the ability to absorb neutrents from the vertabra above and below. Please go to their web site to review the opportunity to enhance you chances for full recovery. I was made aware of the chair while getting my Masters Of Business Administration Degree at the University of St. Thomas, St Paul Mn. The designer was an injured engineer who designed it for his own recovery. Here is wishing you speedy full recovery as I expect I will have. May you live to drive and race again. My very best wishes for recovery and good health Hans C. Anderson 1-952-835-4796 home 1-952-475-2317 work If you ever want to talk to someone who is using the chair please call me, anytime, day or night.

Posted by simon adams in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 16th November 2005 from
Hi Win, wanted to say a greatful hello and hope you are well. lost you no. a while ago. blinking mobiles. you have been an inspiration to me. missed you at goodwood last year and have fond memories of spending day with you at truxton at touring cars. wishing you all the best. now working locally to you again. you take care and looking to maybe chatting to you again soon. si.xx love to rosemary, donna and jake too. xxx

Posted by mike penn in United Kingdom on Friday, 23rd September 2005 from
Good to see you on the mend. Slow it may be but I`m sure you will get there. Still thinking of you. Mike and Gareth Penn. Pink Panther Racing

Posted by hellsfury in Australia on Saturday, 10th September 2005 from
all the way fron down under wish u well as can rember you at our great races at bathurst as always some u win some u loose but this is 1 that u will always come back and back again to beat the odds like u did to be in our great race take care enjoy life and win 1 for the fans down under

Posted by Dave,Tina in United States on Monday, 29th August 2005 from
Dearest Win, Im glad to hear you are in good spirts,I myself find it hard to be in good spirits knowing I will not be able to do most of the physical pleasures I once was able to. Recently I was in an automobile accident were I fractured my hip in two places and split my pelvis in half,I must say its been a hellacious few months, physically, financialy, emotionaly, as well as spirtually. I came to this site to locate a picture of a specific Jaguar, so that I could find out what year the Jaguar is that I seen a couple of years ago,which some day I would like to own. I was unable to locate a picture of the Jaguar. I then saw your site and want to send you the best of wishes. I also hope to see you on the road soon in the next Jaguar that you design customize as well as build.Take care your friends Dave/Tina.

Posted by John Hutchison in United Kingdom on Monday, 15th August 2005 from
Dear Win - I thought I was going quite well with my Lotus 7 in the 2003 Sports Car enduro at Spa, until you whistled past me at the top of Eau Rouge in an XK Jaguar. It was a treat to observe the master at work from close quarters. All the very best for your recovery, John & Sarah Hutchison

Posted by Nick Worth in United Kingdom on Saturday, 6th August 2005 from
Hi Win, Like the website. I am so pleased to hear you are making progress. I have fond memories of you albeit from the other side of the armco. I remember being at Le Mans when you flipped the Jag at the kink and your words on the radio talking about the scratches on your helmet !!! For a brief while I owned the windscreen from the car. It was absolutely flat smashed to smithereens but all in one piece due to the lamination. Another memory I have of you is some in car footage, in a Holden?, driving in the Bathurst, sideways down the back straight after the mountain. Unfortunately it was a betamax recording and my player died years ago. At present I am trying to find a driver for a friend who is trying to get his 1964 Toyota Carina to the revival. The implication is that he will get a place if he can find a "named" driver to drive it. Could be a job for you ? Get well soon, God Bless Nick Worth.

Posted by othman berrada in Morocco on Saturday, 6th August 2005 from
hi win im so happy for you congratulations my best wishesfor you and sincerly hope you get well and succeed inbeeting best regard othman from morroco

Posted by Richard Spencer in United Kingdom on Thursday, 14th July 2005 from
Hi Win, I remember watching you Autocrossing up here in the Anglia at Walford Cross all those years ago. Thanks for being a marvelous ambassador for west country motorsport. Win by name Win by nature. Keep on WINNING and get well soon the sport needs you. Regards Richard

Posted by Paul & Nicky in Spain on Friday, 10th June 2005 from
Hi Win It was an absolute pleasure to meet you in Fuengirola yesterday and I have to say the attitude you have to your injury is an inspiration! Hopefully the next time I can buy you a beer!! Good luck and keep fighting!! Regards Paul

Posted by John Staines in Australia on Wednesday, 8th June 2005 from
My best wishes to you and sicererly hope you get well soon and succeed in beating your set back Greetings from all your fans down under

Posted by Allan Scott in New Zealand on Friday, 8th April 2005 from
Hi Win, Have just found this tribute site to you and what better place to put some thoughts and best wishes. The memory of Brands Hatch 1980 as we walked back to the transporter, you the the new British Touring Car Champion and the Kiwi guy who had built the engines for Tom Walkinshaw`s Mazda`s, both a bit choked.The supporting roll to Tom in GpA during those successes in the 80`s, not an easy task, seat welded in for shorter legs, limited practise time,happy engine man, you always looked after the equipment.Waiting for news in the pits after the accident at Le Mans, you were really flying, but Tony Soutgate had designed a much stonger car than Porsche and thankfully a good outcome.Along with your Bathurst "King of the Mountain" jacket you have many tributes to a great racing history and I have many fond memories of those times. Will catch up when I am over to the UK next.

Posted by Vicky Goode in United Kingdom on Sunday, 3rd April 2005 from
Hi there Win. Greetings from the Isle of Wight. My husband and myself joined the Jaguar owning fraternity yesterday with the purchase of a 17 year old XJS V12. 61000 miles on the clock and a real beauty. Must be mad I can hear you thinking but every man should have a big boys toy and its something for my husband Eric to play with. We had to dig up the front lawn to put it on!! Its good that you stay positive Win, you never know there may be a fix for you just round the corner. Take care Very best wishes. Vicky Goode

Posted by Tony Pomfret in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 29th March 2005 from
Hi Win I was privileged to be a passenger with you and many more wonderful drivers at the launch of the Goodyear GT tyre at Donnington in May 1985. You were driving a Rover 2600 SD1 at the time and my on overriding memory was hurtling down towards the chicane before the pit straight and out braking Stefan Belof who was driving a Granada and was quite the latest of late brakers!! The next lap was just awe inspiring as you held him off the whole way, the sideways action down the Crainer Curves when I was looking at his wrist watch still raises the hairs on my arm! I am sure you will succeed in your battle with adversity. The single mindedness and bloody well can attitude will stand you in good stead. I expect to hear soon of the first motor driven wheelchair or hand-control car championship you are organizing and competing in. You will remain close to so many of us and our thoughts and love are with you. Very best luck & see you about one of these days. Tony Pomfret

Posted by craig mcmanus in Australia on Monday, 7th February 2005 from
Win,The Australian motor racing fans fell in love with you as much as you fell in love with the Bathurst track,I read with great interest the article in Australian Muscle Car magazine, where they paid tribute to the great effort and personal sacrifice that you made to help get the Holden V8 to victory at the mountain in 1990.Hope the recovery is going well and all the best for 2005.Craig McManus

Posted by Patrick in Australia on Wednesday, 19th January 2005 from
Win, As an old fan of yours I hope your feeling comfortable and that your great efforts at many worldwide events brings you great memories. Your world wide fans know you as a great racer and in NZ + OZ you do have some very special fans. Your lovely comments to viewers when TV people poked their mike into your space after some quick laps was a joy to many. Best for 2005

Posted by eric johnson in United States on Tuesday, 4th January 2005 from
Hi Win! Hope you are feeling better.Sorry to hear of your unfortunate fall.Have really enjoyed watching you throw those vintage cars around on feeds from Goodwood.I'm a big sports car and vintage racing fan:enjoy a 67 Corvette Sting Ray big block and a 550 spyder replica (beck).I live about 30 minutes away from the Lime Rock circuit,on the New York/Connecticut border.I'm sure you've heard of it. Well, you take care of yourself and I'll be monitoring your progress from the states. A fan, Eric Johnson age 43 Clinton corners,Ny USA

Posted by James Pride in United Kingdom on Friday, 31st December 2004 from
I was so vey sorry to hear about your accident while looking for something else completely on the amazing internet. I do hope that you will recover soon! I remember so well the touring car championship days when you drove the Celica's and GT Corollas for TGB. How long ago that now seems. I still recall when you took me round Silverstone, and relate the tale to anyone who will listen. Frankie and I are well and have two boys (13 and 10) and live in Poole (Frankie works at the Hospital in ICU and Anaesthetics as a Consultant). Sadly Dad died a little over 2 years ago after a brief battle with cancer, but Mum is well and lives nearby. Great to see you on the website, and we all here in the Pride household wish you well. Jamie

Posted by Tim Corbin in United Kingdom on Thursday, 30th December 2004 from
Dearest uncle win!! Its been far too long since ive last seen you,just a passing glimpse of you in one of your many cars!I hope you and the family are having a good crimbo and you have managed to catch up with my old man corby!It would be great to see you again. I have moved to hertfordshire to live with girlfriend and to be more central to the race tracks!!! You are always more than welcome to visit.Every now and then i stick a video on of you,especially you driving the arse off those big ole Rovers,it always brings a smile. Lots of love,take care and have a great and fast new year.Tim.

Posted by Tim Soar in Spain on Sunday, 26th December 2004 from
Dear Win, Hope you will be back racing soon...Father Christmas brought my boys game cubes and things - I will just stick to my Sideways In A D-Type DVD! Excellent stuff! (

Posted by Robin Crellin in United Kingdom on Friday, 17th December 2004 from
Dear Win, Thank you for your splendid speech at the dinner in Poole today, December 17 - most enjoyable! I must have seen you compete in a vast number of events at home and abroad over the last several decades, so it was interesting for me to hear your first-hand accounts of how it feels to be on the Mulsanne at 245 mph...! Thanks for all the pleasure; hopefully more to come, and I hope your Goodwood ambition is realised! Best wishes, Robin

Posted by Philip Marks in Australia on Saturday, 4th December 2004 from
Dear Win as an Australian, I find it great what you have done for our Motoring sport here. I have a 1:18 scale model of the VL Commodore you drove to victory at Bathurst in 1990. I thank you for what you have done for racing and I pray you get better soon.

Posted by Jim Webster in United Kingdom on Friday, 26th November 2004 from
Win, It was great to talk to you this morning, and I looking forward to the enjoyment your print will bring my father on Christmas Day. I hope things improve for you soon. Best wishes, Jim

Posted by Steve Ascough in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 9th November 2004 from
Dear Win, I hope this email finds you in good cheer. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great enjoyment you have given to race fans such as myself over the years. I particularly remember a race of two xj220s between yourself and Gerry Marshall at Donington about four years ago?? It was the most thrilling and exciting I have ever seen. At the NEC classic car show this year I was lucky enough to be invited to sit in XKD505 by John Pearson. I am sure the car has an aura of nostalgia around it, I found it quite emotional. I was so grateful to John that I offered to paint a picture of the car to say thank you.If you would like to see the end result please let me know. I really do wish you all the best and hope to see you race again in the near future. Best regards. Steve Ascough.

Posted by Addy in India on Thursday, 14th October 2004 from
Dear Win, I am a long time Jaguar maniac, but, the tax structure in India, where I live, does not permit me to own one. I have, however, followed all racing events that Jaguar has participated in. Naturally, I've rooted for the gentleman who has driven a Jaguar the way it should be. Your determination to achieve full recovery is a reflection of your determination to win on the race track. Inspirational stuff! Get well soon. Best wishes to your family and you. Aditya.

Posted by Hugh Coster in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 6th October 2004 from
Congratulations on your will and determination to achieve full recovery, don't ever, ever give up on that because it will happen if you really stick to believing it. I'm looking forward to hearing how well you're doing, so hurry up and get on with it! I'm also looking forward to seeing the video, because it'll undoubtedly teach me a thing or two. My experience of Goodwood is testing my F.Ford there, but it wasn't so challenging as you could go flat from the chicane to Lavant — until Madgwick caught me out one day and I bent the bloody thing! Good luck and keep fighting!

Posted by Peter Reece in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 28th September 2004 from
Hi Win, As you know, you are constantly in our family thoughts and we can't wait for the day when you jump back into XKD505. A little time and your determination ...and that day will come in the not too far distant future.I have just created links from my own websites to and hope that perhaps a good proportion of my 3,000 'Classic Jag Petrol Heads' monthly visitors will buy your wonderful DVD. I think Mallory Park next week completes the XK racing season and Rita and I will be there. Here's hoping you are feeling strong enough to attend. Nigel seems to have got himself slightly stuck in 3rd place and perhaps needs your inspiration to pull off a first. Our very best wishes Peter, Rita and Angus Reece

Posted by Nuno Castelhano in Portugal on Tuesday, 28th September 2004 from
I'm a Jaguar enthusiast and although I do not not own a real one, I collect Jaguar models for a couple of years. Just wanted to say: Get well soon, Win! And get back on track to show the world how a Jaguar can perform, (despite the - not so good - F1 experience).

Posted by Dave Cope in United Kingdom on Thursday, 23rd September 2004 from
Dear Win my brother Michael & i have followed your fantastic career in saloons with Mazda,Jaguar,Rover, etc through to your fantastic exploits in the Jaguar WEC programme.It was a privilege to watch you race and we hope to see you behind the wheel again. Best wishes to you and your family Dave & Michael

Posted by Charles in United States on Tuesday, 21st September 2004 from
Dear Win, I bought my first Jaguar, a '91 XJ-S about 5 years ago. I then read everyhing I could about the racing hertiage of the marque. I now track a 1988 XJ-S here in the States. I have you to thank for seeing what can be done in these cars. I have TWR to thank too. Feel better, know you are thought about often, and admired for your courage and abilities. Cheers, Charles Maraia

Posted by Glynn OLIVE in United Kingdom on Monday, 20th September 2004 from
I wish you all the best for a full recovery. You have entertained thousands of us motor nuts (aka jagnuts)over the many years of your career.

Posted by Nick Ballanger in United Kingdom on Monday, 20th September 2004 from
Win You do not know me but since meeting him at the Le Mans Classic in 2002 I have been a friend of Frank Burton who lives in Gillingham and used to race with you years ago. Frank told me of your problems when I saw him at Goodwood this year and how some feeling is returning in your feet. We hope this is the start of a full recovery ! I have ordered the XKD505 DVD as a birthday present to myself and look forward to seeing how Goodwood should be driven. I am not a racing driver but belong to the GRRC and have enjoyed taking part in track days there. Lavant corner always seems to be the one I struggle with and so I hope to learn from the DVD how a master tames it. I hope the recovery continues and accelerates you to a full return to health and racing. It must have been very disappointing to have an engine failure at Goodwood this year as it must have taken a lot of effort and courage to make the grid. All best wishes from me and Frank and Brenda also.

Posted by Peter Woodward Gregg in United Kingdom on Monday, 20th September 2004 from
Dear Win, Jane & I have read about your exploits at Goodwood recently and I have just sent off an order for the DVD of your Sideways in the D-type. ( I thought you always drove that way, anyway.!!! ) Jane is a good driver. She drives like she owns the pavement! Sorry, I get carried away thinking I am still at Rotary telling stories. The truth is I miss my old mates having moved up to Oxfordshire this year, as you know. We are glad in some ways because we are nearer to the older folk, Jane'sDad and my Mother both live about 1-hour away. ( In opposite directions I might add! ) One in Bucks. and the other in Gloucestershire and we have been able to help them on a number of occasions which we would not have been able to do from our Dorset home. However, I guess you are still keeping cheerful and we often think about you , you old fart, ( and all this time we thought it was the dog!) I bet your little Grandson is growing up fast and please remember us to Donna and of course your charming Wife, Rosemary. I'm looking forward to seeing the DVD but meanwhile I am lucky enough to have a large order for my Skatepark Ramps from East Ayrshire Council in Kilmarnock which will keep me busy all this week. I have turned the old Barn at the back of the cottage into a workshop and started a Carpentry & Joinery business, restoring old buildings in the area. It is good fun and looks as though it will be highly profitable as I am inundated with restoration work. I have an appointment this afternoon ( in Brackley near Silverstone ) to quote for replacing 9 old Georgian Windows in an old cottage. (Everything is old England around here, including me ! ) Could be good as I have have already done considerable work for the gentleman owner recently. He is obviously pleased with what I can do for him. Jane & I are coming to Rotary President's Ladies Night in November and hope to stay at the Prince Regent for the weekend so we hope we will see you then. Please give our love to Rosemary and have some yourself. We would love to hear from you. e.mail is Best Wishes from Peter & Jane.xxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Tim Sheppard in United Kingdom on Monday, 6th September 2004 from
Win I am delighted to have the opportunity to buy the DVD and will add to my photo of your driving Eagle E-Type No.4 around Goodwood at the E-Type Register's 2002 track day. Sue and I went to see if we could find you at Goodwood this year, but only managed to find the disabled car!! We had David and Sheila Newling Ward staying with us and we all wanted to talk over the fun we had at the Adelaide Classic two years ago. We also wanted to wish you the very best and hope that your determination to thrill at the controls of a Jaguar will be a feature at next year's Revival. Can't let Grant Williams monopolise all the sideways action!!! Keep up the recovery and hope we have an opportunity of meeting up with you soon. Tim Sheppard

Posted by Jack White in United Kingdom on Sunday, 5th September 2004 from
Dear Win, I was at Goodwood yesterday and was desperately dissapointed that engine failure took away your chance at the St. Mary's Trophy, mixing it with the other saloons, including that very surprising Alvis of dear old Gerry Marshall. I would have so enjoyed seeing you once again on the track as I often did during the past in the heroic days of the Rover V8 and Jaguar XJS when your smooth driving style was wonderful to watch. Having driven Goodwood myself (and been passed twice in 5 laps by Grant Williams in BUY1 (when I thought I was doing rather well in my own 3.8 Mk2)your video has a special interest to me. Keep on improving and never give up on your racing, at 74 I am not ready to stop driving my old Jag hard! You are only young once, just make it last. All good wishes, Jack White

Posted by Patrick Cobb in United Kingdom on Sunday, 5th September 2004 from
Hi Win,thanks to the Daily Telegraph I saw this clip.I am so sorry to read about your accident and my best wishes to you. I fondly remember our racing together and I only stopped because my money ran out.Played cricket instead!,but miss the racing.I bought a Mk 2 which sadly has been stolen. Maybe we can meet?

Posted by Gary Mees in United States on Saturday, 4th September 2004 from
Win I do not know you, and right now you probably don't feel very fortunate, but you have been when you consider all the greats you have known and had the chance to race against, i cannot say i have followed your racing career, but i do know your name in paticular in the 80's when myslef and a bunch of crazy Jaguar owners used to trek across the chanel in the hope that Jaguar would win LeMans yet again, and of course they did, i remebr sitting in the jaguar stands when they won and we sprayed our own champagne over each other in the excitement, i wish i had had the chance in life to experience what you have in those wonderful days. My thoughts are with you and i wish you well, i cannot imagine what you are going through and pray i never find out. I see you are in Dorset a place i know well as my parents live in Hamworhty near Poole, a long way from where i now live (USA). I would also like to thank you and your fellow racers (of All Ages) for entertaining me and getting me as close as i am ever likely to get to being in a racing car and feeling the buzz. Good Luck Win i wish you and your family all the best. Gary

Posted by Duncan Woodcock in United Kingdom on Saturday, 4th September 2004 from
Your return to racing is an occasion to be celebrated. I've followed motor sport from my first vist to Oulton Park in 1958, aged 5, and somehow you have always been there racing in different formula. I had some years rallying and I am pretty sure that you and I both competed in the 1975 Avon Tour of Britain (a Mazda RX was your car?)...mine a lowly Escort 1.3 Sport. I remember being lapped by Tony Dron at Siverstone! Very best wishes on your return. Please keep entertaining is for many years to come. Kind regards Duncan Woodcock Lancaster

Posted by Geoff Thomas in United Kingdom on Saturday, 4th September 2004 from
I have ordered the DVD from your site and a pair of brown trousers from Milletts, so will be ready for the viewing! Have a great day at Goodwood: hope to see you there. GT. (BRDC member since 1968)

Posted by Kim & Diane Hall in United States on Wednesday, 1st September 2004 from
Win. Thank you so much for taking the time to send us a personal letter. I hope you get to listen to the CD we sent you soon. It is a masterful piece of work by Peter Ustinov (The Grand Prix of Gibraltar) poking fun at the racing cultures from different countries. I am glad that you hadn't heard of it before as I know it will bring you much amusement given your first-hand experiences. Be well and glad you are "working" again. Yours Truly, Kim & Diane Hall

Posted by Malcolm Cane-Lewis in United Kingdom on Thursday, 26th August 2004 from
Win, you are everything I have always wanted to be. Get well soon and give us some more of those great thrills. We can't wait and sorry I can't be at Goodwood for the Revival. I will console myself in my XJR-S. Have a fabulous time and take great care of yourself. We get a bit tender at our age. From Malcolm and the boys at Sovereign Cars (South)Bournemouth.

Posted by Nick Howell in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 18th August 2004 from
Hi Win, Great to see you will be at the Revival and I'm sure you will have mastered the new controls in no time at all and will have a great time. Thanks for being so complimentary about the handling of "Big Sam" and for the great race that you put on at Silverstone when you kindly accepted to step back in the old bus again in 2002. Now somehere in the garage are the disabled controls that were fitted to Sam when I first bought it all those years ago. It wouldn't take much to put them back on you know......! Have a great race day.

Posted by Barry Langley in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 10th August 2004 from
Win - So glad to see you will be at the Goodwood Revival Meeting in September. Congratulations on a great fight back. Looking forward to seeing you in the St Mary's Trophy. Best Wishes Barry

Posted by Kim Hall in United States on Sunday, 1st August 2004 from
Win. Wishing you well and hope you get "back in the saddle " soon. I have a small gift for you which I know you will enjoy in your free time. Please let me know where I may send this. Mr. Kim Hall

Posted by Mike Stamper in United Kingdom on Friday, 23rd July 2004 from
Win. I was sorry to hear about you accident, I saw the appeal recently in Motor Sport and decided to help. I was at Brands this weekend for the Group C race and spoke to Nigel Webb, with his help I hope to be able to get my model of the Silk Cut Jag to him, you may remember, we met at Brands a long time ago and you kindly added your signature to complete the Lammers/Watson trio. Nigel agreed to add the model to an auction with proceeds to go to the car conversion. Best of luck for the future and I hope we see you back on the track shortly. Regards Mike Stamper

Posted by Ron Van De Walle in Australia on Friday, 16th July 2004 from
All the very best for the future Win, you're not a bad bloke for a Pom (only kidding). Your Bathurst victory with Gricy is one of Holden's greatest and us Aussies have adopted you as one of our own. Hope to see you back in Australia. Cheers! Dutchy.

Posted by Bridport Bandits in United Kingdom on Friday, 16th July 2004 from
Hope you remember us, we are the youth motor project in Bridport helping the kids build and race Mini's in autograss. We are now the longest youth motor project in the country. Sorry to hear about the accident. If you ever get bored pop back down to our workshop that you kindly opened in sunny Dorset. From all the kids you helpled to inspire.

Posted by Ron Colligan in Australia on Tuesday, 6th July 2004 from
Win.Wishing you a speedy recovery.I met you with one of my friends from Ballarat Neil Crompton who i am sure shares my sentiments.All the best in motorsport.PS Only 67 sleeps till Bathurst.Ron Colligan.Ballarat.

Posted by Darren Matthews in United Kingdom on Friday, 25th June 2004 from
Hi Win, I am sorry to hear of your accident, although I have never met you I have long been a touring car fan and have fond memories of you blasting across the mountain with your partner in crime Alan Grice in the Holden V8. I've always admired your style on and off the track and can only wish you a speedy recovery. Best Regards, Darren.

Posted by norberto in Italy on Wednesday, 23rd June 2004 from
Best wishes from an italian ex rally pilot and a fellow jag owner. hope your recovery will be swift and allow you back on track soon. Norberto

Posted by jeremy ebdon in United Kingdom on Monday, 21st June 2004 from
Although I had read about 'drifting', I had never seen it for myself until 2002's Goodwood Revival. And of all the drivers in all the cars there, it was your drifting in the D-Type that most caught my excitement and admiration. I really hope that you will be able to enthrall the crowds again, and wish you all the very best.

Posted by Ernie Nagamatsu in United States on Thursday, 17th June 2004 from
Win: I just want to take time out of this day to wish you well. I have done some personal art work for you and I will leave it with the Goodwood Office next week. You have given much of yourself to others and the motorsport community at large and you will now recieve... I hope to see you at the Festival and the Revival this year. Be strong... Be Faith... *I own and race the 1959 Old Yeller II. We have been struggling with a prototype solid rear end that would lock up at unexpected times and especially on that downshift before the chicane... flipping the car completely around... two years of problems. Well that rear end is in the "Boneyard" and never to be seen again ($3500) and the car is now behaving for the first time in years... and new motor pulling well. I have a period helmet I want you to autograph if I see you... you are the best and "Sideways" is fantastic.Ernie

Posted by Jim Delashaw in United States on Thursday, 17th June 2004 from
Win---best wishes from across the pond. May the good Lord assist you in your devotion and your will to recuperate and once again compete. Thanks for all your many contributions to the success of Jaguar. I'll frequently raise a glass of single-malt to your health. Warm regards, Jim 95 XJS Coupe 00 VDP

Posted by Keith McCarten in Australia on Thursday, 17th June 2004 from
G'day Win,I was deeply saddened to hear about your accident & only found this web page totally by mistake.You probably don't remember me but we met at Strathalbyn,South Australia during a lunch break in the 2000 Adelaide Classic... just after you hit the same tree as the great "Sir Jack"came to grief with the year before!! We had a great laugh about it because the officals went to a great deal of trouble to highlight "THE" TREE for about 2kms beforehand!!They even placed a bloody great target on said tree...and YOU, like the true champion you always were..was the only driver in the whole rally to hit the bullseye!!! I still have a shirt signed by your good self,Sir Jack,Norm Beachey etc.I also suffered an accident last year that has (supposedly) put an end to my love of competitive motorsport..WE'LL JUST SEE ABOUT THAT! I can only wish you well,& will always remember you for being a bloody good bloke,a man who ALWAYS made time for his fans and a champion both on and off the racetrack.Stay well,keep smiling and all the best. Keith McCarten, Adelaide,South Australia.

Posted by Rod in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 16th June 2004 from
Hi Win Just found the Jag lovers website by accident whilst in the office looking for info on something else. Couldn't resist a look and found this message board. So sorry to hear of your accident but have no doubt that you will be back, with your courage and determination what is their to stop you. Have watched saloon car racing from the 1960s onwards and always admired your talents. Pleased to have the opportunity to be able to tell you that you have given so many of us so much enjoyment and inspiration over the years. Keep up the fight and look forward to hearing good news about your recovery soon. Very best wishes Rod.

Posted by Kevin in United States on Wednesday, 16th June 2004 from
Chin up ol' Boy........A guy with your competetive spirit is an inspireation to us Prayers are with you.....Hope this date finds you in a better state of health ...God Bless.....Kevin

Posted by Herve in France on Tuesday, 15th June 2004 from
Hello Win. I've just been told about this section on our Jag-Lovers website and was given the pleasure to look at your 'Sideways in a D-Type' production: congrats! I really hope you are making good progress and haven't lost any of your humour and enthusiasm. Looking forward seing you back on the track in Le Mans or somewhere else very soon! Very best wishes, Herve, Brittany, France.

Posted by Ben Lavin in South Africa on Friday, 11th June 2004 from
Dear Mr. Percy I was not aware of this page until today. I am delighted to be able to communicate my best wishes to you. You have always reminded me of the "son" in Rudyard Kipling's "IF". A re-read often places a different perception on virtually anything! Anyway, I do hope that you are getting the better of your paralysis. Youa are in my thoughts. Kind regards Ben Lavin

Posted by Sigrid Riefkohl in Puerto Rico on Thursday, 10th June 2004 from
I recently bought my husband a jag (vanden plas) and I have never seen him so excited. It's like watching a little kid! So, as a father's day gift I was browsing the web in search of a jag related item. I saw this. I am saddened about your accident and hope you get well soon. Nevertheless, I believe you are very furtunate as you have a family and have experienced life. I recently heard about an alma mater graduate, who is only 23, and is now a quad after an accident in Iraq on Nov. His hope is to use his hands someday. I have no idea if things happen for a reason but I am glad you can joke about the wheelchair. I am also glad you are not alone. Never lose hope. There's so much to look forward to. God bless you.

Posted by Dennis Barrett in Canada on Saturday, 5th June 2004 from
Our thoughts are with you. You show the same desire to come back as you do in your racing. You are an inspiration! Dennis, Sally and the boys

Posted by stuart sykes in Australia on Thursday, 3rd June 2004 from
Dear Win, I must have been on another planet recently for I have only just heard of your new circumstances. From Silverstone to Le Mans and Bathurst I have enjoyed your company as much as your skills at the wheel. I dare say if it's possible to find the limits of a wheelchair in the wet you'll be the one to do it, but for God's sake don't grind your helmet down again. Claire and I send you our fondest wishes and hope for your speedy return to winning ways. Yours aye, Stuart

Posted by Max Bromage in Australia on Tuesday, 1st June 2004 from
Hi Win, I just heard about your accident and wish to send my best wishes to you ,Rosemary and Donna. I will always remember the good times we had at Bathurst in my mobile home with your mate Lachie and all his mad mates, and one time when we were in the group A WINONE sitting at the lights in the main street of Bathurst you were talking on your mobile to a mate in England and you said to him "you wouldn't believe what these mad Aussie's are doing' well Win I will tell you what they were doing they were all around the car on thier knees bowing to the great man driving our car "YOU" and I think that was 1991 and if my memory is correct you came second in the race the next day. I hope and pray for you to return to good health Win. Best wishes From Max and Irene Bromage in Melbourne

Posted by Christian Callander in United Kingdom on Sunday, 30th May 2004 from
Win, I learned of your accident when I saw an advert for the video. I have a birthday coming up so it's on the list! I hope the video initiative goes some way towards helping. Reading though the comments other people have made, I am not alone in marvelling at your Bathurst performances - I think I've worn out the video tape. Heady days! Racing folk always seem to have the right attitude to adapt and make the most of whatever is thrown at them. I am sure you'll find a way to make the best of this change in the regs. Best Wishes, C

Posted by Bill Apos in Australia on Friday, 28th May 2004 from
Dearest Win Percy, I met you in Notting Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, around 1990. I was a service attendant, where you used to fill up your Group A VN Commodore with petrol. You were such a lovely and down to earth person, you personally invited me back to your factory and took the time to show me around, and you even invited me out to Sandown. I was saddened to hear of your current condition, though I know someone of your character will fight and give it your best shot. I had written my own Muscle Car Magazine by age 18, named it “Clayton Streeters”, a successful sell-out in our Newsagent, started racing ¼ Mile at age 19, looking to get into HQ Racing, then my whole life took a major turn, I met a very confused girl, and as gullible as I was, being so low in confidence, I followed her to a very dangerous path in life, experimenting with many activities, it was a path that I had never envisaged, though, here I am today to tell the tale and write to you personally. I spent many years seeing a fantastic psychologist, free of charge, a true Angel, and he has had the pleasure to watch his work come to fruition. I am now 33, just sold a successful niche internet company named to a Singapore based firm named Skynet Global, 25% owned by Telstra, I have now taken on a small construction company named Cavallo Homes and am also about to embark on another internet venture named Australian Broadband, helping our Australian Rural Community gain access to low cost, High Speed Satellite internet services, though it is my dream to somehow get into the car racing circle, to what capacity, I am unsure as yet, though it is a childhood dream and I now know, that if you believe, you can achieve anything in life. I have grown into a committed, successful, caring and honest person, and I take this opportunity to say thank you Win, thank you for being so kind and sharing that positive energy you have, that special aura, one very few people possess. I have and always will remember you. If you are ever in Melbourne again, please do not hesitate in calling me, it would be an honour to see you again. Thank you for your time and I truly wish you the best of luck. Kind Regards, Bill Apos Mobile: 0422 442 666

Posted by Alan & Bob Quinlan in Australia on Thursday, 27th May 2004 from
Hi Win, Alan & I met you when you raced in Australia,the last time we spoke you were in the drivers que at Bathurst when you drove with John Faulkner.We hope you return to good health. Regards Alan & Bob Quinlan

Posted by Chris Phillips in Canada on Monday, 24th May 2004 from
Dear Win: So sorry to learn of your current situation after following your career for many years. Nigel informs me you are now handling all the racing for XKD 505 and, I understand, a C-Type in addition. This is great news and I am delighted that you are keeping your hand in, if not your wellie! Having read above of your two rollovers with the wheelchair perhaps you should consider wider rubber, those skinny Dunlop bias plys are deadly. You mentioned the "We'll Be Back" episode at Le Mans, I read that story and named a painting I executed of the XJR6 with the same title. I am currently working on the research planning for a painting of you in 774 RW battling with Ton Dron in the Ferrari at Goodwood. Not sure about the completion of this project, but will keep Nigel posted. I have asked my wife to secure me a copy of "Sideways in a D-Type" for my birthday and, after viewing the clip on the website, I can't wait to see the whole thing. All the best, Win. Be well. Chris Phillips.

Posted by Duncan Bain in Australia on Thursday, 20th May 2004 from
Hi Win Have just heard about your situation and would like to extend my best wishes to you. Hopefully we will catch up at the GP at Silverstone in July. Best regards Duncan

Posted by Bojan Zebic in Croatia on Monday, 17th May 2004 from
Hi there, Even though I have never met you, I read a lot about your racing career. Since I'm a big fan of classic cars, especially Jags, it was natural that I came by your name. It was great to see you in Goodwood revival and I hope that you will be doing many more of them very soon. I really, really hope that you will get better as soon as possible, and that I will have a chance to meet you in person one day. Please, get well soon, kindest regards, Bojan, Croatia

Posted by Graeme & Tanya in Australia on Sunday, 16th May 2004 from
Hi Win,,I have just learnt of your tragic accident,,you may not remember but you signed my young fellas 1990 VL Bathurst winners model when you were here in Burnie/Tas doing the Toll -Rally Tasmania in 2003... so your unfortunate accident must have been after you went back from this...Anyhow we wish you a very speedy & full recovery and will look forward to the day of seeing you back down here in Tassie,, Best Wishes..

Posted by Garry Polled in United States on Wednesday, 12th May 2004 from
Win You always managed to beat me (and everyone else!)in the old autocross days, late sixties in the UK. I was very upset to hear of your accident I will call you shortly to order a print of you in the D Type, hope there are some left. Very best regards Garry Polled Ex 553 CC WH&DCC Vickers CC

Posted by Colin Haywood in Australia on Tuesday, 11th May 2004 from
Hello Win! Sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident but I am sure that you will overcome it all. Best wishes for your speedy recovery and return to behind the wheel. Kind regards, Col

Posted by Lisa in Australia on Monday, 10th May 2004 from
You are just like the body of the Jag, slightly dented but repairable.The motor is robust and resilient. With the best mechanics we all know you will be A1 once again. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thank you for your invaluable and thrilling contribution to motor sports;a class above the rest. Kindest regards Lisa

Posted by Ed Brown in United Kingdom on Saturday, 8th May 2004 from
Win;I have followed your historic racing successes throughout Europe and "down under" - from the "other side of the fence".I have marvelled at your car control and hard,but sympathetic racing of the "D" -amongst others. From a race fan who has never had the pleasure of meeting you,but to whom you have brought much enjoyment,(not least because you are one of the few guys prepared to "door handle" Sytner!!!)I wish you a full and speedy(!)recovery Ed Brown Racefan

Posted by Nick Brimblecombe in United Kingdom on Friday, 7th May 2004 from
Hello Young Winston! I have been feeling very bad about not contacting you for ages now, since first hearing of your recent misfortune from Charles Harbord. Since then, of course, I have had regular news of your progress from various quarters and, as expected, was delighted to learn you have taken the problem of getting on with your life, including racing, by the horns. Well done! I will always remember sharing that 7 litre Cobra rep. belonging to Stephen Coffey, as we motored briskly round Tasmania a few years ago. I have recounted this tale many times, and occasionally written, since of this sublime experience and your outstanding car control, which was like nothing else I have even seen from close quarters. Most of all I remember your kindness and consideration to me and others, wherever you go. It is entirely appropriate - but still gratifying in these selfish times - to see that others are giving back something to you at this moment. I intend to do the same and will start by buying this Video. Keep in touch and see you soon I hope. as ever Nick Brimblecombe - The Grand Touring Club

Posted by Mark Telford in Australia on Sunday, 2nd May 2004 from
Hi Win, Get well soon my friend!!!,I am a fan of yours who started following you in the TWR Jaguar days. Then TWR Rovers you always had time to talk to me say and say hi,We followed you to SPA Saw you win in the Bastos sierra.Even in a 24hr race after a long stint you had time to chat.When i moved from the uk to Australia,you was driving for HRT . You even had time to show me around the race team factory,I would like to thankyou Win.Hope you get well soon.Mark Telford....Racefan

Posted by michael irvine in Australia on Sunday, 2nd May 2004 from
Hi win, sorry to hear about your bad luck of late, but if their is any person with a ton of guts it you, and I know that you will recover. I think of you and Gricy in the 1990 Bathurst with all those turbo cars in the race, you wore them down with the V8 holden you had and won the race. This is just another race you have to win good luck mate!. Michael irvine

Posted by GABRIEL KALLINIKOS in Australia on Monday, 26th April 2004 from

Posted by Chris Turner in United Kingdom on Saturday, 24th April 2004 from
From an enthusiast who loves your kind of racing. You won't know me but I was one of the thousands of faces regularly in the crowds who were entralled by watching you and others at Silverstone & Goodwood. Good luck with your dreams to race again, if your determination on the track is an indicator then you'll get to the flag.

Posted by Mike Cullin in United Kingdom on Thursday, 22nd April 2004 from
Hi Win, Just read about you in Auotosport. When you were driving the Harrier in Brit GT's you invited me to the test day at Silverstone[cant remember the year!]to take some photos of you and the car..some years later I was with Chris James of BBC Radio Wiltshire at Castle Coombe, we spoke again. You will be back! Get well soon Win. Mike Cullin

Posted by Lindsay Musgrave in Australia on Thursday, 22nd April 2004 from
To Win, all the best with your health, one of the greatest moments I look back to in motor racing was your Bathurst win, the XJS is an awesome vehicle & you showed how it should be done, I am about to purchase "sideways"- thanks & good luck

Posted by Old_Timers in United Kingdom on Saturday, 17th April 2004 from
Hello Win,GET WELL SOON i hope you will be back in the driving seat soon........ forever........sideways!! OT

Posted by David Meadus in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 14th April 2004 from
Win, fantastic to hear that you will be racing again soon. I was fortunate to see you making the rest of the field look rather mortal in the Grp C Jaguar in the AMOC meeting at Donnington a few years ago. Best of luck with the comeback and I'm looking forward to following your progress.

Posted by Michele in Italy on Wednesday, 7th April 2004 from
Hello Win. As far I can see I'm the first Italian writing and let me say a truly "GET WELL SOON" and "GET the Steering WHEEL SOON". Keep hard and fight to return to challenge again and again. Cheers.

Posted by Steve Lester in United Kingdom on Monday, 5th April 2004 from
Hello to you Win. I've just watched the 'Sideways in a D-Type' production and was hugely entertained and impressed. Also just read about your awful accident and injuries. I really hope you are making progress and haven't lost any of your obvious spirit and enthusiasm. They're two of the most effective aids to recovery. There must be millions of us hoping and praying that you'll be living your life at 100% as soon as possible. Long live the sound and sight of a D-Type in a 6000rpm powerslide. Nothing to match it before or since. Very best wishes, Steve, Midlands.

Posted by Helen and Jim Rawlings in United Kingdom on Friday, 2nd April 2004 from
Hello Win We were very sorry to hear of your accident and must apologise for not writing sooner. We have only just discovered this web page. We are very pleased to hear you have made a slight improvement and hope that very soon it becomes a huge improvement. We have met you at Le Mans at the first Classic meeting and again at the Andrew Whyte Lecture and it has always been a pleasure to talk to you. With very best wishes for an eventual full recovery Helen and Jim Rawlings

Posted by Bryan Nicolson in New Zealand on Wednesday, 31st March 2004 from
Hello Win. I've only just heard about your accident via the "XK Gazette" and just wanted to say Hi and wish you a rapid recovery. You won't remember but I had the great pleasure of meeting you and interviewing you for the Wellington newspaper back in the TWR XJ-S days. What we all remember was you hurling that big, old, heavy grunter around the tight waterfront circuit as if it was a Mini before the diff failed - and then 'the Bear' depriving you of a fairytale finale at Pukekohe a week later in similar circumstances. We all admired your 'never give up' attitude Win, and I'm sure you've still got it now. Every Jaguar fan in the world is willing you on. By the way, I'm restoring an XK 150. It's taken me 30 years but it should be ready for you to run in for me around the South Island by the time you're back on your feet. So, see you then! Cheers and sincere best wishes.

Posted by Barry Woolcott in New Zealand on Wednesday, 31st March 2004 from
Hello Win I remember watching you and Tom racing the XJS's at the Wellington Street Race, many years ago, and I recall that one of you retired with a broken diff - a great shame as it was magic watching those cars in action. Sadly this event stopped 4 or 5 years back and, although there is talk of Wellington having another street circuit, it seems unlikely now. With very best wishes for your recovery Barry Woolcott Jaguar Drivers' Club, Wellington

Posted by David and Janet Dykes in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 30th March 2004 from
As keen spectators of historic racing my wife and I often meet with Win in the paddock at many circuits. Ever the gentleman he always makes time to have a chat. We miss you and look forard to seeing back among the cars.

Posted by Ian Chalmers in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 30th March 2004 from
Win, May I wish you a very speedy recovery and send you a huge thankyou for all the enjoyment that you have given with your racing skills, daring and sportsmanship. You belong to that very special club that is reserved for genuine gentleman racers (well maybe not to gentle at times). Unfortunately I never watched you at Le Mans, but was thrilled by your Saloon, Touring and Sportscar races in the UK. Get well soon. Ian

Posted by Mike Penn in United Kingdom on Sunday, 28th March 2004 from
Everyone at the Pink Panther race team wishes you a speedy recovery Win. The power of positive thought can do great things and we are all thinking of you right now. I look forward to seeing that bow tie thundering round Goodwood this year.

Posted by Tony Roberts in United Kingdom on Friday, 26th March 2004 from
Dear Win, it was a great pleasure to me to have met you at an Andrew Whyte lecture (the one that Johnny Dumfries did not turn up to); you and a small number of other stalwarts saved the day. Thankyou very much for that. Very sorry to hear of your demise. Keep plugging away at it. You have given a great deal of pleasure to a great number of people over the years - I'm sure we are all praying for your full recovery sir. Ciao.

Posted by Tom Morron in United States on Saturday, 20th March 2004 from
Dear Mr. Percy: I have just learned of your troubles and wanted to drop a note of encouragement. Some twenty years ago, I too was paraplegic...from the waist down...and was given the prognosis of not walking again. Being a stuborn sort, I responded that the jury was still out on that verdict. After roughly eight months of further sugeries and various therapies, I was able to walk with the aid of a cane. Soon after that, I was able to walk without that aid most of the time. While certainly no driver in your class, one of the things which kept me striving was the thought of once again driving the 1972 Series III E-Type which awaited my return. The sound of the V12 in full cry was quite an incentive. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery and I hope that the jury will remain out for you as well. By the by, I still am able to live a full life...the V12 is gone but the new X-Type is, perhaps, more fitting for someone of my years. Tom Morron, a fan.

Posted by CHRIS COOPER in Australia on Saturday, 20th March 2004 from
all the very best to you and a speedy recovery to you

Posted by keith in United Kingdom on Thursday, 18th March 2004 from
be strong smile you have more people wishing you better than you think .

Posted by Steve Tarrant in United Kingdom on Sunday, 14th March 2004 from
Win, You have encouraged me so much after the events that happened to me at the 2000 Goodwood Festival of Speed that I feel I must return the favour. You have been a great ambassador to motorsport, both in and out of the car. You have fought many great battles and overcome the odds when they were stacked against you. And you WILL win this battle too. Keep striving to overcome it, and things will happen. Look forward to welcoming you to Goodwood this year. Steve Tarrant, Marshal (disabled), British Automobile Racing Club

Posted by Andrew in Australia on Friday, 12th March 2004 from
Win, You are one of the few Poms that Aussies wouldn't mind calling one of their own! You gave Australians many years of great entertainment, not only with your drives in the Commodores but also during your first Bathurst start in that V12 Jag. Very sad to hear of your current situation. I wish you all the best for a full recovery. Cheers

Posted by Armin Hahne in Monaco on Sunday, 7th March 2004 from
Dear Winston, I only just got to know that you had an accident that left you paralysed! I was shocked and I am very, very sorry to hear this (and I am a bit ashamed to know it this late)! But I understood from this site that there is a fair chance that you might recover fully from that. I know that you are a tough, old bastard and if there is the slightest chance for the full recovery that you will grab for this with both hands! I think I shall receive your address and phone no. from Tom and then I shall write or talk to you in more detail. So long, get well soon and never loose your fighting spirit ! Armin

Posted by Jon Nicholls in Canada on Sunday, 7th March 2004 from
Hi Win. I was so upset to hear of your accident. I was over at the Goodwood Revival last year with a friend of mine, Bill Hirst, who was racing a Lola Mk 1, and was looking forward immensely to meeting up with you some 40 years after we rallied Ford Anglias together. I asked around, but no one I spoke to seemed to know why you were not there, after being much heralded in the pre-race publicity. I feel dreadful that I only just found out about this, as I would have liked to send my best wishes a lot sooner. Anyway, now I have got in touch, let me simply say that I pray you do achieve a full recovery. As for the wheelchair, I can only imagine how quick you must be in that. After all, it must handle about the same as your 1200cc Anglia back in 1964!

Posted by John Turner in United Kingdom on Friday, 5th March 2004 from
Win, you don't know me either, but your racing style has entertained me for more years than either you or I would probably care to admit to. If you match the determination that you display in your racing to achieving recovery I have no doubt you will succeed. I'm betting that wheelchair is already the fastest, sideways, on the planet. I can't express in adequate measure how much I, and I'm sure countless other motor racing enthusiasts want to see you back on the track. Very best wishes for a full recovery, John

Posted by David Hague in Australia on Friday, 5th March 2004 from
Hi Win - we didn't meet but I was involved in doing PR stuff for Gricey for a number of years, and was there in 1990 when U won at Bathurst. My best wishes and trust all works out. David Hague

Posted by Peter Mallett in United Kingdom on Friday, 5th March 2004 from
Win, Get well soon. I look forward to seeing you up and around, entertaining us again soon. Kind Regards Peter Mallett

Posted by Peter in Australia on Wednesday, 3rd March 2004 from
Win, Take care and get well soon. Pete, Annette, Desiree & Kurt

Posted by Ross Gardiner in Australia on Tuesday, 2nd March 2004 from
Win, we missed you at the Phillip Island Historic meeting this year mate. The thing about champions is that they have a tendency to be champions at fighting back against all odds and overcoming stuff that stop lesser mortals in their tracks, I'm sure you have it in you to continue to achieve things that most of us can only dream about. Don't worry too much about redesigning that wheel chair, you won't be in it that long! In-line skates next mate, all power to you and best wishes for a speedy and comprehensive recovery.

Posted by Bill Brentzell in Australia on Monday, 1st March 2004 from
Dear Win - I was shocked to hear of your accident but I guess if you look on the bright side - it could have been worse and we're all still lucky enough to have you around to tell stories of your racing exploits whilst you recouperate back to racing form !! .... How about writing that book you were talking about ? My teenage years were spent in awe of your touring car exploits here in Australia and I was honored later on to meet you in Adelaide on one of your Classic Adelaide trips .... To hear you tell stories of Le Mans and Touring cars was fascinating and the fact that I was merely an ordinary bloke with a motor racing addiction being included in these conversations with such a racing hero was even more special. Get better soon - I look forward to seeing you again in Australia for some more racing action !

Posted by ian kelsall in United Kingdom on Friday, 27th February 2004 from
Win, Get your self back in a car ASAP We need to hook up Again!!! I now work at browns lane so next time your around call me on 8004. If you do not remember me, Iam the tech behind the DON LAW XJ220C. Look after your self and hope to speak to you soon!!! All My Support Ian Kelsall

Posted by Steve Weinstein in United States on Wednesday, 25th February 2004 from
Win, Obviously, you don't know me. But I've admired you for many years. Your exploits as a race driver have been exciting and thrilling, not to mention inspiring for an amateur driver like me who just dabbles with it whenever possible. Here's hoping for your speedy and complete recovery. I'm sure that the courage you exhibited on the race track will not fail you now and will help to make the challenges you face now yet another triumph for you to add to your long list. Best Regards, Steve Weinstein JCNA Northeast US Regional Director JCNA Slalom Competition Chairman JDC Eastern US representative

Posted by Michael Ban in Australia on Monday, 23rd February 2004 from
Dear Win , just wanted to pass on my well wishes and those of the Sunbeam Club in Victoria , Australia. This weekend the Classic is being held at Phillip Island , we all remember how much enjoyment you gave us driving the D Type and being a special guest at the Sunbeam Club dinner. I'm not sure if you remember me but I was the guy that apart for a love of Sunbeams ,competed in the Masters Alpine Downhill racing in Canada . Well I have just come back to Australia and had a very successful trip again. Talking to you last year really motivated me a lot to keep at it. I am sure we will see you again in Australia in the future and look forward to it. I hope all goes well with your recovery and my thoughts and prayers are with . I have a friend in Canada who had a bad accident in qualifying for the downhill. I had good news and he should be okay but not sure if he will be able to race again. He has a great attitude so I am sure he will make the best of his situation. Well I must go and again my thoughts are with you and I know you will keep fighting. Cheers Michael Ban

Posted by Peter Cooper in United Kingdom on Friday, 20th February 2004 from
Hi Win, Sorry to hear of your accident, I have followed your adventures over the years, in the various Jag Mags. I hope you are on the mend and will soon be on the move once more. Kind regards Peter Cooper Jag fan & nut!!!

Posted by Paul Walton in United Kingdom on Friday, 20th February 2004 from
Hi Win I don't know if you remember me but I interviewed you for Classic Cars magazine in 2001. I've just heard about your accident (that's what you get for being out of the classic car loop) and so just wanted to pass on my best wishes for the future and hope to see you sideways in a D-type again soon! Warmest regards, Paul

Posted by XJS Club in France on Thursday, 19th February 2004 from
Hello, My name is Philippe Merlin and i am the chairman of the french club "XJS Club", reserved as you understand to the owners of XJS cars. All our members send you a lot of wishes for a "swift recovery"! I think to you almost every day because I have a paint of your TWR XJS at Donington 1984 on the wall of my dining room... See you soon !

Posted by Bernie in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 18th February 2004 from
Hello Win you dont know me,just a Jag nut like yourself if they cut us in half thered be jag written like a stick of rock!Sorry to hear about your accident mate & to wish you all the best for a hasty & complete recovery! Ive nearly copped it twice in jaguar road accidents,but im still here! Best Regards Bernie the Bolt.

Posted by Mark Farley in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 17th February 2004 from
Hi win, hope to see you back in the cockpit soon. keep smiling. If you have any spare time, and know someone who knows about SSI, take a look on and see if anyone knows who possibly won this trophy, it might have gone to an SSI driver in 1935 in Eastbourne. best wishes M

Posted by Wil Morgan in Australia on Monday, 16th February 2004 from
Win, i wish you a very speedy recovery and know that champs like you can not be kept down. I have always felt that not enough was said about your fantastic input into the HRT. A Holden and a big Brock fan, you came on the scene to rescue our much loved Commodores and in doing so left a lasting impression. Drivers like you are very rare these days and things just arent the same. A true champion. Get well soon Win. Wil Morgan.

Posted by Bill in United Kingdom on Friday, 13th February 2004 from
Win, best wishes for your speedy recovery. Thanks for your part in making the Le Mans legends that so many of us enjoy following.

Posted by H in United Kingdom on Friday, 13th February 2004 from
Win, We're all wishing for your speedy recovery in this household. I have many fabulous memories of you driving racing Jaguars like they were meant to driven, old and new, and, I have to say, noticeably better than others in the same cars, your very fluid style is instantly recognisable. I was sitting with friends in the dark, on the armco, on the Mulsanne when you went past in 1987, and it was a tense time waiting for the (fantastic) news that you were ok. Most of the day I had spent on the pits balcony as close as I could get to the Jag pits, it was great stuff. I think if I was engaged in a word association test and had to respond to "racing" & "Jaguar", I would have to come back with "Win Percy", and maybe "shit-hot"... My wife became paralysed after the birth of our daughter, and it was a tough time, although thankfully she's ok now, it was a long time coming and a lot of physio and rehab has gone under the bridge since then. We know you'll get there, no doubt about it, and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the circuits again. All the very best of British mate, get well soon.

Posted by Andy in United Kingdom on Friday, 13th February 2004 from
Win Percy remains a hero to me. Started when I used to go and watch first the TWR Mazda RX7's, then the TWR Motul Jag XJS's and later the TWR Rover SD1's (I seem to recall) in the ETC in the early 80s. Smooth, smooth, smooth, always faster than anyone through the Old Hairpin at Donnington. If anyone saw Win drive the works D Type at the Le Mans Classic in 02, or even at the Goodwood Revival, then you would have seen what great driving is all about. The sight of a D type four wheel drifting into Tertre Rouge at twilight is a sight I'll never forget. Brought the hairs up on the back of my neck. Made me realise that I truly love all things Le Mans (like I didn't know before!). Sure there were other D's in the race, but none were driven with such sheer style and panache as displayed by Win. But best of all, I remember talking to Win at the Goodwood Festival. He was dressed in his Silk Cut fireproofs and sitting in the 88 LM winning Jag at the time, blipping the throttle. A charming man, with time for anyone who has time for him. Get well soon Win, we're all rootin' for you. Andy Z

Posted by Rick Wilson in United Kingdom on Friday, 13th February 2004 from
Dear Win Have many great memories from Le Mans and other races over the years and had the great pleasure to finally meet you in the early days of Brian and Roger's Group C revival when I was taking photographs alongside Linzi. The last time I saw you "in anger" was at the Le Mans Classic in 2002 and the memory of XKD505 sideways at so many different parts of the track will live with me forever! Thank you for all the pleasure you have given us all over the years and very best of luck with your recovery; see you at the Le Mans Classic in 2006 then!! Very best regards, Rick Wilson - for news & history of the Le Mans 24 Hours

Posted by Björn Sandström in Sweden on Friday, 13th February 2004 from
Time and a strong will can do wonders. Hope you get well and get out there again. Wish a good recovery from cold Sweden, Björn.

Posted by Mike and Sandy Fleischer in United States on Friday, 13th February 2004 from
Win: We are newcomers to the Jaguar family and we sure love our E-Type. So sorry to hear of your accident. Know that we are praying for your healing. We also pray for the Lord to help you keep a positive attitude and trust in Him during these trying times.

Posted by Dave Alexander in United States on Thursday, 12th February 2004 from
Hi Win, Sorry to hear about your accident, just a short note to say I remember you well, especially from days at Thruxton, and wish you all the best with a quick recovery. I'm sure it will have been suggested by others before me but how about a little more front wing on the wheelchair, would that cure the understeer? All the best, Dave Alexander

Posted by Giovanni Giove in Italy on Tuesday, 10th February 2004 from
Dear Win, sure life isn't a race, sometimes looks like a gambling stuff. I'm also sure you are back right now and still. My best wishes for all you need ... I believe you really deserved it. Gianni

Posted by Michael Windsor-Price in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 10th February 2004 from
HI Mate hope all is ok i will get to be your spanner man again. I NO KEEP SMILEIN Mikey two names

Posted by Ginger Corda in United States on Monday, 9th February 2004 from
Dear Win, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry about your accident and wish nothing but the best in recovery and good news for you from now on... I hope your chair isn't powered by Lucas. I would very much like to meet you one day, see you race, and hear your Jaguar stories, especially in the D-types. Your many accomplishments are quite impressive and respectable. (I have met and listened to dear Norman Dewis, and just recently, at Daytona I met Sir Stirling Moss and Brian Redman. Here's a picture of me hugging him: Somtimes, we visit Bob Tullius in Sebring, too. Win, you are an inspiration and legend in the circles of Jaguar enthusiasts. We are all hoping and praying for you and your family and your future. Come to Florida and visit any time you wish. I'll take you to Disney in an XKE, your choice, coupe or roadster? With love from central Florida, Ginger Corda - I own two cats: 1971 V12 E-Type 2+2 and 1966 XKE OTS

Posted by Denis Simpson in Australia on Monday, 9th February 2004 from
Sorry to hear of your OH NASTY. Don't even think about putting a wing on the chair, you won't be in it for that long, just ease up on the bends, I understand the Ground effect is shocking on those things. Hang in there mate, we all want to see you behind the wheel again. Regards Denis

Posted by Bradley Smith in United States on Saturday, 7th February 2004 from
You have been an inspiration to all of us with a wrench in our hands and nearly bald tires under our Jaguar racecars. Get well soon. Bradley Smith

Posted by Michael Kifayatullah in Australia on Saturday, 7th February 2004 from
Hi Win, For years I have been a great fan of yours. I remember the first race of yours I remember which was in 1990 driving for Holden Racing Team which was when I was 12. Later I sent you a letter and you replied with autographed photos which I still have. I hope you are able to make a hasty recovery as I was extremely saddened to hear of the mishap. Unfortunately I have never been able to meet you in person as you have been my favourite driver of all time. Good Luck, Michael Kifayatullah.

Posted by Bill Colquhoun in Australia on Friday, 6th February 2004 from
DEAR Win,as we get older,we are all likely to have momentary lapses in concentration,which can sometimes lead to an accident of varying severity.I myself am a disabled pensioner with an inoperable back problem and awaiting a knee replacement which are the result of a varied sporting life.The main focus should be on ones sense of humour and the aim of never losing it,I always reflect on the situation that there is always someone worse off than ourselves.I have been entertained by your flamboyant style of driving for a long time now and I find myself thinking back to the setbacks you have suffered,as we all do throughout life.Win you will survive,adjust to and overcome this current difficulty.Enough of the D & M. Everytime I feel down I picture a smiling face in a leather flying helmet driving a three-wheeler in ,I think the Targa Tasmania one year and I feel better once I have drawn a comparison between a TWR XJS and a three-wheeler,you are a man of many talents,and made of tuff stuff.Good Luck,and get well soon .Regards Bill.

Posted by Rex Broadbent in Australia on Friday, 6th February 2004 from
Hello Win, I was deeply saddened when I heard the news of your accident, but did not know how to get in touch until discovering this web site. Your presence was greatly missed at Classic Adelaide last year, but I know all the friends you made there will be delighted to hear of your resolve to return to the event this year, and drive! It is even more fantastic news that there is the possibility of a recovery, and if anyone can do it, you can! If you happen to keep in touch with Nick Faure, could you please pass on my email address to him. I met Nick at Charles Ivy's workshop in London in 1975 just after his Le Mans success, and when we met again in Adelaide we intended to exchange contact details but never quite got around to it! I am delighted that I have found a way to keep in touch with you and will stay tuned for news of your recovery. Kind regards, Rex Broadbent.

Posted by MARK GRENSIDE in United Kingdom on Thursday, 5th February 2004 from
Dear Mr. Percy, 696 CWN I recently concluded an agreement to purchase your Linder Knocker lightweight from Henry Pearman. I have owned a succession of both Classic and new Sports cars( 72 911 RS, 246 Dino, Ferrari 308, AC, a couple of 72 Elan Sprints, 996 RS, Z8 etc etc). The feel, oh the feel of your wonderful car is so alien to anyone driving modern high speed cars. It is wonderful. I don't rally ( except for the occasional London /MonteCarlo Chemical Dependency Charity in July), but will certainly use the car as much as possible. It is now my only sports car( I also have a Chelsea Tractor a.k.a a BMW X5). As a back sufferer I was so saddened as to what had happenend to you and if any of the specialists I use in London can help please let me know and I can put you in touch. However I am sure that fearsome competitive drive of yours will speed the recovery process. Please feel free to call, and maybe in warmer days we could run dwon to see you and show we are looking after 696 CWN. My home number is 0207 376 3658 mobile 07810 880 945. My best wishes for a speedy recovery. MARK GRENSIDE

Posted by Fazal Cader in Australia on Wednesday, 4th February 2004 from
Win, I had the pleasure of meeting you first when Jaguar won Bathurst and last at Philip Island in 2003. I have no doubt you will be back on your feet and driving the D-type once again. All the very best from us all at the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria.

Posted by Kathy in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 3rd February 2004 from
Dearest Winston, How wonderful to see you again - albeit in changed circumstances. Please keep up all those positive thoughts. I bet you a bottle of Wolf Blass Red that you'll be back on your feet one day !! Wishing you the very best now and always. Kathy X

Posted by herm tessier in United States on Monday, 2nd February 2004 from
I've read about your successful racing career and wish that I had the good fortune to meet you in person as well as attend some races you were in. I pray for you each day that you will return to good health and race again.

Posted by Don Preston in United States on Sunday, 1st February 2004 from
Dear Win, I read about your accident while surfing the jag-lovers web page, and recognized your name right away, having been a long time enthusiast of the Le Mans races. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery and I hope to see your name in the stats again one day. Until then, I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. The strength and determination you have demonstrated on the racetrack will undoubtably see you through this challenge...take care. DP

Posted by Larry Jackson in United States on Saturday, 31st January 2004 from
Percy, I was very sorry to read that you had such a serious accident. I wish you a speedy and hopefully painless recovery. I have seen videos of various races and have heard your name mentioned various times. We took our 1951 XK120 OTS, RHD to England for the XK50 events. We enjoyed your country side and sites. One of the highlights was driving the ole "Beast" on the Castle Combe race track at speed, approximately 98mph in the mist on a wet track. Loved every minute of it. Best wishes, Larry and Sherron

Posted by Martyn Astley in United Kingdom on Thursday, 22nd January 2004 from
Hi Win, Unfortunately (for me anyway) we have never met. I currently race - albeit not very well -a Ram d Type replica. It was Terry Dye's old car and is now dressed as the 1955 Hawthorn D. I have watched in awe at the way you drive these vehicles, indeed at Snetterton a couple of years back you were on the same programme as myself. I enjoyed watching you through Russell more than I did driving it myself in the lotus Elan. Words appear inadequate at these times, however,I just wish you the very best. And when your well enough if you fancy giving a raggy old D type rep a blast please get in touch. Kindest regards, Martyn Astley

Posted by John Reynolds in United States on Wednesday, 21st January 2004 from
Dear Mr. Percy, I was sorry to read about your accident. Hopefully we will be able to see you race in the Goodwood Reunion again soon. My wife and I had a wonderful time watching you race in the 2002 event. Your dice with that newer Ferrari was a thing of beauty. I generally attend the Monterey Historic Races each year and see a lot of D-Types on the track. After your drive at Goodwood it was clear that I had never seen a D-Type really driven. Truly exciting stuff. It is encouraging to see such aggressiveness in a man with a grey mane. Please get well soon. Best Regards, John Reynolds Houston, Texas

Posted by Ross Congleton in Australia on Tuesday, 20th January 2004 from
Win, You gave us much joy in your time racing here in Australia whether it was Jags, Holdens or whatever! I look very much to hearing of your continued racing. We wish you well in your recovery and may God help it move on from spinning wheels in your wheelchair! With Kind regards, Ross, Rosemary & family

Posted by Scott in Australia on Monday, 19th January 2004 from
Win Shocked and saddened to hear of your dilemma but, as a positive thinker, I have moved on and am thinking positively. As a guy who walked into and out of a rehabilitation centre for para and quadraplegics with a spinal and brain injuries, I have witnessed through others what the powers of a positive outlook can have. Hopefully we'll see you out here again to talk with our media bods about our great race..Bathurst and those awesome Aussie V8's. Your contributions and achievments there have been appreciated by myself and many other Aussie motor racing fans, but, like the race, life goes on afterwards. Good luck mate and thanks. Scott

Posted by Robert B.F. Lindsay Jr in United States on Sunday, 18th January 2004 from
Dear Win, I am sorry to say I don't know you as I dont follow racing. I own an '86 XJ-S HE and that is how I read about your accident. Reading the Jag Lovers website. I do hope you recover from this fast and are back to what you love to do soon. You sound determined to do just that. As you say time will tell. Please know that I along with the other readers around the world will be thinking of you and asking for a speedy recovery. Best Wishes. Best Regards. Robert Lindsay Jr

Posted by Sjur Stampe in Norway on Friday, 16th January 2004 from
Thanks to Your driving in the xjs in the 80's,i got the true enthusiastic feeling for the jags. get well soon. Kindest regards. Sjur Stampe ovner of a xj12 1980.

Posted by roy collier in Spain on Friday, 16th January 2004 from
good luck,and i hope your recovery goes well.

Posted by BoB Tullius in United States on Thursday, 15th January 2004 from
Win, Always knew working in the garden was more dangerous than motor racing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, which I am certain you will achieve. Cheers.

Posted by bojangles in United Kingdom on Thursday, 15th January 2004 from
Le Mans 2002 driving XKD505 poetry in motion .proud to have seen it .get well soon

Posted by Marguerite Avery in United States on Thursday, 15th January 2004 from
I'm very sorry for your accident. I'm praying that you will remain positive & optimistic about your full recovery, because all things are possible with prayer. Please keep your creative juices flowing, and keep pushing yourself to do whatever it is, for that day. Whether it's staying vertical for one more hour, or reading one more article, or e-mail! tee-hee Our spirits are with you. God bless you and your family.

Posted by David Sunter in United States on Thursday, 15th January 2004 from
Win, I was stunned to learn of your accident. I had read and heard that you had undergone back surgery but had not realised the severity.I called Penny Graham to get a phone number for you but she said that this web site was probably the best way of communicating.I met you with Penny at Silverstone when you drove her D-Type and we subsequently spoke at the Goodwood Revival about 18 months ago when you drove 774RW and others.Knowing you the little bit that I do I know that you will approach your recovery in the right frame of mind. If you get the opportunity please reply but I suspect you are fully occupied learning "handling characteristics". Kindest regards, David.

Posted by Roddy Munro in United Kingdom on Monday, 12th January 2004 from
Dear Win, Best Wishes for a full recovery. My wife and I enjoyed watching you race the XJS in the eighties, and were at Le Mans when you had that little excitement in 87. We were also at Browns Lane in November 2002 when you spoke at the Andrew Whyte lecture. You gave a great talk, particularly as I don't think you planned to be the main speaker!! Best Wishes, Roddy

Posted by Trevor Maycock in United Kingdom on Monday, 12th January 2004 from
Win, We met the year before last at the JDC track day at Goodwood. We were introduced by John Burbidge. You had your new Jaguar Racing overalls to show off to Debbie if I remember. Hope that you are getting better and that we will see you out-and-about on four (powered) wheels before too long. Trevor

Posted by Dave Clarke in United Kingdom on Sunday, 11th January 2004 from
Win Did'nt know you were injured ,watched you race many times and you have given us great pleasure and excitement. Get up and about soon. Regards Dave Clarke

Posted by mike duff in United Kingdom on Saturday, 10th January 2004 from
Win, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your visit to the Thames Valley JEC meeting at Lancaster's a while back was inspirational. Keep smiling. Mike

Posted by Vichi in United States on Thursday, 8th January 2004 from
Win I whish you the best. Get well soon. You are a stong man who always found the way to win to the adverstity, this time, you will do again.

Posted by Kev Corcoran in United Kingdom on Thursday, 8th January 2004 from
Hi Win, we never met, I never had the priviledge, but I can tell you that you've given me so much pleasure watching you steer the big cats to victory. I send you my heartfelt wishes for a full recovery, you are by nature a very determined, mentally strong and competitive man, and I know that you will be back in a racing car, and that you will win, the battle and the race! In the meantime, how about fitting a 4litre lump to that chair? Go, Win, Go!

Posted by Griff in Canada on Thursday, 8th January 2004 from
Greetings for the Happy News Year from a deeply frozen Canada. And best wishes for a speedy recovery in this new year. Words are cheap at a time like this but I am reminded of how much President Roosevelt of the USA accomplished after his paralysis occured.... Griff

Posted by Brian MacIntyre in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 7th January 2004 from
Hope you make a full and speedy recovery and best wishes for the New Year. God Bless Brian Mac

Posted by Doug Hamway in United States on Wednesday, 7th January 2004 from
I pray that you have a full recovery. God bless and have a Happy New Year. doug hamway.

Posted by Steve Marron in United States on Wednesday, 7th January 2004 from
Win Very brief but heartfelt message from California - I sincerely wish you the very best and hope for your full recovery. My very best wishes to you and your family. Steve M.

Posted by Maurice Reeves in United Kingdom on Sunday, 4th January 2004 from
Dear Win, Be patient and time will heal you. From Trevor Reeves dad. Maurice Reeves.

Posted by Fred in France on Friday, 2nd January 2004 from
Hi Win, All my best for New Year, I wish you a quick recovery. As a wheelchair guy and car racing fan, I hope you will stay only for a short period of time in the wheelchair world, but remember the chair should not stop you racing. So see you in Goodwood or somewhere else, I'll make the trip from France to see you on the road again as I missed you for LeMans Classic!

Posted by Neil Matthews in United Kingdom on Thursday, 1st January 2004 from
Hi Win, We've never were always going so fast! I was so sorry to hear of your accident and wish you a speedy (no pun intended) recovery. Thanks for all the Group C & historic memories and I look forward to many more in the future. I'll keep checking back for progress reports. Happy new year! Neil

Posted by Paul Tomlinson in Australia on Wednesday, 31st December 2003 from
Win, I hope your well soon as we need to see you down under again, racing at Bathurst, There will always be a drive here for you I'm sure. Paul Tomlinson, Bathurst.

Posted by gary in United Kingdom on Monday, 29th December 2003 from
Hi Win so sorry to hear about your accident would just like to wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery . keep positive :

Posted by maveric in United States on Friday, 26th December 2003 from
Mr. Percy, A classic man for a classic sport; Unique driving abilities whose soul will overcome all downfalls. A hero in few eyes; a legend in all eyes. You will prevail and become even stronger. Drive on!!

Posted by Philippe in Belgium on Friday, 26th December 2003 from
Dear Win, I was sorry to read about your accident.We met briefly in Spa-Francorchamps this year (I was there with my two boys watching the nice Jaguars)and we really enjoyed seeing you winning in the Group-C race ( We wish you all the best for 2004 and a speed racing recovery allowing you to be back in top condition.Have courage and faith and get well soon !! Philippe

Posted by Ken Hawkins in United Kingdom on Thursday, 25th December 2003 from
Win - Its Christmas day and at dinner in a local Bouremouth hotel today my sister-in-law's son said 'Ken, have you heard Win Percy's had an accident?' I hadn't although we did speak on the phone a few months back. Now I found this web page and I have to send best wishes and seasons greeting from Pam and myself to you and Rosmary (and Donna if she can remember back that far). It was a great time back in the 60's and 70's in the old Angle-Box with the bored out 1650cc Cortina lump. We never did tell anyone how we got such performance out of that engine using basic components. Even the works escorts couldn't compete with it although one reason was no one has ever been so comfortable with a car going sideways as you in that car. Although I cant forgive you for making my times in the same car look like I was going backwards. Then there was the first venture onto tarmac - can you remember the day at Thruxton? I can as I had to rebuild the gearbox (the first of many rebuilds until you discovered what a clutch was for!!!!). We were very close in those days Win and whilst we have gone our separate ways we never fail to listen out for your name in motoring reports. Last time we spoke we promised each other we'd meet one evening for dinner and I will call you in the new year and see what we an arrange. All the very best - Ken and Pam Hawkins

Posted by Peter C. Ebner-Eschenbach in United States on Thursday, 25th December 2003 from
There will be no racing with the wheelchair under any circumstances,in order to do so you must get well and put yourself over a suitable undercarriage like a JAGUAR. Merry Christmas and best wishes for you to regain your faculties to get back on the "TURF" Peter C.

Posted by Ted Szmolnik in Australia on Wednesday, 24th December 2003 from
Dear Win, We are sorry to hear of your recent misfortune. We wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully within time you can disgard the wheel chair and return to your former self. In the meantime enjoy the attention you are receiving from your family and friends. My recollection of your victory at Bathurst in the late eighties provided me the opportunity to gloat about that wonderful Marque- JAGUAR. This achievement must have provided you and your entire team with a wonderful sense of achievement. I would dearly love to see Mark Webber achieve a podium finish in the next Formula 1 series due to commence early next year. The prospect of an Australian driver achieving a podium finish would make all Australians proud and provide Jaguar the positive publicity it desperatly needs to shed some of the negative reputation it has attracted over the years. I also congratulate the Jag Lovers web site who are so considerate and thoughtful towards those who have achieved for the Jaguar marque and facilitating this opportunity to send you a get well message. They do a wonderful job and in my view are by far the best web site for anything connected with Jaguar. To you and all your family we wish you a happy and safe Christmas and we shall remember you in our prayers. Take care best wishes Ted Szmolnik & family Brisbane Australia.

Posted by Christopher Storey in United Kingdom on Thursday, 18th December 2003 from
All of us who have admired your illustrious career now salute your courage, and hope that you will soon be restored to full health and activity - we hope to see you back in the driving seat of a Jaguar before too long. Christopher Storey, Heswall, England

Posted by kirstie telfer in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 17th December 2003 from
hi hows rosemarry ands donna my god mother get well soon love kirst.

Posted by Willem Kemper in Netherlands on Tuesday, 16th December 2003 from
Dear Win, allthough we never met, I´d like to wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. People like you give us, spectators, at those lovely classic racing events so much joy. I´d like to thank you for that and hope to see you soon back on the track. Willem Kemper

Posted by Graeme Stevenson in Australia on Saturday, 13th December 2003 from
Greetings to you Win from far-flung Perth, capital city of Western Australia. You may remember competing at our little undulating roadracing circuit built within permanent sandtraps, Wanneroo (Barbagallo) Raceway. I recall your efforts in the Holden VL Commodore SS Group A, a car now more commonly known in Australia as the 'Walkinshaw' or 'Walky', and how it seemed a lost cause against the Ford Sierra RS500 hordes. However, along with 'Gricey' you proved it to be otherwise at Bathurst in 1990 - wishing you all the best from West Oz in your latest race against the odds.

Posted by Matt in Australia on Thursday, 11th December 2003 from
You won't remember this but at Bathurst in 1991 stopped for a quick chat and autographed my 1990 Great Race book for me even though it was right before final qualifying. As a result I have (to my knowledge) the only 1990 Great Race book where the foreward is personally signed :) Get well soon Win, and thanks for that 1990 Bathurst win, that soothed the Holden fans for quite a while :)

Posted by Ian Hannington in New Zealand on Tuesday, 9th December 2003 from
Hi Win, Best wishes to you for your recovery. Thanks for making, owning & driving Jags interesting, and for the good memories of your determined efforts on the track. I have owned an XJS since the Jaguar Bathurst win. Like you it has a hell of a motor . Power to you Win. Best of British.

Posted by Bazza in Australia on Tuesday, 9th December 2003 from
Hi Winnie My thoughts are with you at this time, and hope the prognosis will be good for you. I fondly remember working with the team at Bathurst when you raced your old supra (ex Willo). I wish I still had the Daily Planet hat and tee shirt, and I should have taken more pictures of the girls that were there too. All the engines blown up in practice and warming up the rebuilt bits at 6:00 am up moutain straight on race morning!!!

Posted by Earnest Hart in United States on Monday, 8th December 2003 from
After watching your racing video, I felt compelled to drop you a short note. The video was fabulous and brought me closer to actually racing than I have ever been. It's very unfortunate to hear about your accident and hope that things will work out for the best. Maybe this is just a "pit stop" along the way. Take care. Earnest 1982 XJ6

Posted by David in United Kingdom on Sunday, 7th December 2003 from
So sorry to hear about your accident. Be strong.! All the very best for a COMPLETE recovery. Have faith.!

Posted by Aysedasi in United Kingdom on Friday, 5th December 2003 from
You won't know me at all, although we did meet briefly on the ferry back from France after the Classic at Le Mans last year (I was with the Neumark party...). I've seen you race many times, although I inevitably remember Le Mans more than anything else, as that's where my heart lies. Like others here, I'm a regular at Ten Tenths where we are all wishing you well for your recovery.

Posted by Stephen Green in United Kingdom on Friday, 5th December 2003 from
Dear Win, I had the great pleasure to meet you fleetingly at Silverstone on the weekend of the British Grand Prix (that horrible March GP). I had the fortune to be marshalling in the pitlane as you were waiting to start the BRDC race late afternoon. We exchanged a few quiet words as you stood in the pitlane, waiting for the cars to go to the grid. For many years I have enjoyed watching you race with the likes of Barry Williams and Willy Green, always enjoying the way in which you and the other guys drive the cars. Driving them as they were meant to be driven and not in a parade fashion like so many others do. I have also seen you at Goodwood at the Festival of Speed and the Revival Meeting, what fabulous locations to show off the history of motor racing! Please get better soon as it would be a crime not to be able to see and enjoy your driving once again. Sending you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery, a very happy Christmas and a new year that brings you much happiness. If you want to keep in touch with the many marshals, fans and other drivers who have admired you over the years, please drop into You will be surprised how many people are asking after you and wishing you well! Stephen Green.

Posted by Jeff Muegge in Australia on Friday, 5th December 2003 from
Hi Hope things are on the up for you, Classic Adelaide was not the same without you. Hopefully we will be able to see you in years to come. Regards Jeff & Family Adelaide South Australia

Posted by Jerry Boulanger in Canada on Friday, 5th December 2003 from
Hello, Win. I've never met you, but anyone who has friends who will go to the lengths yours have done to cheer you up is obviously special. And, a Jaguar man as well! Hard to beat. Best wishes for your recovery, and have a happy Holiday Season. Jerry Boulanger Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1987 XJ6 Series III

Posted by Filip Klasna in Czech Rep. on Thursday, 4th December 2003 from
Hi Win, many greetings from from Czech republic. I remember you from 1984, whne you raced with TWR XJ-S in Brno. I hope you will recover and will race many cars. Filip

Posted by Lee-ellen Headon in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 2nd December 2003 from
Hi win, How are you feeling? Hopefully a lot better!I heard that you are very posotive and out and about at home. Anyway I had better get on, seeing Im suppost to be doing my school work. Hope to hear from you soon. Get well soon Love lee x

Posted by CL Neoh in Malaysia on Tuesday, 2nd December 2003 from
Dear Win, Sorry to hear about this. Take a good rest and I wish you can recover very quickly.

Posted by A.C. Donahue, Esq. in United States on Tuesday, 2nd December 2003 from
You well know that racers, such as yourself, have an indomitable spirit. You well know what you can do with four wheels. So how is a wheelchair any different? Doesn't it have four wheels? Inspire us with those four wheels. We will be praying for you and your quick recovery. Until then, start racing!

Posted by Dan Mooney - Classic Jaguar in United States on Monday, 1st December 2003 from
Dear Win: Sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident at home last summer. I trust that you are now on the mend and showing signs of improvement. Even if you are not, keep your chin up and keep fighting.....and never give up! With best wishes from a fellow brit over in the US. Dan Mooney Classic Jaguar

Posted by Bryan Burgess in Australia on Monday, 1st December 2003 from
A speedy recovery Win, your easy going personality has won many fans in Australia, including myself. Being reduced to hand control shouldn't be a problem; I'll buy the first ticket to see you race Alex Zinardi (so long as you're in the Jag not one of those horrible Holdens!) Even better: get well soon and we'll see you back in a winning Ford at Bathurst.

Posted by Allan in Australia on Monday, 1st December 2003 from
G'day Win, Was shocked to learned of your unfortunate accident from my daughter while I was attending this years "Classic Adelaide Rally". My daughter was the woman who asked for the peck on the cheak while I took the photograph in the foyer of the Hilton at the end of last years "Classic Adelaide". All of the best wishes, firstly, for a complete and, secondly for a speedy recovery from both my daughter, Sandra, and myself. You were missed at this years "Classic" don't stay away too long.

Posted by Georgina Beard in Australia on Monday, 1st December 2003 from
Dear Win, Have just heard about your accident and the problems you now face. Of all people, you did not deserve this. But perhaps it will hve opened another chapter in your life and could lead to greater fulfillment and achievement. My bests wishes come to you for a full recovery and an interesting journey on the way. With healing love Georgina

Posted by Dean Kitching in Australia on Sunday, 30th November 2003 from
All the best, get well soon.

Posted by mike(the coffee shop in United Kingdom on Saturday, 29th November 2003 from
hi Win It was nice to see you out and about on friday. keep smiling keep positive most of all keep racing. see you for a latte soon Mike

Posted by john chew in France on Saturday, 29th November 2003 from
Dear Win Percy Just learnt on this site your accident, my very best wishes for recovery, which you must do, as at 76 I am fed up with these modern racers dressing up like spacemen..... Pleasure of seeing you at the LE Mans Classic 24h.,where as I remember you won each race you entered for. Seen also at Goodwood where I go every year. Jaguar owner for last 35 years. Very truly yours . John Chew.

Posted by Ian Brooke in United Kingdom on Saturday, 29th November 2003 from
We want our president back. For too long the meetings of the Chickerell Diners club have been rowdy and drunken affairs. The stern and heavy hand of our president is needed to bring back some semblace of control. A likely story!!! See you at the next meeting at the Turks Head. All the best. Ian. And remember, Its just as easy to be nice!

Posted by Randal Cruikshanks in United States on Friday, 28th November 2003 from
Get well soon! Randal Cruikshanks, San Luis Obsipo, California ('69 FHC XKE)

Posted by Trevor Jones in United Kingdom on Friday, 28th November 2003 from
Just talking to Clive Parker in Florida and heard about your mishap. Hope everything goes well for you and look forward to seeing you at Le Mans Classic Race this year. All the Best, Trevor

Posted by David Cheyne in Australia on Friday, 28th November 2003 from
Dear Win, I have never had the pleasure of meeting you but was always entertained by your exploits at The Mountain (and elsewhere). My sincere best wishes for your recovery. David Cheyne

Posted by Roger Kemp in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 26th November 2003 from
Dear Win, I had dinner with Norman Dewis on Saturday and he told me about your unfortunate "accident". I was at Le Mans in 1987 and have seen you race (but not fly!)many times since. Most recently your fabulous drive in a D Type at the Le Mans classic in 2002. I spoke to you at Browns Lane last year when you and Norman stood in for Johnny Dumfries at the Andrew Whyte lecture. Sincere good wishes for a speedy recovery and a full return to good health. I don't believe you've finished entertaining me yet. We missed you at the Goodwood Revival this year - please do hurry back. All the very best - Roger Kemp

Posted by Dick Sharp in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 25th November 2003 from
Dear Win, we live so close to each other and yet I've only just heard today of your awful accident. Phil Cornish told me about it. I just don't know what to say except that I wish you as much luck as you need and hope that you recover. I hear that you may be able to race in your present state with a modified car. I'm sure if it can be done then you're the man to do it!! Phil said that you asked about the Dorset Horn, well it's pretty banged up but will definately rise again, I'm not quite as old as you but I'm not far off and it's too young to be thinking of getting an allotment!!

Posted by A Hodge in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 25th November 2003 from
Win, as said many times before - "It is just as easy to be nice!" Never give up, we will see you recover, accepting it may take time, but you have inspired many of us and will continue to do so. We have had great times, and will have many more I hope, Very Best, as on the track, never give up!

Posted by Vladimir in Belarus on Tuesday, 25th November 2003 from
Win, About your tragedy, I have learned in September, 2003, but did not know as you to write and express the sincere regret concerning happened. Recently I became a member of club " Jag-Lover " where have found page devoted to you. In our country of you know as a legend, as the unique permanent racer with unattainable results and as simply the Person from the big letter. In the past I was beginning and submitting big hopes the racer in a class of serial automobiles. But those years there were Soviet laws on which me have discharged that I wore glasses. Young men, I at the nights represented, that sometime the opportunity to participate in races with you will be presented me. No, I did not hope for a victory, but over me it would be huge prestige. I am sure, that you the strong person and how it was difficult for you, you will manage to overcome this distance as always with a victory, as always the champion! Give you the God of health! With the greatest to you respect and wishes Martinkevich Vladimir, Belarus. Brest. Forgive for my English.

Posted by Barry Steele in Australia on Tuesday, 25th November 2003 from
Dear Win Being the champion that you are I know you will recover well. I would like to thank you for winning Bathurst in 1990 in the Holden Commodore VL , it was a fantastic race & one that I will always remember. In fact Im willing to over look the fact that you last few Bathurst drives have been in those bloody horribe Ford Falcons ,any way mate like England's Rugby Union side your both world champions. Your Aussie Fan Barry Steele

Posted by harvey toombs in United States on Sunday, 23rd November 2003 from
Dear Mr. Win, I hope this greeting finds you well. Your friends in the U.S.A all wish you luck throughout the holiday season. I certainly hope you are on the road to recovery. With a name like Win you are headed in the right direction I,m sure. Best of luck Mr. Win and a good holiday to you Sir...Harv Toombs..Tucson Arizona..,86 xj-s(Dr. Holly)good for what ails me!

Posted by Malcolm Young in United Kingdom on Sunday, 23rd November 2003 from
Hi Win, I was shocked to hear of your accident and current injury. I've enjoyed reading about many of your exploits in JEC magazine and other car publications over the past few years. I'm a Jaguar enthusiast and lucky enough to own my own Series III Sovereign, which I like to potter about with although it's garaged for the winter just now. I'm in the army (2 PARA) and we're getting ready to deploy to Iraq next week so I'll be busy for the next 6 or so months and will be pretty isolated from civilistaion and life in the UK (and my Jaguar) Take care and good luck Malcolm Young Ipswich

Posted by Ian in Australia on Sunday, 23rd November 2003 from
G'day Win, we looked forward to your trips down under to take part in the Great Race. I'm sure you have been the most successful "non Aussie" to take part. I remember you stuffing Gricey's car into the wall at Bathurst and getting a real rev up by the crowd, but you took it in good humour like an honourary Aussie. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. "Go for it Winnie". PS. No offence, but I named my dog after you!

Posted by Adrian in Australia on Saturday, 22nd November 2003 from
G'day,Win,I hope you are recovering well. I was informed of your accident by a journalist friend of your's today at the Classic Adelaide. I didn't get his name , but a real nice fellow now residing in the south of france. I was telling him that I had the opportunity to meet you as a volunteer marshall at the event where you were driving a Cobra replica. I was very pleased to meet you then , as I have always had admiration for your enthusiasm and genuine competitiveness, while remaining a very approachable person. I am sure that a setback such as you have had will be met with the same positive attitude that makes you a winner...It was a pleasure to have met you and I sincerely hope to say G'day to you again and your recovery is fast and on track.....which seems befitting to a champion such as yourself..Good luck and best wishes Adrian

Posted by Paul SCHILLING in Australia on Friday, 21st November 2003 from
Win, I have heard about your extremely bad luck with your back operation. I met you at Phillip Island in March of this year as a VHRR Race Committee member and I was immediately struck by your easy going attitude and sense of homour. You probably qualify as good Aussie bloke, which is very unusual for an English gentleman. My thoughts are with you and I hope that you are able to achieve all the things that you now obviously have to plan for. I hope that we see you at Phillip Island next year in what ever role that you can play. All the best. Paul Schilling, historic racer & Jag owner.

Posted by Keith Turner in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 19th November 2003 from
Dear Win,Best wishes & a speedy recovery from a fellow Jaglover

Posted by Cliff Ryan in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 19th November 2003 from
Dear Win, I was saddened to hear of your recent accident. We haven't met personally, but as I race an XJS in the JEC XJS Challenge I was fortunate enough to be a the annual racing dinner in Stratford a few years ago when you gave your speech. It was one of the most entertaining after dinner speeches I have ever heard. This years dinner is on Saturday night and we will be thinking of you. Look forward to seeing you back out on the track. Best wishes, Cliff Ryan

Posted by Hugh Chamberlain in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 18th November 2003 from
Win, my lads were all horrified to hear of your problems, we are thinking of you and wish you well. On all the hundreds of occasions that we have met I have only seen you serious on two occasions. Firstly at Le Mans in about 1987 when you were driving a Nissan and you said that you had to leave at least three feet either side of the car on the Mulsanne because you never knew where the car would wander too! And secondly at Brands Hatch after practice in one of our XJ220's when your comment was.."I don't know how to say this mate, but the car is completely undrivable." The problem is that you were right on both occasions. Oh happy days! One of the true gentlemen in motorsport. Best regards, Hugh.

Posted by Wade Kiggins in Australia on Tuesday, 18th November 2003 from
Dear Win, I am very sorry to hear about your accident. I have meet you in Australia, and have never meet, more of a gentlman. May you have a speedy recovery. Kind regards, Wade

Posted by Matt Gray in United States on Monday, 17th November 2003 from
Dear Win, Best of luck to you and here's to hoping you drive again.

Posted by Hal Blaisdell in United States on Monday, 17th November 2003 from
Very sorry to hear of your accident. My Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Posted by John Bleasdale in United Kingdom on Monday, 17th November 2003 from
Come on WIN you can do it, I was talking to Norman last Sunday at the NEC he said he was on his way to see you, he was talking poitive. get well soon. BLEASIE

Posted by Brian Hughes in Canada on Monday, 17th November 2003 from
Dear Win: Sorry to hear about your accident. Life can take a turn for the good or bad in the blink of an eye. Hope your recovery is fast and you will be back behind the wheel of your favorite motor car soon. Regards from the Great White North. Brian

Posted by Klaus W. Nielsen in United States on Sunday, 16th November 2003 from
Dear Win So sorry to learn of your misfortune. I hope for your speedy and full recovery as well as an early return to the driver's seat. My very best wishes for your future. Best regards from another XK driver. Klaus W. Nielsen

Posted by Ray Meoni in United States on Sunday, 16th November 2003 from
Greetings from Scranton,Pa.Hope you are getting better and God speed to you,Ray

Posted by Frans Harkema in Netherlands on Saturday, 15th November 2003 from
Hi Win, sorry to read about your accident. Though we have never met and never spoken to eachother before, I sincerely hope that you can sort of cope with the misfortune that has happened to you. However, it is great that you have been able to do what a lot of persons would have been willing to do but never had the chance, a/o the money: racing cars! Nevertheless I hope that one day you will be able again to drive a car and be sort of "self supporting". Best wishes from across the channel where people drive on the "right" side of the road.... Best regards, Frans

Posted by Jonathan in Malaysia on Friday, 14th November 2003 from
Dear Mr. Percy, My best wishes to you for a full and speedy recovery. Get well soon!

Posted by Jerry Liudahl in United States on Friday, 14th November 2003 from
Dear Win, Our best wishes and God's speed in your recovery. From your fans at Old Irish Racing.

Posted by John Rantala in United States on Thursday, 13th November 2003 from
Mr. Percy: I was saddened to hear of your accident. My very best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. It is always cheerful to be able to gloat a little and progress faster than the doctors expect. Your racing career has proved that you have always been a little "more speedy" and "faster" than others expected! Again, my very best wishes for your speedy and complete recovery. Warm regards, John Rantala

Posted by Kevin Davis in United Kingdom on Thursday, 13th November 2003 from
Get well soon Win.I and my family have seen you race Jaguars many times and it was always a delight to see you race Best wishes from Kevin Davis and family

Posted by john riley in United Kingdom on Thursday, 13th November 2003 from
Hi, I know your hurting right now, probable asking God why, and not getting any answers, some say he never closes one door without opening another.Sometimes it just takes time to find that other door. Just remember any day your able to to sit up and take nurishment is a good day!No one knows what the future will hold,what wonders await us, a sunrise a sunset the song of a bird, the smile of a child,the sound of a jag on the open road. Just remember life is full of wonders if we only take the time and look and listen for them. GOOD LUCK God bless.

Posted by John Crowley in United States on Thursday, 13th November 2003 from
Win, The very best wishes for a speedy recovery. You are an inspiration for Jag lovers worldwide.

Posted by Ian Spencer in United Kingdom on Thursday, 13th November 2003 from
Hi Win I am pleased but saddened to have this chance to write you direct as I have seen and enjoyed watching you race so many times. So brave a racer !!!! I am very sad to hear of your accident but if it is any conciliation I as an ex Motor Cycle Speedway racer have many friends who have had terrible injuries come through with better than forecast results. I believe that those who give most also receive the most and know you will come back to us maybe not as a racer but giving us all some one to look up to. I whish you a speedy recovery and hope the pain is not too much to bear Cheers Ian Spencer (a true Jaguar enthusiast)

Posted by Simon Wade in United Kingdom on Wednesday, 12th November 2003 from
Win- I have been a motorsport fanatic since childhood and as a teenager in the eighties I was enthralled by your exploits in the TWR Jaguars and 'Bastos' Rovers. It was fantastic to see British cars & drivers beat the BMW & Volvo teams in the ETCC (you were robbed of that title by the way!) I have followed your racing career closely ever since and was very sorry to read of your recent accident. I would like to send you my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Best Regards, Simon Wade

Posted by Paul Skilleter in United Kingdom on Tuesday, 11th November 2003 from
Win - You've entertained us on the track for a good number of years, and I've photographed you from the trackside during many of them - starting with Motor magazine in the 1960s. As I have no intention of not getting some more sideways pics, for goodness sake think of people like me and GET WELL SOON!!! I am also sure that people at Jaguar will wish you well - your contribution to Jaguar's sportscar racing record has been wonderful and is firmly in the record books. That's apart from all your other achievements. All the very best, Paul

Posted by Jose Garcia in United States on Monday, 10th November 2003 from
Get well soon! Motorsports need you.

Posted by Paul Weston in United Kingdom on Monday, 10th November 2003 from
From Phillip Island to Bathurst and Goodwood I have watched you overcome the most amazing odds to win so getting over something like this should be a doddle. Get well soon Win so we can see you on the race track again. Best wishes Paul

Posted by Marius Möllers in Netherlands on Monday, 10th November 2003 from
Hope you shall have succes in overcoming this unfortunate situation, I am sure that youre experience in handling hairraising situations will be of benefit to you. Get well soon and hopefully get back on the track. Kind regards, Marius Möllers

Posted by Mr. Detlef Graevinghoff in Australia on Monday, 10th November 2003 from
G'Day Win, Firstly, I hope your feeling better soon. The odds of you having an accident at home brings the stark reality that we should be careful wherever we are. Just a small trip down the alley's of my mind, I can recall in 1985 when you were throwing a "beast" of a Jag XJS round Bathurst. My God what a feat. I can recall my mates all cheering for Peter Brock ( hey, he's a fav of mine as well) but it seemed that the Jag was the underdog in the way that it's weight played heavily against it and you were one brave bugger coming down Conrod at 275km\h to hit the anchors. Well, I think I'm right also in the fact that your seat anchors had also come loose and you had to hold yourself in place by the steering wheel. (Rumour has it that after the race you could have casted for 'Conan the Barbarian' with huge bi-ceps). Enough dribble, here to a speedy (is their any other for you)recovery for the Bloke with the most amazing Bathurst win ever. All the Best, Detlef

Posted by Len Brighton in Australia on Monday, 10th November 2003 from
Win, I have fond memories of seeing you drive at Phillip Island and the Geelong Speed Trials. You made time to have a chat with me at Geelong and that really made my day. I'm so sorry to hear of your mishap but know that your guts and determination will see you through it. I look forward to seeing you back down under doing the things you do best. Kindest regards Len Brighton Melbourne.

Posted by Iain in United Kingdom on Monday, 10th November 2003 from
Dear Win, I see your name frequently in results pages and have watched you rece the D-type at Donnington. We spoke beside the car afterwards and I was amazed how generous you were with your time in speaking to this Joe Public whom you had never met before. Sorry to hear about your injury. Best wishes for the future, Iain Muir

Posted by Steve Weeks in Australia on Sunday, 9th November 2003 from
Hi Win I'm from Devon & I met you at a place called Myponga during the Classic Adelaide about a year ago. Very sorry to hear about your accident, however can't keep a west countrier down hey. I know that this is just another challenge that you will overcome. All the very best. Regards Steve Weeks

Posted by graeme in Australia on Sunday, 9th November 2003 from
Win, I saw you drive the D Type at Phillip Island Feb' 2003 and was overjoyed by your aggression and car control in a car that, for most aussies. has almost mythical status. Likewise, your friendly demeanour and unpretensious manner made me realise why Australians still feel the close links and the natural affinity with Britons we have always had, despite the efforts of various parties to tell us we are now Americans This weekend, Nov 8.10,11th is the Sandown Park (Melbourne) historic meeting and the English guy ..Linney? here with his "Knobbly" Lister awesome and mean jaguar engined car..the mechanic told me "Win Percy never got ahead of us" ..well i would sure like to see that clash.. I know we will see you back in the D Type at Phillip Island in 2004 and,as the historic reporter for Australian Classic Car Magazine. I would be honoured to report on your appearance, which if anything like your last appearance, will be superb. Please accept my best wishes Graeme Tutt

Posted by Michael Marsh in United Kingdom on Sunday, 9th November 2003 from
Very sorry to hear of your accident- we haven't really met except in passing, in the company of Alec Hammond at a track somewhere. Best wishes, Michael Marsh.

Posted by David Marklew in United Kingdom on Saturday, 8th November 2003 from
Dear Win. Don't let a little thing like this get you down. Your a tough guy as that big cartwheel you did at Le Mans testifies. Your a great driver and a gentleman. Keep smiling and get well soon. David

Posted by Simon Feacey in Germany on Saturday, 8th November 2003 from
Win, the very best of luck for the future & I hope to see you driving at Goodwood yet again - a lot of people missed you at this years Revival! Kind Regards

Posted by Dave Rowland in Australia on Friday, 7th November 2003 from
Dear Win, You have bought many years of joy to motor racing devotees in Australia, your enthusiasm, gentlemanly attitude and skill are second to none. Please know that all in Australia and especially those of us in the town of Bathurst, who have been blessed by your presence on many occasions, wish you well and hope that you recover completely. Kindest regards.

Posted by Mad Ludwig in United States on Friday, 7th November 2003 from
Dear Win:I hope your recovery is quick and complete. It's hard to keep a good Jaguar person down so I am sure you'll do nicely, try to be patient. Had my first ride in a 120 in the New Forest area of the UK back in 1950 and have been fascinated with them ever since especially 120s, C's and D's.Currently have a 1952 FHC. As my good Brit friends always tell me, "Keep your pecker up". All the best, Ernie Wagner here in The Colonies. God Bless!

Posted by Bob Grossman in United States on Friday, 7th November 2003 from
Along with my namesake, you, Win, were a primary motivator in establishing my interest in and lust for Jaguar cars. I would like to take this opprotunity to thank you for this spark which ignited a most delightful hobby and profession in my life. Look ahead and keep your revs up. Bob Grossman

Posted by Christopher R Guevara in United States on Friday, 7th November 2003 from
Get well, m8!!

Posted by Fredrik B Knutsen in Norway on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
A fellow Jaguar enthusiast, I have enjoyed seeing you drive on many occasions, I also spoke to you briefly at Anderstorp in the TWR Rover days. Your driving has given me and my friends a lot of pleasure over the years. My Dad, now 84, was at Le Mans in 1955 and watched Hawthorn win in the D-type. He was overwhelmed to see that very car(well almost!) at the Goodwood Revival in 2002, being driven in a way most worthy of someone occupying Mike's seat. So thanks, Win, and all our best wishes for a good and meaningful future. Sincerely, Fredrik B Knutsen, MB

Posted by Ed Ward in Australia on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Win, One of my fondest memories was watching you take out the 1985 race at Bathurst in an XJ-S. I was very saddened to hear of your unfortunate accident and wish you a very speedy recovery. The racing industry needs people of your calibre and I look forward to seeing you don a race suit again. Very best wishes. Ed.

Posted by Frank Gauer in United States on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Win, I've followed your career for several years now, and have appreciated the skill and dedication you bring to your driving. What you're going through is difficult, but please know that there are many of us out here that hope and pray for your full recovery. You've been an inspiration to many of us over the years, and we're all pulling for you now.

Posted by Paul Wigton in United States on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Win, I've only known of you thru Jag-Lovers and thru a bit of communication from the likes of no less than Paul Skilliter. As a fellow Jag owner, driver, and racer, I send you best wishes for a speedy recovery! Your seemingly indomitable spirit will see you thru and I'm sure you'll come out a winner, no matter the final outcome of your injuries. Take care and please keep us posted as to the state of your recovery.

Posted by Louise, Countess of Burford in United Kingdom on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Dear Win I drive an XJs 1977 V12. I was sad to hear that you have had an accident. My boyfriend Mark is a Jaguar V12 nut having once worked for Power boat Team Carlsberg for the driver Bob Spaulding (who was unfortunately very badly hurt in an accident at the Formula OZ Championship at Civiillia) and as an engineer for Team Napolina Alfa Romeo. Driver John Brooks. Mark is a big fan of yours and is always on the look out for old TWR bits. I am in this months Tattler on page 112 with my old XJS and I have a web site at: http// Hope you get better soon. Lots of Love Louise XXX

Posted by Rich Neary in United States on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Win, Here's hoping the road to a full recovery is a smooth and fast circuit. Give em' hell, Rich

Posted by Jamie Duffey in United States on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Win, while I am far removed from any real knowledge of what it's like to have lived the kind of life you have and most certainly I do not have any known impairment to my physical well being at this time, I wish to pass on to you my utmost strongest wishes for your full recovery. And to state that I know you will not let this hamper your will to live & enjoy life to it's fullest. I'd also like to thank you for being one of the few in this world who take life to the limits and keep some of our greatest sports alive. Thank you and keep the faith! Get well quickly! Jamie

Posted by ECJA in France on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
All members of the Enthousiast'Club Jaguar d'Alsace hope you will soon get well and are waiting seeing you as soon as possible on track best wishes

Posted by Adna Mulligan \ in United States on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Mr. Win Percy - Best wishes in your recovery. I have never had the privilege of watching you drive, but I do remember hearing, and reading, about your succesful races back in the '80's. I have a couple of friends that were able to make a very good recovery, from similiar conditions as yours, through extensive physical therapy. With the good Lord willing, I sure hope that you are able to once again get back into the "driver's seat". Keep the "ole chin up" attitude, and May God Bless you and your family. Tex Terry, II 86 XJ-S Coupe V12 GM400 DANA 2.88 LHD #134125 Franklin, PA USA.

Posted by Gordon Vivace in United States on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Wishing you all the support you've given the industry over the years. Keep faith. You're in my prayers for a full recovery. My best to you and your family. Gordon Vivace

Posted by regent in France on Thursday, 6th November 2003 from
Bon retablissement Hope seeing you again in a racing seat

Posted by Tony Bailey in United Kingdom on Saturday, 1st November 2003 from
I'm absolutely sure everyone will want you to get over this and be back on your feet and in the racing seat as soon as possible Win. I'm proud to be able to call you a friend - you are one of the nicest people I've ever met and a real 'Gentleman' as well. I still look forward to those laps of Goodwood in XKD505 with you! - Tony

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