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Bonnet Removal S III XJ6

Removing the Bonnet
Series III XJ6

1) Open bonnet, spray some WD 40 or equivalent on the bonnet side bolts.

2) Find, and unplug the high beam wiring ( blue / white)  connectors
        located by the inside of the grille. Make sure that there are no
        extraneous  ground wires, etc, previously installed by others.

3) Mark the underside of the bonnet, where the hinges attach,
        so they can be returned to the same place. Mark around the hinges
        as close to the hinge as possible. Any ** space / mistakes **  here,
        will not allow for exact refitting.
        The finer the mark, the better the fitting when it is replaced.
        (I like to use a knife blade point, and scratch through the paint. Then,
        with the bonnet removed I spray the area with a clear lacquer, to prevent

4) Remove the grille. Do it now, and place in a safe spot.
        This will allow you to get inside the bonnet later.
        Replace the nuts on the grille studs so they won't get lost

5) Each hinge has multiple bolts attaching it to the bonnet.
        break the bolts, but do not loosen yet
        (by break, I mean get them started turning)

6) Place a rag or some other filling material on the latches in the fenderwell,
        and tape, or tie,  the safety latch, on the bonnet,  so that it will not
be functional
        and lower the bonnet gently. You do not want it to latch.

7) Enter thru the grill area, ( much easier than working blind, thru the
headlamp sockets),
        and disconnect the two countersprings, from the bonnet side,
        and leave them attached on the radiator side.

8) Open the bonnet, and unbolt the travel-stop arm,  from the bonnet .
        as the countersprings are now removed, the bonnet will be quite heavy
        and can fall on you.
        Replace the nut and bolt in the arm so they won't get lost.

9)  Remove all but one bolt, from each hinge, on the bonnet side.
        Replace the bolts, in the bonnet, so they won't get lost

10) Close the bonnet gently, again, You do not want it to latch.

11) Again enter,  through the grille, and remove the final bolt on each side.
        Replace the bolts, in the bonnet, so they won't get lost

12) Get a healthy, strong, helper!

13) Place your  helper on one side of the car, and with you on the other
        gently lift up on the bonnet,  approx. six inches (15 mm),
        and together slowly side-step towards the front of the vehicle, until it
has been cleared.
        Watch for anything that may have been forgotten, or gotten snagged on

14) Place bonnet in an area out of the way, someplace where it won't be:
        tripped on,..... used for a skateboard ramp,  or have tools dropped on
it. .
        You don't want it to become racked (Twisted) so all four corners should
be supported.
         I find two milk crates under the Pin ends  (Windshield end)
         resting the grille end on something soft.   Cover it with a soft
blanket, to protect.

15) Get a cold one,  for you and your helper...... Don't forget to say thanks,
        as the Reassembly is the Reverse of  Removal....... and you'll need
assistance later.





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