The time has finally come, we're upgrading!

November 22, 2016

Starting today, Jag-lovers will undergo a complete transformation. The content will still be the same, but we're moving it to a brand new, modern software platform. In order to ensure that there are no more delays (ahem), we'll start by first moving the Forums to a new software platform called Discourse. Once that's complete, we'll continue to move the rest of the treasure trove of Jaguar information that is Jag-lovers section by section.

While this process is undergoing, there's a high probability of site outages at very short notice. Please bear with us as we're trying to get all this work done in between the responsibilities of our daytime jobs and commitments to family. Sometimes we're just going to have to act while we have the chance. Here's an (incomplete) list of steps in this transformation:

As soon as the new Forums are ready, you'll be able to post again. We'll post information about the status of the move to this page, as it progresses. All times in US Pacific (PST, UTC-8):

(Please refrain from sending us e-mails asking if the server is up, or when it'll be back up again. We're already working as fast as we can, promise.)

Until we reopen the forums, you'll still be able to access the website, search the forum archives, and get answers to nearly any question you may have. The only thing you won't be able to do is post messages to the forums. Once we're back up, everything will be back to normal, except on a shiny new forum software.

Once this part has been successfully completed, we'll start working on moving the rest of the enormous amounts of priceless Jaguar information from the old site to the new. For this process, volunteers are desperately needed! Please let us know if you'd be able to take on moving a page or a section of pages from the old site to the new. No programming skils or knowledge of HTML needed. We're also looking for one or more site curators, who'll take on the task of cataloging all the information that's available here. We have so much, we don't even know what we have!

For more information, or for offering to volunteer, please either see this page or post to this thread on Pub.

All of us at Jag-Lovers would like to take this opportunity to thank the donors who made this possible. Without your support, there would be no Jag-lovers. As you know, we have strived to maintain our independence by not bowing to commercialism and turning our pages into vendor ads. If you appreciate that approach, please consider donating at

Thanks for your support,