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Riaan Hattingh 1967 3.8 S-type  I bought the car, a 1967 3.8 S-type (MOD) about 6 months ago from a  neighbour.  He was the second owner of the car and had it for about 10
 years.  He had the car resprayed in its original colour about 9 years  ago, but that was about the only improvements made by him.  The interior
 is still original (red).  I had the woodwork redone in the meantime.   Unfortunately, somebody used sandpaper on the veneer at the front of the
 top dash and in the process, removed all the veneer.  The rest of the  woodwork survived and looks great.  I am currently checking its
 mechanicals.  Although the engine has never been opened before (99k  miles on the clock) it still has lots of power.  I also had the carbs
 overhauled which improved performance tremendously.

 I had the car displayed at our annual "Cars-in-the-Park" show and it  received a lot of attention, but then, my wife's presence might have had
 something to do with it....

"My love for Jags started at a very early age.  My father used to restore cars as a hobby, not that I was much interested in his projects.  It was not until he bought a 420G that I started to take interest in what he was doing night after night in the garage.  I have never been very mechanically minded (that's why I am so dependent on advice from fellow listers), so could not have been of much assistance to him.  The 420G was a real gem, a lot of car with a lot of power.  Most of the times we only used it for towing the caravan when on holiday, so I have a lot of good memories attached to that particular car.  But the Jag I really fancied and only saw in magazines, is the E-type.

I never thought I would ever be financially in a position to own one of these wonderful cars, but about two years ago I decided its time to buy the car I always dreamed of - the E-type (any E-type!).  I scanned every available magazine for an E-type, but the ones I could find (with my limited budget) either needed a lot of attention (which I am unable to do on my own), or have already been restored and way too expensive.  About 6 months ago I took my youngest son for a stroll and saw the most beautiful Jag I have ever seen.  I immediately fell in love with it and there and then asked the owner whether he would be interested in selling the car.  Apparently he had the car for about 10 years but only drives it every now and then, and only between work and home.  He was quite surprised when I asked him as he had decided just that very day to sell the car.  I bought it there and then (no test-drive no haggling about the price), but as one of the listers so gently put it: "you don't buy a Jag, it buys you".

ready for Sunday afternoon drive

My two favourite cats

Just as good

Eat your heart out

 Look me in the eyes and tell me 
you don't love me

As displayed at the annual "Cars-in-the-Park" show, Pretoria, South Africa

Apparently I am the third (proud) owner of this magnificent vehicle.  Apart from being resprayed about 9 years ago and the restoring of the interior woodwork (which was done by my father just after I bought the car), it is mostly still original.  It has done about 99k miles and is still going strongly.  It has no rust at all, but in the true Jaguar tradition, have some oil leaks.  I remember taking out the wall-to-wall carpets in my garage just before I bought the car, the reason being that I want to know if the car leaks any oil so I could immediately pay attention to it.  I certainly wish I still had that carpet!
The day I drove the Jag into the garage, my wife turned towards my two sons and said: "Take a good look at your dad, you won't be seeing him for a very long time*"
Our first drive in the Jag was not without problems.  After a slow drive around town, the power steering became very heavy.  It turned out to be the pressure valve in the pump that got stuck.  After loosening and cleaning it, it started working again, although a complete overhaul would have to be done in the near future.  However, this experience helped me realise that despite the car's good looks, a 33 years old car would need more than good looks to be enjoyed fully.  So I have started with a "rolling restoration" and enjoying every minute of it.  My father helped me overhauling the carburettors, which improved the overall performance significantly.  The overdrive unit doesn't function with the steering column lever, as it should, but the first owner installed a manual patent which works fine, but which I will replace as soon as finances permit.

Toyota expansion tank, fits snugly on the bracket for the screenwasher bottle. No more antifreeze on the paving!

 Overhauled master cilinders

Left side of engine

 99002 miles and still going strongly. Blue colour not original, will change to original colour whenever I decide to having it overhauled.

Brakes overhauled, new ball joints fitted. Upper ones XJ40, lower ones original replacements

Me replacing the overhauled brake servo. Parts were extemely expensive

My eldest with the steering box - looks like a Lister Diesel engine.
Pictures of the interior (which I had refurbished recently) of my S-type to the models page.  Unfortunately, the pictures came out very bright. The upholstery is a beige colour and not white
Rear Suspension before renovation
Rear Suspension after renovation
Rear Suspension after renovation

 Riaan Hattingh
 Dr J A (Riaan) Hattingh
 Manager: Policy and Research Division
 Bank Supervision Department

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